Luma Long Stay Care Review: Is It a Good Plan for Retirees?

Luma Health is an insurance provider in Thailand that is well-known among expats for their Asia Care Plus Plan. Their new product, the Long Stay Care plan, is a good option for those who want to retire in Thailand with a retirement visa.

About Long Stay Care

Here’s what you need to know about their Long Stay Care plan: 

  • You can use this plan to apply for a retirement visa in Thailand (Non-immigrant OA long term visa).
  • You get a maximum of 450,000 baht coverage per illness, including COVID-19.
  • You can get the plan even if you are already 80 years old and renew it until you are 90 years old.
  • You can visit any hospital in Thailand and choose any doctor of your choice.
  • You don’t need to pay out of pocket when visiting most hospitals in Thailand that are partnered with Luma.
  • You can significantly decrease your premium by increasing deductibles.
  • You can apply for the plan even if you have pre-existing conditions. However, your pre-existing conditions might not be covered. 
  • You do not need to have a health check-up if you are younger than 65 years old. 
  • This plan is designed by Luma with Navajij, an official member of the Thai General Insurance Association, specifically for those who want to apply for a Non-OA retirement visa in Thailand. 

Their Long Stay Care plan is simple and comes with six deductible options from 20,000 baht to 200,000 baht. 

If you are 70 years old, you can expect to pay 21,617 baht per year for a plan with a 100,000 baht deductible. 

Get a Personalized Quote

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You will be connected with an official agent from Luma Health who can then help you out. They can provide you not only with a quote, but also answer any additional questions you have.

About Luma Health

Luma Health offer various insurance packages, from individual and family plans, to SME and large corporate plans. There are some benefits that Luma offers that you’ll rarely find.

Unlike a lot of other international insurance companies, Luma Health has an internationally-staffed office in Thailand that helps their local customers. This means in addition to English, there are native German and French-speaking staff on hand that can speed up a lot of things like reimbursements or disputes.

They’ve partnered with over 2 million medical providers worldwide. Over 5,000 families and companies in Thailand are insured by Luma health.


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