Bangkok Insurance Review: Is It Good for Expats in Thailand? 

Bangkok Insurance Review: Is It Good for Expats in Thailand? 

When you are searching for car insurance in Thailand, Bangkok Insurance should be one of the first companies that pop up in your search. 

You will also see that their car insurance premiums are among the highest. 

In this review article, I’m going to break down everything you should know about Bangkok Insurance, including their plans and products. And you will also understand why they are more expensive than other providers. 

By the end of the review, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether you want to purchase insurance from Bangkok Insurance or not. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Bangkok Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in Thailand.
  • While their car insurance can be more expensive than other providers, they are known for their customer support and easy claim procedure.
  • Still, they are not as expensive as Viriyah Insurance.
  • They also offer personal accident insurance, which is mainly offered by Bangkok Bank when you open a bank account.
  • Bangkok Insurance also has health insurance plans for retirees. However, you should find better options out there.

A Bit About Bangkok Insurance

Bangkok Insurance was founded by the same owner as Bangkok Bank

While they are two separate companies at present, a majority of Bangkok Insurance shareholders are, in fact, Bangkok Bank. This is why you find many Bangkok Insurance products provided by Bangkok Bank.

Bangkok Bank logo
Bangkok Insurance was founded by the same person who found Bangkok Bank.

Bangkok Insurance was founded in 1957 and has been providing insurance ever since. 

According to the Office of Insurance Commission, Bangkok Insurance is the third biggest insurance company in Thailand, with car insurance as their main product


Being among the biggest insurance companies in Thailand, Bangkok Insurance is a legitimate insurance company. 

In addition, according to the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the company has a strong financial background with assets of over 76,000 million baht in 2024.  


There are three main types of insurance products from Bangkok Insurance that are interesting to expats in Thailand, including:

  • Car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Personal accidents

Let’s take a look at each product individually. 

Car Insurance 

Car insurance is the main product of Bangkok Insurance.

In fact, Bangkok Insurance is the third largest car insurance company in Thailand. They have partnered with many car companies in Thailand and offer their Type 1 insurance as a free add-on for a new car

Let’s look more into their car insurance plans, including cost and claim procedures. 

Bangkok Insurance Car Insurance Plans

Bangkok Insurance offers all types of car insurance, ranging from compulsory motor insurance to Type 1 insurance, with deductible options from 1,000 baht to 5,000 baht. 

However, as of now, they do not have any insurance for EVs and motorcycles yet.

Car Insurance Coverage

Car insurance coverage for all companies is similarly the same. 

Unlike many providers in the market, Bangkok Insurance has several options for coverage limits. 

For example, for a Honda City Year 2020, you have coverage limit options ranging from 100,000 baht to 300,000 baht. 

Car Insurance Premium

Bangkok Insurance is among the most expensive car insurance companies in Thailand. Their car insurance plans, even with the same coverage and deductible, are often more expensive than Muang Thai Insurance and Dhipaya Insurance. 

Still, their price is cheaper than Viriyah Insurance

Car Insurance Claim Procedure

The claim procedure is the biggest strong point of Bangkok Insurance. 

Since the company has a great financial background, they are easy to approve claims. 

driving during holidays in Thailand
Many new cars in Thailand are issued with Bangkok Insurance.

They are known for having a quick and easy claim procedure. In fact, Viriyah Insurance and Bangkok Insurance are the only two companies I have seen so far that have the most positive reviews by Thai communities. 

Because of a good claim procedure, Bangkok Insurance is especially popular for their Type 1 insurance since you can easily make a claim for a self-accident. 

To make a claim, you can call their support at 1620 and then press 9 to talk to their English support. 

In addition, you can make a claim online on their website.

In fact, Bangkok Insurance is one of a few car insurance companies in Thailand that have a good English website. 

Partnered Garage 

Bangkok Insurance has partnered garages throughout Thailand, especially in big cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chon Buri, Khon Kaen, and Phuket. 

So, unless you live in a secondary province like Ranong, Yala, or Loei, you should have no problem finding their partnered garage. 

Still, it’s a good idea to recheck with the garage you are planning to have your car fixed to make sure they accept Bangkok Insurance. 

Car Insurance from Bangkok Insurance vs. Other Providers

The table below gives you a quick comparison of how Bangkok Insurance compares with other providers in the market for Type 1 Insurance, Garage repair only, for Honda City Year 2020. 

InsuranceMuang ThaiAIGBangkok InsuranceAXA
Coverage Limit300,000350,000300,000350,000
Fire and Flood300,000350,000300,000350,000
Third Party’s Property Liability10,000,00010,000,00010,000,00010,000,000
Third Party’s Liability for Injuries/Death1,000,000500,0001,000,000500,000
Personal Accident100,000200,000100,000100,000
Medical Expenses100,000200,000100,000100,000

As you can see from the table, Bangkok Insurance is more expensive than Muang Thai Insurance with the same coverage.

AXA is slightly more expensive than Bangkok Insurance but they have higher coverage limits as well. 

Should I Buy Car Insurance from Bangkok Insurance? 

In my opinion, if you don’t mind paying slightly more than other insurance companies and want to get good service, Bangkok Insurance is a good option. 

You can use CheckDi to buy car insurance from Bangkok Insurance. 

Personal Accident

Bangkok Insurance offers personal accident insurance to both locals and expats in Thailand. 

If you open a bank account with Bangkok Bank, a bank officer may offer it to you as an add-on.

Let’s take a look at whether it’s worth getting or not. 

Personal Accident Coverage

The main personal accident product from Bangkok Insurance is called PA Holiday and comes with the following coverage for their highest plan in case of accidents, murder, and assault:

  • Worldwide coverage
  • Maximum coverage in case of loss of life or permanent disability: 1,000,000 baht
  • Maximum coverage for medical expenses: 30,000 baht
  • Maximum compensation in case of hospitalization for at least 14 days: 60,000 baht 
  • Premium: 2,490 baht for 48-year-olds.

Please note that if you have an accident on a Thailand public holiday, the maximum coverage will increase by two times in case of loss of life or permanent disability. 

On the other hand, the maximum coverage will be cut in half in case of murder, assault, or motorcycle accidents

Should I Buy Personal Accident Insurance from Bangkok Insurance?

If you travel or ride a motorcycle or are on a Thailand street regularly, it can be a good idea to buy personal accident insurance. 

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok
If you travel regularly, getting personal accident can be a good idea since it covers many types of accident in Thailand, including road accident.

While the medical coverage can be limited, premiums are quite cheap. And it covers you not just in Thailand, but in any country in the world. 

On the other hand, if you already have a good health insurance plan that covers accidents, you may not need to get it. 

Health Insurance

Unlike other insurance providers, Bangkok Insurance has several insurance plans that specifically cover certain illnesses such as cancer, office syndrome, and diabetes. 

They also have a specific health insurance plan for retirees in Thailand who need health insurance for their retirement visa

In this review article, I’ll show you what you get from their health insurance plans for retirees. 

Health Insurance Plan and Coverage

The retiree health insurance plan from Bangkok Insurance is created specifically for those who need health insurance to apply for a Thailand retirement visa

The plans come with a maximum IPD coverage of 3,500,000 baht and OPD coverage of 3,500 baht as required by the visa requirements. 

Here’s a key highlight of their highest retiree plans:

  • Age limit for a new applicant: 75 years old
  • Age limit for an existing customer: 100 years old
  • Coverage limit: 3,500,000 baht
  • Room and Board: 5,000 baht per day, maximum 45 days
  • ICU: 10,000 baht per day, maximum 15 days
  • Hospital fee: 500,000 baht
  • Surgery fee: 500,000 baht
  • Personal accident: 20,000 baht
  • OPD: 3,500 baht, maximum 30 times/year
  • No deductible
  • Premium: 67,110 for 60-year-olds.

Unlike other Thailand insurance plans for retirement visas, you have 3 options of deductible: 50,000 baht, 100,000 baht, and 300,000 baht.

Should You Buy Health Insurance from Bangkok Insurance? 

If you don’t need health insurance for your Thailand visa, you should get a better deal from expat health insurance such as Cigna Global. 

For example, Cigna Global gives you much higher coverage limits at 35,000,000 baht for their basic plan. It also comes with international coverage and full coverage on hospitalization, cancer, surgery, and so on as long as it’s within the coverage limit. 

With Cigna, the premium for a 41-year-old person should be around 20,000 baht higher than Bangkok Insurance. But the coverage you get is much more comprehensive. 

In case you want to get health insurance for a retirement visa, I found the Luma Long Stay Care plan much more affordable. 

However, one of the best things that can’t be found from other insurance is the maximum age limit, which you can renew until you are 100 years old. 

Find out more: Health Insurance in Thailand: What You Need to Know as an Expat

Other Products 

There are other insurance products offered by Bangkok Insurance, including:

  • Travel accident insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Cargo insurance
  • Aviation insurance
  • And more

However, these insurance products are mainly for Thai citizens. So, we won’t mention them in this article.  

Now, on to You

Car insurance from Bangkok Insurance is one of the best in the market, especially for Type 1 insurance.

If you don’t mind paying a little bit more than other providers, it can be a good choice. 

If you want to buy car insurance from Bangkok Insurance, check out CheckDi. The site has one of the best prices in the market. In addition, it also allows you to compare different insurance plans from different companies at once. 

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