The Best Summer Camps for Kids in Thailand 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The Best Summer Camps for Kids in Thailand 2024 A Comprehensive Guide

Thailand offers an abundance of exciting and educational summer camps for all interests and age groups, from the beach to the sporting arena, from the library to the laboratory, there is a camp out there ready to ignite your child’s passions and promote personal growth. 

For future scientists eager to explore the world of STEM, budding artists seeking creative expression, and adrenaline junkies craving outdoor adventures, here is our list of summer camps around Thailand to give your kids a great holiday and give mum and dad a break as well. 

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More Than Just Summer 

Summer camps in July and August, Christmas camps in December, Songkran camps in April, and even more throughout the year like Halloween camps in October. There are so many opportunities to give your kids a crash course in some new skills and hobbies. 

Choosing the Right Camp for Your Child

As well as considering your child’s interests, age, location, and cost and duration of the camps, there are a few things parents should consider before booking one of them. 

It is so important to research camps thoroughly. Your child’s safety and wellbeing is the most important thing. You can do this by visiting facilities, communicating with camp organizers, and doing some solid internet investigating. 

Camp for Child
Summer camp for your kids in Thailand can be such a great confidence booster.

A great idea is to utilize Bangkok’s excellent parent communities on Facebook. 

Most parents will already be in some groups for the school or community. But a quick search will give you BKK Parents & Kids, Babies, Toddler and Children’s Play Bangkok, and many more. Your child’s school will likely have a Facebook community group which you can join.

These groups are a great place to ask questions and get advice. Ask other parents if they have experience with the camps you are considering. 

Also read other online reviews such as on Google Maps. If you see red flags, low ratings, concerning reviews, give the camp a miss. No point in risking your little one’s safety. 

Day Camps vs. Sleepover Camps

Day camps offer a convenient option for children to engage in activities during the day while returning home in the evenings, providing a balance between structured programming and family time. 

These might be better for kids who are not comfortable staying overnight away from parents or for younger kids. 

On the other hand, sleepover camps offer a more immersive experience, allowing campers to build independence, form deeper connections with peers, and fully immerse themselves in the camp community. 

These might be better for more independent kids or for families who want to start to make their children feel more comfortable staying away from home. 

Many camps offer both options with an additional fee for the sleepover option. 

The Big List of Summer Camps in Thailand 

Whether your kids need an academic boost, some time away from all the screens in their lives, or time to train in their favorite sports, the options are endless. The camps below are organised according to general camp type. 

Adventure or Multi-Skill Camps for Kids 

These include lots of outdoor exploring and daring activities such as rock climbing, zip-lining, hiking, ropes courses, kayaking, camping, orienteering, caving, and survival skills. They also cover a range of activities from the arts to the active. 

These camps are best for slightly older, more independent kids who are up for getting out of their comfort zone. 

Best for kids aged 9 to 18 years. 

Outdoor activities and survival skills
Outdoor activities and survival skills are just one new adventure for your children in Thailand.

Second Wind Ranch & Rescue

The Second Wind Summer Camp 2024 provides a farm and forest learning experience with activities like recycling, animal handling, fire-making, and more.

Campers learn valuable life skills and support rescue animals, with all proceeds going towards animal care and organizational sustainability. A transformative summer adventure for your kids. Day camps only from 10.00am to 15.00pm, and a maximum of 10 spots per camp. 


Costs: 12,500 THB per week 

Jungle Life Camp

Khao Sok National Park

Jungle Life Camp is dedicated to fostering love for nature, conservation, and sustainability. Through hands-on experiences, students of all ages are empowered to become wildlife advocates. The camp offers free educational activities for local schools, so by choosing Jungle Life Camp, you support their community initiatives. The camp’s diverse activities include night safaris, planting, river tubing, hiking, caving, and cultural exchanges, enriching participants with knowledge and adventure while nurturing a deep connection to nature and community. 


Costs: Currently this camp is available for school groups or family groups with prices on request. It is not for individual children. 

iCamp Thailand 

iCamp Thailand, located in scenic Kanchanaburi about 160 km from Bangkok, offers diverse camps with activities like sports, dance, arts, and educational trips. Summer camp encourages social interaction and nature engagement, fostering essential life skills. They have sixteen cabins, with eight for boys and eight for girls, accommodating 12 campers and 2 staff members each. Cabins are assigned by gender and age. Upcoming Songkran camps are scheduled for April 7-13, 2024, and April 14-20, 2024.


Costs: Overnight weekly camps start at 30,000 THB. 

Jump! Foundation 

JUMP’s summer camps blend outdoor fun, personal growth, and leadership training. Led by skilled guides, your child will gain valuable skills for the future. Choose from day programs or expeditions to get out of the city in their overnight camps. Bangkok day camps, overnight Thailand national park camps, and even international camps for older kids (15-19) to Nepal are on offer. 


Costs: The day camps start at 15,500 THB per week. The 14-day Nepal expedition is around 120,000 THB without flights. 

Let’s Asia 

Let’s Asia’s Fun Camp offers an all-encompassing summer experience for kids in Thailand, packed with diverse activities ranging from sports to arts and crafts. 

Located at The First Steps International School Sukhumvit soi 31, the camp caters to various holiday periods, including Halloween, Christmas, and Songkran, ensuring year-round fun for children. From swimming lessons to fancy dress competitions, cooking sessions, and creative endeavors like t-shirt painting and face-painting.


Costs: Camp fees for members are 8,000 THB per week or 1,800 THB per day, while non-members pay 8,500 THB per week or 1,900 THB per day, with an additional weekly bus service fee of 1,000 THB for Sukhumvit area or more for other locations.

Sports Camps for Kids 

Definitely the most common and popular type of camp. You can find a camp in Thailand for many different  sports for kids. They come in camps which are both dedicated to one specific sport, or general sports camps which explore a range of activities. If you kids want to excel at football, basketball, swimming, tennis, or golf. 

Suitable Age Group: 6-18 years old

Wisdom Sports Academy 

Wisdom Sports Academy provides an unforgettable experience at Chon Buri, Thailand’s exclusive Multi-Sports camp in 2024. From April 17th to 21st, children aged 7-15 can dive into a world of sports excitement, including badminton, basketball, football, tennis, baseball, and even a pool party! 


Costs: Multi-Sports Camp prices start at 22,500 THB for the overnight week and 18,000 THB for the day camp for the week. Plus, they have focused caps for both basketball and football at lower costs.  

Hoop Club Thailand 

Hoop Club is home to Thailand’s International Basketball Summer Camps in Bangkok this June and July. Choose between overnight camps in the dorms or day sessions. Learn from experienced coaches, improve skills, make friends, and have fun! Open to boys and girls aged 9 to 18. Camps run 8 hours daily, Monday to Friday, with relaxed “Chill Days” on weekends for extra games and fun activities. 


Costs: Their 5-day camps start at 25,000 THB. 

Level Up Basketball 

For young basketball fans, both boys and girls aged 5 to 18 years old, Level Up have an upcoming Songkran Basketball Camp. The focus is on enhancing overall offensive and defensive basketball skills. With access to high-quality facilities at the Patana School campus, including air-conditioned courts, a team of experienced coaches, and top-quality equipment, they provide an outstanding learning opportunity for budding athletes.


Costs: Their weekly day camps start at just 6000 THB. 

Top Flight Basketball 

Top Flight Basketball Camps offer students from 5 to 17, of all skill levels, a chance to improve their basketball skills, have fun, and make friends. The camps, including General Skills, Team, and Elite Level camps, feature age-appropriate training, top-notch coaching, and competitive games. They have a Songkran camp at Brighton College Bangkok which is open to both Brighton and non-Brighton pupils. 


Costs: Day camps start at 5,000 THB per week, with Daily Drop-In available for 1,200 THB.

Sharks Basketball Academy Pattaya

Experience an action-packed week of basketball at their week-long camps such as the Songkran camp at the Siam Country Club in Pattaya in April, where participants can enhance their basketball skills, regardless of their level of experience. This camp is open to boys and girls aged 7-16 years old. 


Costs: Day camps start at 6,500 THB a week. 

Le Smash Tennis Club

If you’re looking to accelerate your child’s improvement in Tennis, Le Smash hosts clubs during all school breaks. They have an international team to focus on enhancing your child’s footwork, technique, tactical understanding of the game, mental agility, and match playing skills. Engaging in Tennis within a group setting also teaches children to respect rules, foster harmonious relationships, and develop their individual personalities.


Costs: Tennis and pickleball clubs for kids start at 6,000 THB for members and 7,500 THB non-members. 

Mantis Martial Arts for Kids 

Mantis summer camps take place at Get Growing Community Farm in the form of 3-day day camps which run from 9 am to 3 pm daily, with pick-up and drop-off service from Phrom Phong BTS. Participants can engage in games, acquire new skills, and revel in the natural surroundings. They are focused on outdoor adventure rather than martial arts, despite the name. 


Costs: around 8,500 baht per session, covering lunch, snacks, transportation, insurance, a t-shirt, and various activities. 

Ninja Academy Thailand 

The Ninja Camp operates most school breaks, including Songkran. They operate from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 to 13:00. Attendees can immerse themselves in the world of ninjas with loads of fun, parkour, gymnastics, and with snacks and food included. Their Songkran camp features Ninja Wars, offering thrilling water battles to ring in the Thai New Year.


Costs: Camps start at around 800 THB per day

SPINT Academy 

SPINT is a portmanteau of sport and intelligence. They teach tennis and general sporting and movement skills in Bangkok.

The Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) Camp is for everyone to have fun and learn how to be better sportspeople. The duration is three days with various activities and games designed for children to learn and discover themselves. They also have tennis camps for kids from 4 to 12 years old with a 4:1 student teacher ratio. 


Costs: They have tennis camps starting at 1,500 THB per day or 3,600 THB for their 3-day FMS camps. 

Bangkok Ensi Sport Football Camps

If your child is passionate about soccer and would like to  start competing, Polo Football Park, Rama 4 is home to Ensi Camps which are open for boys and girls from 3 – 11 years. Camps run from 9 am to noon or 2 pm with snacks and Lunch included. They include fun games and activities for your little one to slowly introduce the fundamental key football movements & skills. 


Costs: Day camps start at 5,000 THB for 5 DAYS 

Chiang Mai Montessori Football Community

They call it an exciting journey that transcends mere competition, they have multiple camps at various times throughout the year such as the GT Multi-Sport Camp, where champions are nurtured and friendships blossom while practicing, soccer, rock climbing,  Thai boxing, and more. At the moment, they only offer day camps, but they hope to offer overnights in the future. 

The school they are linked to – Chiang Mai Montessori also offers nature camps for kids 3-12, teaching them about Lanna culture, outdoor survival, sports, and art. 


Costs: Camps start at 8,000 THB per week. 

Bangkok Dolphins 

At their Thonglor location, the Bangkok Dolphins Sports & Activities Camp focuses on enjoyable experiences with beneficial learning results. They have programs for kids from 4 to 12-years-old. Every day at the camp promises diversity. During their time, children engage in sports, swimming lessons, water-based games, and creative art & crafts projects. They have 8-week camps from late June to mid August which are daily from 9am to 2pm. No overnight available. 


Costs: 8,600 baht per week includes snacks, lunch, and all activities. 

swimming summer camp
A swimming summer camp in Thailand is a great idea for kids who are often around water! 

IPGA Golf Camps 

At IPGA golf camps, students enjoy fun-filled days while honing their golf skills. With personalized assessments and tailored training, participants engage in a range of activities, from golf-specific drills to fitness exercises and other sports. It’s an ideal environment for budding golfers to develop their abilities and make lasting friendships.


Costs: Foundation Program 9,900 baht per week, Rising Star – 14,900 baht per week, Elite Program – 19,900 baht per week. Add 1,100 baht per night for sleepover camps. 

Creative Arts Camps for Kids

Nurture your child’s artistic talents with caps for painting, pottery, music, drama, and more. These camps provide a fun and creative environment where young minds can set their imagination free and develop skills in various artistic mediums.

Suitable Age Group: 5-15 years old

Nat Studio Piano School 

Nat Studio Summer Camp offers a 12-day intensive experience for piano enthusiasts, including masterclass tutoring with renowned teachers, music appreciation sessions, stage preparation guidance, practice sessions, delicious meals, and a final concert at Sala Sudasiri Sobha. 


Costs: The camp fee starts at around 25,000 THB. 

Paron School of Art 

Throughout the year, they offer numerous camps in Bangkok, including the April holiday 4-day and 5-day Colour Camps. If you’re unsure how to make the most of the holiday for your kids, immerse them in the lively realm of art to infuse the vacation with imaginative flair! These camps cater to children aged 4 to 12 and do not include overnight stays at this time.


Costs: Camps start at 5,700 THB per session. 

STEM Camps for Kids 

Fuel your child’s curiosity and passion for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with hands-on experiences in robotics, coding, science experiments, and innovative projects.

These camps offer dynamic learning opportunities that foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific creativity.

Suitable Age Group: 7-17 years old

Bricks 4 Kidz Thailand

Bricks 4 Kidz offers an exciting LEGO Building Camp to beat the holiday doldrums.

Children aged 5 to 13 can engage in applying STEM concepts through LEGO-based engineering projects and hands-on building activities while exploring the realms of engineering, animated movie-making, and architecture during their vacation. 

Camps run from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.It is an international program, see their Thailand Facebook page for more specific information.


Costs: Starting at 6,750 baht per week including lunch, and days can be extended until 3:00 pm with an additional 1,000 baht per week.

Keas Junior 

Their Science & Engineering Enrichment Camp in Bangkok is a collaborative effort between Keaes Junior, The Scienarium, and Singapore Science Centre. Through hands-on programs like the Fun Science Lab, The Engineering Lab, and the Math Olympiad Programme, participants develop strong scientific and mathematical foundations. They also have English and Thai enrichment programs. They have July and August 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week camps for kids from 7 to 12-years-old at their Ekamai and Ramkhamhaeng branches. Their camps are only day camps from 10am to 3pm daily. 


Costs: The full 2-week camp is 19,820 baht. The price decreases the longer the camp, and they have good early-bird booking specials as well. 

Kids Robotics Learning Center 

They have camps for kids as young as 3 years old and up to 16. They currently only have day camps with no overnight option. For example their Robotics Camp runs from 9 am to 1 pm daily. Snacks and lunch are provided, and the program offers various activities and challenges tailored to different age groups. Participants will delve into building robots, engage in theme-based robotics projects, and have the opportunity to construct up to 10 different robots. 


Costs: Prices vary but for the upcoming April day camp, for a 5-year-old, the price is 8,000 baht per week. 

Language Immersion Camps for Kids

Immerse your child in a multicultural and multilingual environment where they can learn new languages, engage in cultural exchange, and broaden their global perspectives.

Language immersion camps in Thailand are most commonly for learning English but Thai camps are available as well as some others like French. 

Suitable Age Group: 8-18 years old

Kids Academy 

This international school is the perfect option for younger kids who need longer intensive language summer camps. They do courses in Thai, English, and Mandarin at their three Bangkok campuses. Open to kids 18 months to 6 years. They have 1-week, 4-week, and 8-week camps in July and August each year. The camps are only day camps with no overnight option. 


Costs: The camps start at 10,260 baht per week with discounts for early bird bookings. 

Krabi International School English Camp 

Bonus, your kid gets to spend the summer in beautiful Krabi! Their English Language Summer School for July & August promises an exceptional summer adventure for children aged 5-15. This program not only boosts language proficiency but also fosters global friendships. They teach English through a range of diverse activities emphasizing environmental consciousness and global responsibility.With sports and artistic endeavors and even STEM tasks and classic team-building activities. 



Costs: Camps start at 13,500 baht per week

International School Camps 

If your child is attending an international school in Thailand, then you probably already know what camps the school has to offer. Many of these camps are also open to children who are not current students at that school.

international school summer camp
Introduce your kids to their possible new future school by attending an international school summer camp in Thailand.

While there are far too many to list every one here, if you live near an international school or if you are considering sending your child to a specific international school in the future, then a summer camp at that school might be the perfect option for you. 

We suggest emailing the schools you are interested in exploring and asking what holiday programs they offer to non-students. 

Some examples: 

And hundreds more! 

Summer Camps Thailand Quick Comparison Chart

Name & Link LocationSkills/ActivitiesStarting Price (THB)
Keas JuniorBangkokScience & Engineering Enrichment, English and Thai enrichment programs19,820 two weeks
Kids AcademyBangkokLanguage courses in Thai, English, and Mandarin10,260 per week
Bangkok DolphinsBangkokSports, swimming lessons, water-based games, art & crafts8,600 per week
Kids Robotics Learning CenterBangkokRobotics, building robots, theme-based projects8,000 per week 
Jungle Life CampKhao Sok National ParkNature exploration, night safaris, river tubing, hiking, cultural exchangesBy Request
IPGA Golf CampsBangkokGolf skills, personalized training, fitness exercises9,900 per week
Wisdom Sports AcademyChon BuriMulti-Sports including badminton, basketball, football, tennis, and a pool party18,000 per week
Let’s AsiaBangkokSports, arts and crafts, swimming lessons, cooking sessions8,000 per week
Jump! FoundationBangkok and National Parks around ThailandOutdoor fun, personal growth, leadership training15,500 per week
iCamp ThailandKanchanaburiDiverse activities like sports, dance, arts, educational trips30,000 per week (overnight)
Hoop Club ThailandBangkokBasketball skills, fun activities, experienced coaches25,000 per week 
Level Up BasketballBangkokBasketball skills development, top-notch coaching6,000 per week
Top Flight BasketballBangkokGeneral Skills, Team, and Elite Level basketball camps5,000 per week
Sharks Basketball AcademyPattayaBasketball skills development, competitive games6,500 per week
Le Smash Tennis ClubBangkokTennis skills, technique, match playing skills6,000 per week  
Mantis Martial Arts for KidsBangkokOutdoor adventure, games, new skills, natural surroundings8,500 3 days
Ninja Academy ThailandBangkokNinja skills, parkour, gymnastics, water battles800 per day
SPINT AcademyBangkokTennis and sporting skills development1,500 per day
Bangkok Ensi Sport Football CampsBangkokFootball skills, fun games, activities5,000 per week
Chiang Mai Montessori Football CommunityChiang MaiSports, rock climbing, Thai boxing, swimming, football 8,000 per week
Paron School of ArtBangkokArt, creative activities5,700 4 days
Bricks 4 KidzBangkokLego Robotics, Arts & Crafts, Robotics, Comic Creator, Mosaics, Movie Making, Video Game Design, Coding6,750 per week
Nat Studio Piano SchoolBangkok Piano 25,000 12 days 
Second Wind Ranch & RescueChiang Mai Horse riding, animal care, recycling, animal handling, fire-making12,500 per week
Krabi International School English CampKrabiEnglish language studies through diverse and fun activities. 13,500 per week

Now, on to You

As a parent, we know that your child’s safety, education, well being, emotional health, and special needs are a top concern. 

While we have provided a list and tops for finding a great summer camp experience in Thailand, we hope you will do lots of research before putting your child into the care of someone new. Do the research, ask all the questions, and talk to other parents. 

We know that your kids will have a great time learning and growing when you find the perfect camp for them. 

Phoebe has traveled throughout Asia for twenty years and spent more than ten years in China. She is an accomplished writer, artist, and photographer. She is now based in Thailand where she spends her time painting, writing, designing, hanging out with fish, and taking photos of stuff.

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