What Is Por Ror Bor in Thailand and How to Make a Claim?

What is Por Ror Bor in Thailand and How to Make a Claim?

Por Ror Bor is basically compulsory third-party liability insurance in Thailand that every car in Thailand is legally required to renew every year under the Road Protection Act.

It gives medical coverage when you have a road accident in Thailand.

In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know about Por Ror Bor in Thailand, including coverage, costs, and how to make a claim.

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Por Ror Bor covers only the medical expenses from a car accident per person.

The coverage of Por Ror Bor can be divided into two parts:

First, everyone can claim up to 30,000 baht for injuries and 35,000 baht for death and dismemberment.

However, if you are not the cause of the accident, the coverage will increase as follows:

  • Injuries: 80,000 baht
  • Death and dismemberment: 250,000 to 500,000 baht
  • Daily allowance for hospitalization: 200 baht per day, up to a maximum of 20 days.
Por Ror Bor Thailand example
Here’s an example of Por Ror Bor in Thailand. It will look similar to a normal car insurance policy.


Por Ror Bor is very cheap.

Here’s how much it costs per year:


  • Petrol cars and EVs (private use): 650 baht


The cost of Por Ror Bor for a motorcycle depends on the engine size as follows:

  • 0 cc to 75 cc: 162 baht
  • 76 cc to 125 cc: 324 baht
  • 126 cc to 150 cc: 431 baht
  • Over 150 cc: 646 baht

Once you get Por Ror Bor and pay the tax, you’ll get a sticker that needs to be put on the front mirror of your car to let the traffic police see it easily.

If you don’t do it, you will get a ticket.

How to Get It

You can buy Por Ror Bor from any insurance company in Thailand that sells car insurance.

There are three ways you can buy it:

  • When you buy private insurance, you can choose Por Ror Bor as an add-on.
  • A garage where your car is inspected for the annual tax.
  • Department of Land Transport.

Is There Any Difference in Insurance Companies?

Since Por Ror Bor is mandatory for every car in Thailand, there is no difference at all no matter which insurance company you buy from.

You get the same coverage at the same price. The claim procedure and all paperwork are exactly the same.

How to Claim Por Ror Bor

When injuries happen from accidents, you should tell the hospital that you would like to claim for Por Ror Bor by informing the hospital cashiers.

While it’s possible to make a claim directly at the hospital, assuming you have all of the documents, most of the time, you need to reimburse the insurance company later by sending them the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your bank account book
  • The receipt of the medical expense
  • A copy of the Por Ror Bor policy
  • A copy of the vehicle registration
  • A copy of your driving license
  • A police report*

*To get a police report, here’s what you need to do.

  • Visit a police station in the area where you had the accident
  • Bring a passport with you
  • Some police stations may ask for a copy of the house registration or rental contract
  • Bring a Thai person with you since the entire process is going to be in Thai
  • There’s no fee. But sometimes, a police officer may ask for 10 baht to 20 baht for paperwork fees.

To obtain the maximum coverage from Por Ror Bor, a police report should clearly state that you are not the cause of the accident.

Once you send the documents to your insurance company, you should receive a reimbursement within 7 working days.

Please note that you need to make a claim within 180 days after the accident.

In case you have car insurance that covers injuries, you can also send similar documents to your insurance company.

Claiming from Por Ror Bor vs Insurance

From my personal experience, claiming from Por Ror Bor can be quite complicated.

This is because you need to file a report at a police station. It can be a hassle since a police station can be far away from the hospital.

Also, if you can’t speak Thai, it’s going to be even more challenging.

So, many people, including Thais, may totally ignore benefits from Por Ror Bor and purely rely on their health insurance.

It’s much more convenient since you only need to show your insurance card. Or you can simply send only the medical receipt to your insurance company.

In case you have car insurance that covers medical expenses from an accident, in many cases, you need to get a police report as well. And the car insurance company will give you additional coverage that isn’t covered by Por Ror Bor.

Do You Need Por Ror Bor?

Yes, you need it. It’s required by law.

Also, you can’t pay your annual car tax without Por Ror Bor.

Por Ror Bor Sticker
You will get this sticker after you pay your car tax. While it’s for tax, people refer to it as the Por Ror Bor sticker.

What Happens If You Don’t Buy It?

There are many penalties if you do not buy Por Ror Bor:

  • You can’t claim for injuries when having a road accident
  • If you are at fault, in addition to paying for medical treatment for other parties, you may get additional fines for not having Por Ror Bor
  • Since you can’t renew your car tax without Por Ror Bor, you will get fined by the police if they notice it
  • If you don’t renew your car tax for 3 years in a row, your car license plate will be suspended.

To put it simply, if you have a car in Thailand, it’s necessary to buy Por Ror Bor and pay your car tax every year.

Now, on to You

It’s important to stress again that if you have a car in Thailand, you need Por Ror Bor.

Having private car insurance doesn’t always mean that you have Por Ror Bor. It’s a different policy that can be easily confusing.

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