Learn German with ExpatDen

Learn German with ExpatDen


If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning or improving your German! The German language is classified as a level II language by the Foreign Language Institute, suggesting that competency can be reached within 750 class hours. This assumes, however, that your hours are efficient and well-structured. If you plan to undertake a self-study method, you’ll need some sort of guide to ensure you’re learning all the necessary aspects, both correctly and efficiently.

Congratulations, you don’t need to go searching for such a guide, because you’re already here! Within this guide you will learn everything you need to reach a proficient level of German, and all that’s required of you is passion, persistence, and regular practice and reviewing.

I will begin by guiding you through the alphabet and pronunciation, indicating equivalent sounds in English, providing examples, and describing techniques to correctly pronounce unique sounds with no direct English-language equivalent.

After the basics of pronunciation, we will dive into the grammar. The most important aspect of German grammar will be addressed first: declensions, which are essentially different endings applied to words according to grammatical cases (a word’s function in a phrase).

While this may sound confusing, everything will be clearly explained and further clarified through example sentences.

After a full understanding of declensions, we will jump to nouns, discussing genders, articles, and pronouns. Then we’ll move on to adjectives, including a discussion of how and where they are used. After that, we will touch upon German clauses, adverbs, and prepositions.

And lastly, we’ll confront verbs, including a discussion of types of verbs, conjugations, tenses, and the active and passive voice.

For additional tips, courses, and other resources to perfect your German, make sure to take a look at the bottom of this page. And now it’s time to begin! I wish you “viel Erfolg” (lots of success) on your German language journey!




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