My Personal Review of Viriyah Insurance: Should You Buy It? 

My Personal Review of Viriyah Insurance: Should You Buy It? 

When looking for car insurance in Thailand, Viriyah Insurance is going to be one of the very first companies that come up.

Although the name of Viriyah Insurance might not sound familiar to expats like us, it’s actually a popular insurance company in Thailand, especially for car insurance.

In this article, I am going to review Viriyah Insurance based on my experience with them, including what products that they offer, price, claim procedure, English support and more.

By the end of the review, it should help you make an informed decision whether or not you should get insurance from the Viriyah Insurance.

Please note that the review is going to mainly focus on car insurance provided by Viriyah Insurance since it’s their main product. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Viriyah Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in Thailand
  • Their car insurance is popular because of great customer support and easy claiming procedure
  • Viriyah Insurance also has partners thoughout Thailand. You can find their partnered garages everywhere
  • However, their insurance can be 10% – 15% more expensive than other providers
  • In addition to car insurance, you can get health insurance, personal accident insurance, and more with them. 

What is Viriyah Insurance?

Viriyah Insurance has been in the Thailand insurance market for a very long time.

Initially, the company was founded in 1947 under the name of Asiatic Distributing Company Limited providing fire, marine, and cargo insurance.

In 1982, the company rebranded itself as Viriyah Insurance Co., Ltd.

Viriyah Insurance Logo

Today, Viriyah Insurance is acknowledged as a leading force in the insurance sector. They are among the biggest insurance companies in Thailand, especially for car insurance.

Now, they have expanded their products. In addition to car insurance, you can basically get all types of insurance with them.

Key Benefits of Choosing Viriya Insurance

Essentially, all insurance companies in Thailand offer similar policies. The question is, what sets Viriyah Insurance apart from other companies?

Easy Claiming

This is what makes Viriyah Insurance different from other insurances. 

They are known for their easy claim procedure. I made a claim with them several times for my truck. All of the claims went smoothly. 

Everytime, their customer support told me what I needed to do step-by-step.

Also, I went an extra mile to ask the garage that repaired my car about their experience with Viriyah Insurance. 

And they said that, from a garage’s perspective, Viriyah Insurance is very easy to deal with when it comes to approving claims.  

Customer Support

Viriyah Insurance is known for customer support, which is a cornerstone when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have over 1,300 claim officers to ensures efficient service and professionalism.

When it comes to English-speaking support, it might not be as fast as their Thai support.

Based on my experience when calling their hotline, it may take time for them to connect you with their English-speaking support.

Or sometimes, they may request to call you back later with an English-speaking representative. But overall, I’m happy with it since English support is always a major problem for Thai insurance companoes. 

Extensive Network

Viriya Insurance has over 150 branches and over 700 partnered service centers across all 72 provinces in Thailand.

When it comes to car insurance, they have team up with over 500 repair centers throughout Thailand. 

This extensive network gives Viriay Insurance a significant edge in accessibility and convenience.

All garages I talk to in Thailand accept Viriyah Insurance. So, if you buy car insurance from Viriyah Insurance, it’s going to be easy to find a garage that can fix your car. 

Reputation and Trust

Since the company has been around in the insurance industry for over 70 years, Viriyah Insurance enjoys a strong reputation and trust among its customer base.

In fact, Viriyah Insurance is well-known among locals as a trust insurer. 

Based on my experience with them, I understand why. Their support is good and all of my claims went smoothly. 

Their financial status is also still good. I expect that they will be around for many more years to come. 


Let’s take a look at all of the products provided by Viriyah Insurance.  

Car Insurance 

Car insurance is their main product. Based on their annual report, car insurance made up more than 80% of the company revenues. 

This is not surprising at all since the car insurance market is pretty big in Thailand. 

road in Thailand
Car insurance market in Thailand is pretty big because of the numbers of cars and road accidents here.

Statistically speaking, Thailand ranks as one of the highest regarding road accidents.

Let’s take a look at all of the car insurance policies you can get from Viriyah Insurance. 

Compulsory Insurance

Under Thailand’s Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance Act, all motor vehicles in the country must be insured with compulsory third-party liability insurance, widely known as Por Ror Bor (ประกันภัย พรบ. or พ.ร.บ.).

This law is pivotal in ensuring that a fundamental level of protection is in place for everyone on Thai roads.

Por Ror Bor specifically covers bodily injury and death to third parties that may result from motor vehicle accidents, providing essential financial support in these unfortunate events.

When it comes to compulsory insurance, you can buy it from any insurance company. Since it’s required by law, all insurance companies offer the same plan at the same price with the same coverage.

Claim procedure is also the same. 

Similar to other insurance providers, you can include Por Ror Bor with your main insurance plan when buying car insurance from Viriyah Insurance. 

Voluntary Insurance

Private insurance companies provide voluntary insurance policies for those seeking more comprehensive coverage beyond Por Ror Bor.

Viriayah Insurance offers car insurance policies that cover a more comprehensive range of protection, including damage to the insured vehicle, theft, and even personal accident coverage for the driver and passengers.

You can buy all types of car insurance from Type 1 to Type 3 policy. 

The various insurance policies offered by Viriya Insurance differ in the scope and specifics of their coverage.

In summary, here’re key coverage differences between car insurance from Viriyah Insurance and other insurance providers: 

  • Overall coverage for your own car damage is similar with other providers at around 20%-25% of the car current value. 
  • Viriyah Insurance has a higher limit on third-party coverage at 1,000,000 THB while other insurance providers give you 500,000 THB
  • Viriyah Insurance has a higher limit on medical expenses and personal accident at 200,000 THB while other insurance providers offers only 100,000 THB
  • Viriyah Insurance is among the most expensive car insurance in the market. Their price is around 10%-20% more than other providers. 

For comprehensive and precise details about each policy’s coverage, benefits, exclusions, and terms and conditions, you can consult Viriya Insurance’s official representatives or insurance brokers. 


Unlike in the United States, where deductibles are a standard part of car insurance, Thailand insurance companies offer more flexibility.

You have the option to choose a policy with or without a deductible. 

Selecting a policy that includes a deductible will result in lower annual premiums. However, the policyholder will be responsible for paying the deductible out-of-pocket for each claim.

If you opt for this policy, Viriya offers deductibles ranging from 1,000 – 5,000 THB.  

This structure allows for personalizing insurance coverage based on individual preferences and financial considerations.

Claiming Procedure

In the event of an accident, you can contact Viriyah Insurance 24/7 by calling their hotline number at 1557. 

If you don’t speak Thai, Viriah Insurance has excellent English-speaking support. 

While their English-speaking support may not be available all the time, they will get back to you within an hour and will inform you of the necessary steps and procedures for making your claim.

Also, their stuff is quite quick as well and can come to the scene within 15 minutes. 


Several elements can impact the pricing of an insurance policy, including factors like the vehicle’s age, mileage, engine capacity, and its classification, whether it’s a compact car, mid-size vehicle, or a truck.

During my research into their pricing structure, Viriyah transparently admitted that their rates are typically above those of their competitors.

They justified this by highlighting the superior quality of their services, which they believe justifies the higher cost.

For a state of reference, I posed as a prospective customer and inquired about a quote for my 2019 Mitsubishi Triton truck.

big bike in Thailand
You can have your big bike insured by Viriyah Insurance. However, premium can be quite high.

Taking into account factors such as the truck’s age, engine capacity, and its category, the annual premium for their Type 1 comprehensive insurance policy was quoted at 16,500 THB.

This quote reaffirmed that their prices are indeed higher compared to other insurers which charge around 14,000 THB.


Nevertheless, based on my previous experience with them, it’s worth noting that long-standing customers who have a track record of safe driving and minimal claims tend to receive offers for discounted rates as a token of appreciation for their loyalty.

For a definitive quote tailored to your specific circumstances, it’s recommended that you contact Viriyah Insurance directly.

Their representatives can provide a personalized quote based on your vehicle’s details and insurance needs.

However, comparing quotes from various insurance companies to find the best deal that suits your needs is always wise.

Visiting websites such as is a helpful resource. It provides a platform to easily compare car insurance prices from different companies in Thailand, helping you make an informed decision about your insurance options

Motorcycle Insurance

In Thailand, motorcycles, like other vehicles, are subject to the Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance Act.

Viriyah Insurance offers voluntary policies for more comprehensive coverage.

However, if you are considering premium insurance, there are specific criteria, especially for a motorcycle with an engine size larger than 150cc.

Specifically, the motorcycle must be brand new

Moreover, unlike car insurance, motorcycle policies are only available with deductibles ranging from 7,000 to 20,000 THB.

For example, I requested a quote from Viriyah for a 2024 Honda CB 500. 

They quoted me an annual price of 17,694 THB, including a 10,000 THB deductible—an unexpectedly high figure, surpassing even that of my truck’s insurance.

When I Inquired about the steep price, they explained that motorcycles bear a heightened risk of theft and personal injury.

To put things into perspective, for a 2024 Honda CB 500 valued at 220,000 THB, Viriyah’s motorcycle policy would compensate up to 180,000 THB in the event of theft or total loss. 

Accident Insurance

Viriya Insurance offers Personal Accident Insurance, covering up to 700,000 THB for medical expenses from accidental injuries or illnesses.

This plan includes in-patient and out-patient care, surgical treatment, doctor’s fees, and more.

It also covers severe outcomes like death, dismemberment, and permanent disability.

Notably, no medical check-up is required to obtain this insurance.

Health Insurance

Understanding the distinction between accident insurance and health insurance is essential.

Accident insurance specifically provides coverage for medical expenses resulting from accidents, such as injuries or trauma.

On the other hand, health insurance offers broader coverage, catering to a range of health-related issues, including illnesses and routine medical care.

Viriyah recently launched health insurance plans, mainly aimed at Thai citizens. Their plans come with a maximum coverage per illness of 4,500,000 THB. And it only covers for hospitalization. 

In my opinion, their health insurance plans aren’t that interesting. As an expat in Thailand, you get a better value from international insurance.

Read our in-depth guide to health insurance in Thailand to find out more.  

Home and Property Insurance

While the legal aspects of foreigners owning property in Thailand can be complex, if you’re considering or already own property, you may want to consider securing your investment with insurance.  

Viriya Insurance offers a home insurance plan known as Pieamsuk Home Insurance which gives you protection against potential damages and losses.

This plan provides comprehensive protection for residential buildings and their contents against various perils, including natural disasters and malicious damage.

It also offers coverage for third-party liabilities and compensation for damages rendering the insured property uninhabitable.

The policy includes coverage for fire, lightning, explosions, theft, and other specified events.

For more information, visit Viriya Insurance’s Pieamsuk Home Insurance page.


Am I Still Insured with Viriyah Insurance? 

Unfortunately, I am presently no longer a client of Viriya Insurance. This change was not due to any dissatisfaction on my end.

When my insurance term ended, Viriya Insurance decided not to renew my policy.

Perhaps this decision might have been influenced by the frequency of my claims. While this is an unfortunate aspect of the industry, it’s not an unusual one.

I believe most insurance companies strive to manage claims efficiently and fairly, aiming to balance due diligence with customer satisfaction.

This situation is not unique to any specific insurer or region, especially when it comes to car insurance in Thailand. 

Instead, it reflects a widespread practice in the insurance industry, which is not exclusive to Viriyah Insurance.

Should You Buy Insurance from Viriyah Insurance?

Viriyah Insurance stands out in the insurance industry for its well-established reputation, extensive network, and staunch dedication to customer satisfaction.

This, coupled with their comprehensive range of offerings, makes them a contender worth your attention.

Despite their decision not to renew my policy, my experience as a customer was primarily satisfactory, and I still consider them one of the strongest contenders in the industry.

Ultimately, I would still recommend Viriay Insurance.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that Thailand’s insurance landscape is diverse and has numerous reputable providers.

That said, before deciding, I recommend conducting thorough research to identify the insurance provider that best aligns with your unique needs and expectations.

And you can start your research easily with a comparison site like this one: Once you find a plan you like, you can contact their brokers to find out more information. 

Jonathan is an ex-pat living in Thailand who is originally from the United States. He moved to Thailand with his wife and dog and is looking forward to many new experiences and all the beauty and joy Thailand has to offer.

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