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The Loi Krathong song in Thai…

My Thai teacher just loves to sing. And sometimes, right in the middle of a lesson, she will stand up and belt out a Thai song.

Often, she will drag me up too. Then, swinging her arms like a conductor, we prance around my sofa. In unison. Singing loud.

What a sight. Her, a tiny wee thing. And me, this blond western thing.

My teacher has a beautiful voice. And while my voice isn’t too shabby either, I’m glad my condo walls are thick!

For a long while, her song of choice was the Thai national anthem.

Fair enough, but I needed something different so we moved on to other songs (but not for very long).

Today is the Thai festival, Loi Krathong. And guess what? It has a song too.

Btw – if you are not sure what the festival is about, here is a brief explanation from my buddy Talen:

Originating as a Brahmanical festival adopted by Thai Buddhists during the reign of Rama IV in1863, Loy Kratong is a ceremony that venerates the Lord Buddha by offering floating trays laden with flowers, candles and incense. Loy translates to “float” in Thai, while Kratong pertains to a tray made from banana leaves. The light from the candle honors Lord Buddha, while the act of floating symbolizes the release of anger, resentment or any tarnishing of one’s character. It is a way for a person to make amends and start afresh.

And (surprise!) in honour of the festivities I learned the much loved Loi Krathong song.

So, are you ready to sing along?

วันเพ็ญ เดือน สิบสอง
wan-pen deuan sìp sŏng
full-moon day · month · twelve

น้ำ ก็ นอง เต็ม ตลิ่ง
náam · gôr · nong · dtem · dtà-lĭng
water · also · overflows · full · bank

เรา ทั้ง หลาย ชาย หญิง สนุก กัน จริง วัน ลอย กระทง
rao · táng · lăai · chaai · yĭng · sà-nùk · gan · jing · wan · loi · grà-tong
we · all · many · men · women · enjoy · together · really · day · float · basket

ลอย ลอย กระทง, ลอย ลอย กระทง
loi · loi · grà-tong, loi · loi · grà-tong
float · float · basket · float · float · basket

ลอย ลอย กระทง กัน แล้ว ขอ เชิญ น้อง แก้ว ออก มา รำวง
loi · loi · grà-tong · gan · láew · kŏr · chern · nóng · gáew· òk-maa · ram-wong
float · float · basket · together · and then · ask · young · beloved · come out · dance

รำวง วัน ลอย กระทง, รำวง วัน ลอย กระทง
ram-wong · wan · loi · grà-tong , ram-wong · wan · loi · grà-tong
dance · day · float · basket · dance · day · float · basket

บุญ จะ ส่ง ให้ เรา สุข ใจ, บุญ จะ ส่ง ให้ เรา สุข ใจ
bun · jà · sòng · hâi · rao · sùk · jai, bun · jà · sòng · hâi · rao · sùk · jai
making merit · will · make · us · happy · making merit · will · make · us · happy

Then begin at the beginning again…

Hunting down my darling

My intention was to first type out the Thai script, then translate the song into English. But, when googling to find a better fit for nóng gáew (น้อง แก้ว), I found that learningthai.com had darling.

Learningthai.com (no longer online) also has a beautifully translated version of the Loi Krathong song:


The full moon (of) the twelfth month, as water fills to the banks.
We, all men and women, really have a good time (on) loy krathong day

Float, float the krathongs
Float, float the krathongs

After we’ve floated our krathongs, (I) invite (you) my darling to come out and dance.

Ramwong (on) loy krathong day
Ramwong (on) loy krathong day

(Making) merit will give us happiness
(Making) merit will give us happiness

The Loy Krathong song in English

The English YouTube version has slightly different lyrics to the Thai Loi Krathong song.

Edit: The video has been deleted from YouTube. Pity.

November full moon shines

Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong

And the water’s high in local river and the klong

Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong
Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong

Loy gratong is here and everybody’s full of cheer

We’re together at the klong
Each one with his krathong
As we push away we pray
We can see a better day

Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong
Loi Krathong, Loi Krathong

Loy gratong is here and everybody’s full of cheer

So you you can choose to pray in English, or you can make merit in Thai. Up to you.

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