The Complete Guide to Easy Pass and M-Flow in Thailand (2024)

The Complete Guide to Easy Pass and M-Flow in Thailand

Bangkok has a paid tollway system that connects the metropolitan region with surrounding sub-districts and provinces.

Tollways can cost anywhere from THB10 to THB240, depending on the distance of the toll road.

In general, using a tollway will help you reach your destination faster than a regular road.

You can pay for tollways with cash. However, a more convenient method is cashless payment via an Easy Pass.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Easy Pass, including how to get it, how to top it up, and how to use it.

We will also include Mflow here, which is essentially an upgraded version of Easy Pass, available on certain tollways only.

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Easy Pass

Easy Pass is a prepaid ETC (electronic toll collection) card that offers a more convenient way to use tollways.

easypass tollway Bangkok
If you need to use a tollway regularly, you should get an easy pass.

You can slowly drive through toll gates and the cost will be deducted automatically from your Easy Pass account.

The Easy Pass lane will be marked in blue. At the tollgates, there will also be a big blue sign with “Easy Pass” on it.

Where to Buy It?

At many toll booths, you’ll see a building on the left. It’s an expressway office where you can buy an Easy Pass.

You just need a passport and an initial deposit of THB300. You’ll get an Easy Pass card, a smart card number, OBU number, and a small card that you can install in your car.

How to Check Balance?

After you drive through an Easy Pass toll gate, you will hear a loud “beep”. Then, there is a big screen on the right showing you the charge as well as your remaining balance.

How to Top Up?

The card can be topped up using your bank app, under the “Top-Up” > “Easy Card” menu. Just enter your Easy Pass smart card number (S/N).

What If Easy Pass Doesn’t Work

However, keep in mind that Easy Pass doesn’t always work. Oftentimes, you’ll come across cars backing out of highway toll booths because the Easy Pass in that lane is not functioning.


M-Flow is a new system introduced in 2022 that allows you to access tollways without the inconvenience of having to stop or slow down to pay.

It uses video cameras to capture your car’s license plates while you’re driving through an M-Flow gate.


The cost of using M-Flow is the same as a normal expressway. There is no extra fee for it.

How to Use It?

You can drive through an M-Flow gate without having to slow down your speed at all.

The M-Flow gate will typically be on the right lane with a big M-Flow sign on the road.

Available Route

M-Flow is currently available on expressway route no. 9 that connects Bangkok to surrounding districts only.

How to Get It?

The easiest way to use M-Flow is to upgrade your Easy Pass to an Easy Pass Plus account by creating your account on the Thai Easy Pass website and adding your car information, phone number, and email.

You also need a smart card number and OBU number that come with your Easy Pass card.

Since it’s a new system, all processes are available in Thai only. So, you may need help from your Thai friends to set it up if you can’t read Thai.

After that, every time you use M-Flow, the cost will be deducted automatically from your Easy Pass.

How to Pay for M-Flow?

If you don’t upgrade your Easy Pass, you can pay for M-Flow directly on this website.

You need to add your car information there (in Thai language only), and it will show all unpaid balances. You can then pay using mobile payment.

Normally, you need to wait for a day until your balance is updated.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay for M-Flow?

If you don’t pay for M-Flow within 7 days, the penalty is very high. You will need to pay 10 times the amount of the tollway fee plus a 200 baht fee.

So, always pay on time.

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  1. Hi,

    Just to give you an update, Toll office’s are now not issuing mpass. They want you to sign up for mflow, mflow application is available online in English. My understanding is that mflow is only available on M9 and therefore no use to someone out of Bangkok.

    • Thanks for the update!

      And yes, actually both easy pass and mflow are mainly for Bangkok and nearby provinces since that the only area with tollways in Thailand.


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