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When it comes to finding a place to buy or rent in Thailand, you have many choices. Even if you aren’t in Thailand yet, you can still get help with securing a place to live. But there are many choices out there. If you want help narrowing down your options, I can put you in touch with a reputable real estate agent, an agent who I would work with.

There are a few benefits to working with real estate agents. First, because real estate agents get commission from rental owners or sellers, you won’t pay any fees. Second, real estate agents know which properties would suit you best. All you have to do is give them your requirements and they handle the rest. And since the real estate industry is so competitive, rental or sales prices won’t be any different than if you went straight to an owner.

Real estate agents in Thailand can also help you with other procedures. They can take you to the rental or sales property. They can negotiate prices with owners. They can handle all the paperwork involved. And they can even talk to the bank about securing a loan for yourself. And if that’s not helpful enough, they can help you find maids or handymen and suggest nearby places to eat.

There are a few exceptions when using real estate agents, though. Since they normally get a monthly commission from twelve-month contracts, real estate agents are unlikely to work with renters looking for short-term rentals. For buying, real estate agents prefer to work with people who want to buy for living, not for leasing to other people.

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We’re happy to connect you to service providers who we’d consult with in your situation, and who we find to be professional, knowledgeable, and ethical. That said, it’s important to note that we sometimes get commission from service providers for referring new clients to them. This happens at no cost to you and helps us cover some of the expenses of running ExpatDen. While we do our best to pick the most suitable service providers, we can’t make any guarantees or accept any liability resulting from your interactions and transactions with them.