ExpatDen Editorial Policy

Our Mission

Moving, working, studying, retiring, or starting a business abroad can be scary if you’ve never spent time outside of your home country. ExpatDen (originally ThailandStartedKit) was created in 2016 to give you the know-how to confidently expatriate to almost any country in the world.

As expats ourselves, we know that upping sticks and moving abroad isn’t always easy. So, our goal is to be the one-stop resource for expats who want to successfully live, work, study, retire, or start a business abroad. We’ve achieved this by sharing what we’ve learned with our readers so you don’t make the mistakes that cost both time and money.

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Our Editorial Process

To make sure we create the best expatriation guides for you, we use only writers who are or were expats and who have firsthand experience about the subject they’re writing about. If they don’t have firsthand experience about the subject, they spend hours researching and/or interviewing other expats about the topic.

Once a guide is drafted, it then passes through at least two levels of quality control. First, an editor fact checks and proofreads the guide. Then, a project manager fact checks the guide for a second time. In some cases, we have experts — including lawyers, medical professionals, and financial advisors — review our guides for accuracy.

Moreover, it takes roughly one month for an ExpatDen article to go from first draft to published guide. This helps us create the most accurate, in-depth guides as possible. Also, our editorial team is made up of expats who have many years worth of experience living and working abroad, so they know the exact challenges our readers face.

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Our Financial Disclaimer

Some of the guides on our website may link to products and services from one or more of ExpatDen’s partners. We may receive compensation when you click on those links. Although this may influence how they appear in our guides, we try our best to ensure that our readers get access to the best possible products and services.

In fact, we would never promote a company we do/did not use ourselves or one that we believe doesn’t align with our mission of helping expats overcome a specific challenge in an ethical way.

ExpatDen and You

Our team of writers and editors aim to create the best expatriation guides to help you move, work, study, retire, or start a business abroad. We always welcome questions, comments, and suggestions at [email protected]. Moreover, we’re always open to working with new partners, so feel free to drop us an email.

Lastly, if you’d like to share your experiences as an expat to help others, you can write for us. Pitch us a topic and we’ll get back to you within a day or two.