Secret Education Visas

Hand-to-Hand Combat/Self-defense

For those looking to stay long-term in Chiang Mai, the Non Ed Visa for Hand-to-Hand Combat beats getting a Thai language education visa. It’s a practical alternative. Initially, the visa is valid for three months, but it can be extended three times, which adds up to a year. 

Training for this course is conducted by the Thai Military Police, so that’s another plus point for legitimacy. And unlike the Thai language education visa, you won’t need to complete the nine to twelve hours required for Thai language courses. And you won’t be required to pass a quiz at immigration.

This visa can be applied for in your home country or at a Thai embassy in neighboring nations, such as in Vientiane, Laos. Sak Yant Chiang Mai, a Chiang Mai-based tour and culture company, offers this program and arranges the visa application. For details on eligibility, requirements, and other information, go to their page. Chiang Mai Buddy also offers a similar program.

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