Learn Thai from a White Guy Review: Is It Good?

Learn Thai from a White Guy Review: Is It Good?

Embarking on the adventure of learning a new language, especially one as difficult as Thai, can stir up a mix of emotions like excitement and intimidation.

As an expatriate, you’re probably itching to dive into Thai culture as a sign of respect, but grappling with the language’s complexity can be daunting. Fear not, though; there are resources ready to help.

In this article, we’ll look at Learn Thai with Learn Thai from a White Guy, including what you’ll discover, its learning approach, price, pros and cons, and who this resource benefits.

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Key Takeaways

  • Learn Thai from a White Guy is developed by Brett Whiteside, an American from New Jersey.
  • He has been helping expats in Thailand learn Thai since 2005 and then developed his own Thai course.
  • The core element of Learn Thai from a White Guy is teaching you how to read Thai within 2 weeks.
  • The course is great for those who want to learn Thai quickly and become fluent in the Thai language.
  • The course also teaches you basic Thai sentences for everyday life.
  • Brett also adds cultural insights to help you learn more than just the language.

What is Learn Thai from a White Guy?

Learn Thai from a White Guy is the brainchild of Brett, who’s dedicated over 15 years to helping learners master Thai. He gets it, he had his own struggles on the road to fluency, which is why he designed his program.

Brett says that he is all about tackling those annoying language learning hurdles head-on. He knows plenty of people feel defeated by past experiences, and he wants you to know you’re not alone.

His mission? To make learning Thai easy and fun for everyone.

One of the options Brett offers is the Inner Circle platform, accessible online, which this review focuses on.

But how does it hold up?

Course Structure

When it comes to navigating Learn Thai from a White Guy’s Inner Circle, it’s pretty straightforward. You won’t find yourself lost in a maze of confusing menus and links, as it’s designed to be basic yet intuitive.

When you land on the homepage, you’ll see it’s neatly divided into four boxed-off sections.

There’s the Foundation section, where you’ll find the Read Thai in 2 Weeks Course.

Then, there’s the Sentences section, packed with

  • the Sentence Starter Pack
  • the Need to Know Sentence Pack
  • the Talking Thai

At the end, there are the Tone Drills section and the Vocabulary Drills section.

learn thai from a white guy course structure
To use Learn Thai from a White Guy, you can simply follow their course structure.

To use Learn Thai from a White Guy, you can simply follow these courses:

  • Start with Read Thai in 2 Weeks Course. This will help you learn all of Thai and understand Thai tones quickly. By the end of this course, you will be able to read Thai words.
  • After that, you can go with Sentence Starter Pack and the Need to Know Sentence Pack. These two courses teach you basic Thai sentences that are regularly used in everyday life
  • Then, you can complete the Talking Thai course, which is basic Thai conversion in various situation.

Click on any of these courses, and you’re instantly taken to a dedicated page. On that page, you’ll see the lessons lined up nicely down the left column. And on the right, that’s where the content is.

Want to hop back to the homepage? Just hit the home button at the top.

Oh, and here’s a cool feature: you can mark each lesson as known, which will make it show up in green in the left column.

This helps you keep track of where you’re at, especially if you take a little breather. While this is all helpful, there’s a little hiccup with the flashcards and their accessibility, which is explored in the flashcards section of the review.

Read Thai in 2 Weeks

In the foundation section, you get some great tools for mastering the Thai script through the Read Thai in 2 Weeks course.

These lessons break down the reading system, some of the most useful being the ones that group consonants into classes while providing mnemonic devices, sounds, tones, and flashcards to help you learn them.

So, how does it work?

Brett uses stories to make it fun. For example, while learning the middle-class consonants you’ll meet a child and his pets, and each consonant gets tied to something in the story. It’s like having a little adventure while you’re learning.

Thai language the middle class story
Brett uses a story to help you quickly learn class consonants

When I first encountered this, it felt like something fun and interesting, which made it more enjoyable and easier to remember.

Learning in groups helps too. You see how letters are connected, which makes it easier to remember them. Plus, there are drills and exercises to keep you engaged.

And Brett goes over the same stuff for high and low-class consonants, so you get really familiar with how it all fits together.

Why Learning Consonant Class?

Remembering all the consonant classes was a real challenge for me when I was learning Thai. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to them. I just tried to remember each symbol and its sound.

But knowing which consonants belong together can really help you get much better at reading and talking it Thai by

  • improving your pronunciation
  • spotting patterns
  • using the right tones

If you don’t know consonant class, it is going to be very difficult to use the right tone, no matter how many years you have been learning Thai.

I think having this method would have really streamlined my learning, and I wish I knew about it earlier.

Consonant Tricks

Another thing I like about this course is how Brett compares Thai scripts with English sound that help you remember each sound easily.

It’s a neat trick that helps you get the right pronunciation quickly, even though there are consonant clusters, which is when two or more consonants are within a single syllable.

Vowels, Written Words, Tone Drills, and Tone Marks

However, this section isn’t confined to consonants or their classes. It also delves into vowels and their various placements within written words, complemented by a helpful chart for visual reference.

It also provides insights into tones, which are presented in a visually intuitive mind map format, recognizing that tone rules aren’t always as straightforward as simply looking at tone marks.

Low class drills from Learn Thai from a White Guy
There are drills available to help you remember class consonants quickly

The section offers practical tips, drills, sentence structures, and even guidance on reading the days of the week and months.

My Thought on This Course

There are a couple of things to watch out for.

  • You might rely too much on the English translations and not learn to recognize Thai words on their own
  • Some of the memory tricks can be abstract
  • The charts can, at times, look a little overwhelming and confusing since the rules being visualized are complicated.

Still, overall, the “Read Thai in 2 Weeks” section gives you a solid start and is actually the best part of the platform’s experience.

If you take some extra notes or practice on your own, you’ll really get the hang of the script in no time.

Sentences Section

Once you finish with the Read Thai in 2 Weeks course and can start reading Thai scripts, you can continue your study with the sentences section.

It is another crucial part of the platform, offering essential tools for Thai communication, including three resources:

  • the Sentence Starter Pack
  • the Need to Know Sentence Pack
  • Talking Thai

Each resource has its own unique approach to learning.

What makes this section stand out is the addition of native speaker audio clips accompanying every word and sentence.

These clips are super helpful for learners, making it easier to pick up pronunciation nuances and rhythm, and really getting a feel for the language.

Plus, if you’ve already tackled Thai script in earlier lessons, you’re in a good spot to read the accompanying Thai script.

Now, let’s check out what each resource in this section.

Sentence Starter Pack

The Sentence Starter Pack is like your trusty beginner’s guide to the Thai language.

This pack is an excellent starting point for mastering Thai basics, covering various greetings and cultural nuances. Going into each lesson, you’ll not only discover the ins and outs of the relevant Thai grammar associated with that lesson, but also insights into the historical and cultural context of the language.  

The pack does a great job of introducing natural language usage, such as expressing concern with “Have you eaten yet?” instead of the English “How are you?

You also explore expressing wishes while learning verbs in context.

The pack explores cultural nuances in negation and covers essential topics like requesting and quantifying nouns, including tricky but essential noun classifiers.

Additionally, it teaches polite forms of communication, such as expressing gratitude and making requests.

Thai sentence starter pack
What I like about the Sentence Starter Pack is that you can click on each sentence and hear the correct pronunciation right away.

Overall, the pack provides you with meaningful insights into Thai language and culture, equipping them with essential tools for effective communication.

However, while some learners will thrive on the deep exploration that this pack offers, others may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information delivered in some lengthy paragraphs.

If you’re someone who loves exploring the little details of language intricacies and cultural tidbits, you’ll be in for a treat.

But not everyone’s into that level of detail.

At the end of the day, whether you’re a language enthusiast or just aiming for practical communication skills, it all boils down to personal preference.

While this pack offers valuable insights into the depths of Thai language usage, catering to those with a thirst for linguistic and cultural knowledge, it may not be for everyone.

Need to Know Sentence Pack

The Need to Know Sentence Pack equips you with essential phrases for everyday Thai communication.

Brett ensures a comprehensive approach, covering a wide range of constructions, important topics, and grammar points crucial for effective communication.

It focuses on covering key aspects of the language necessary for navigating daily situations, such as

  • casual greetings
  • basic questions
  • crucial conversational snippets

Each session provides examples and explanations to aid in mastering Thai for day-to-day conversations.

With Brett’s guidance throughout this pack, you’ll feel empowered to step out and engage in Thai conversation confidently.


From casual greetings to important questions, this pack covers it all, paving the way for you to navigate real-world situations with ease.

Brett’s dedication to teaching the essentials ensures that you’re not just learning phrases, but mastering the art of communication and cultural nuances.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind.

As with the Sentence Starter Pack, this pack could also use a bit more flair and interaction. Not everyone finds plain written explanations engaging; some prefer a bit more activity.

Adding in some quizzes, games, or other interactive stuff would amplify the engagement for a wider audience.

Overall, the Need to Know Sentence Pack offers valuable tools for real-world Thai communication. However, its effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as your background, learning style, and specific communication goals.

Talking Thai

Talking Thai aims to accelerate your journey towards conversational fluency by immersing you in authentic dialogues reflecting everyday communication scenarios.

Through these dialogues, you’ll gain firsthand experience of real-life interactions, allowing you to refine your communication skills effectively.

This section offers a comprehensive overview of Thai particles, grammar, and essential vocabulary, all presented within dialogue simulations that vividly depict language usage in diverse situations.

The approach taken in these lessons is gentle and gradual, beginning with listening to audio clips before progressing to textual content. This incremental method enables you to build confidence and comprehension steadily, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed.

talking Thai course from learn thai from a white guy
On the Talking Thai Course, you learn more complex sentence in a form of conversation.

Moreover, beyond language acquisition, the dialogues serve as a cultural window, offering insights into Thai customs and language nuances, enriching your learning experience, which is something Brett does a great job with throughout the site.

But let’s address this section’s problems, starting with the audio placement. It can be a bit of a hassle having to scroll up to access it, as it disrupts your flow. Plus, with limited interaction and passive engagement, there’s a risk of not fully grasping the material as it can feel a bit unstructured at times.

However, with the right drive and motivation, these pitfalls can easily be overcome.

Despite minor challenges, Talking Thai packs a punch when it comes to understanding Thai language and culture as it arms you with the tools you need to stride confidently towards conversational fluency through real-world manageable conversations.


Finally, let’s explore the flashcards found at the end of each lesson in the Sentences section. These cards aim to reinforce your learning, offering a chance to review key vocabulary and phrases, but they come with some limitations that need addressing for a balanced view.

Firstly, they’re a bit limited in scope, focusing solely on single words rather than full sentences, despite the lessons introducing entire phrases.

Learn Thai from a White guy flash card
Flashcards are available at the end of each lesson.

However, while they focus on individual words, they still provide a valuable opportunity to reinforce your understanding of vocabulary introduced in the lessons, and so they are still a useful tool for practice.

The flash cards are also confined to their respective lessons, which can make it a little inconvenient to review vocabulary across different sections. However, there are additional flashcard sets available in the Tone and Vocabulary Drills sections on the homepage, covering essential practice for tones, months, days, colors, and numbers, which enhance the learning experience.

Despite these limitations, the flashcards serve as a helpful aid in solidifying your grasp of the language. They provide a structured way to review and practice vocabulary, which is essential for language acquisition.

However, Brett’s Faking Fluency dialogue trainer, available on the website, is an alternative resource that has none of these problems.

Featuring 50 mini-dialogues for practical conversation, it goes beyond the vocabulary drills found on the main website. Each dialogue simulates authentic conversations, allowing for meaningful contextual learning.

Its spaced repetition system also efficiently reinforces vocabulary and sentence structures, offering users the flexibility to review entire dialogues or individual sentences with ease.

Bonus Content

Beyond the structured courses on Learn Thai from a White Guy, Brett throws in some bonus materials on his website to cater.

Need a hand? He’s just an email away, always ready to help out. But Brett’s genuine generosity doesn’t end there!

He’s got some recommendations too.

He also offers a link to “Faking Fluency”, and, if you’re after some live practice with native speakers, he says you should check out iTalki.

Brett’s even got some deals on Thaipod101, but he suggests diving into those lessons after you’ve nailed the basics.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow LTfaWG on Instagram for some fun sign-reading practice. Brett’s got your back with all these extras, making your Thai learning journey a whole lot more fun and rewarding.


Learn Thai from a White Guy offers three subscription models:

  • US$59.95 for a monthly subscription
  • US$119.95 for a quarterly subscription
  • US$299.95 for a yearly subscription

All subscription models give you access to all of Learn Thai resources.


However, for those who wish to explore the platform before committing, there are five free reading lessons available.

These free lessons include a selection of Thai script and flashcards, providing a free glimpse into the learning experience.

Pros and Cons


  1. Intuitive Website Layout: Navigating Learn Thai from a White Guy’s website is straightforward, with neatly divided sections and an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Structured Courses: Each course is organized logically, with dedicated pages for easy access to lessons. The ability to mark completed lessons helps users track their progress effectively.
  3. Comprehensive Foundation Section: The “Read Thai in 2 Weeks” course provides valuable tools for mastering the basics of the Thai script, including mnemonic devices and drills.
  4. Native Speaker Audio: The inclusion of native speaker audio clips in the Sentences Section enhances pronunciation practice and aids in understanding language nuances.
  5. Variety of Learning Resources: The platform offers a range of resources, catering to different learning preferences and goals.
  6. Bonus Content: Brett provides additional learning materials, enhancing the overall learning experience.


  1. Limited Flashcard Scope: Flashcards focus solely on single words rather than full sentences, and their accessibility is confined within specific lessons, limiting their effectiveness.
  2. Lack of Interaction in Some Sections: Certain sections lack interactive elements, which may affect engagement and understanding, especially for complex language concepts.

Can I Really Learn Thai in 2 Weeks with It?

Learning how to read is one of the most difficult parts of learning the Thai language. With Learn Thai from a White Guy, it’s possible to do it in 2 weeks if you use it for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day.

In my opinion, this is the major benefit of using Learn Thai from a White Guy, since the whole focus of the program is on teaching you to read Thai.

You can find many useful resources here, including stories, pronunciation comparisons between Thai and English, tips to learn tones, drills, and so on.

Who Should Use Learn Thai from a White Guy

Learn Thai from a White Guy is ideal for those who want to be fluent in Thai.

It gives you a great foundation of the Thai language, which is about reading Thai. Once you know it, your learning speed is going to be much faster than before.

In my experience, my Thai language learning had been very slow in my first 6 months. Once I changed my learning strategy and learned how to read the script, my learning speed improved significantly.

You can read my guide on how to learn Thai language fast to find out more.

While it may lack some interactive elements, it compensates with comprehensive content, bonus materials like Faking Fluency, and authentic conversations and audio for real-life practice.

If you’re passionate about understanding the intricacies of Thai language and culture and appreciate a more traditional learning approach, this website could be the perfect fit for you.

However, if your goal of learning Thai is mainly about speaking, ThaiPod101 should be a better resource for you.

Ben Kenyon is a foreign language teacher spreading his love and passion of languages throughout the world. He likes to constantly give himself new challenges to face and is always on the hunt for new experiences. He currently lives in Tak,Thailand and is committed to learning as much about the culture as he can by fully immersing himself in his local community.

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