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Essential Reading

Here are the six most important guides you must read when moving to Thailand:

Recommended Services in Thailand

Recommended service providers for expats in Thailand:

  • ACS
    An international insurance company that offers full health coverage and lifetime renewals if you apply before the age of 60.
  • Corporate Assistance
    Get help with setting up your business or relocating your team to Thailand.
  • Legal Services
    Get help with any legal issues you face.
  • Moving Quotes
    Get free quotes from up to five international moving companies.
  • Real Estate Agents
    Get in touch with a real estate agent that we feel comfortable recommending.
  • ThaiPod101
    A great tool to study Thai Online. It includes step-by-step videos and podcasts that help you quickly speak and understand Thai.
  • TransferWise
    A quick, cheap, and easy want to send money in and out of Thailand.
  • Other
    Fill in this form if you want to find a service provider for any service you need in Thailand.

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