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And sometimes a lot of Indian…

Bangkok is an amazing city when it comes to delivery. But I’m not talking perfection as perfection does not exist most anywhere.

And as I’m not taking perfection, I thought I’d share a hilarious exchange between myself and one of the top food delivery companies in Bangkok.

To jump-start you into the conversation, I placed an online order. Not receiving the expected email response, after an hour I contacted them via their online support.

As you’ll soon notice, I had a hankering for Mrs. Balbir’s!

Hello… Hello?…

OnlinePeople Support System
Welcome to Online Support.


OnlinePeople: Hello! How may I help you?

Me: Did you get my order?

OnlinePeople: Could we have your name pls?

Me: Me.

Me: Your site has stopped sending out emails.

OnlinePeople: We’ll check our system.

OnlinePeople: We don’t have your order.

OnlinePeople: So would you kindly order again?

Me: When will your email alerts start working again?

Me: Also, when will Mrs. Balbir’s be open?

OnlinePeople: Now our system is working.

Me: I’m going to keep this ticket open until I order because I ordered an hour ago and I’m HUNGRY.

OnlinePeople: What restaurant did you order from sir?

Me: I ordered from India Hut… now twice…

Me: When is Mrs. Balbir’s going to be open?

OnlinePeople: We just received your order now.

Me: When is Mrs. Balbir’s going to be open?

OnlinePeople: The Restaurant is ready to order.

Me: Mrs. Balbir’s is ready to order NOW?

Me: Then I want to cancel my order with India Hut… can you do that?

OnlinePeople: Yes Mam.

OnlinePeople: We will cancel your order from Indian Hut.

Me: Mrs. Balbir’s is not open.

Me: Can you please confirm that before cancelling my order?

OnlinePeople: Yes.

Me: Please confirm. Is Mrs. Balbir’s open or closed?

OnlinePeople: We cancelled your order from Indian Hut already.

Me: Please confirm. Is Mrs. Balbir’s open or closed?

OnlinePeople: Mrs. Balbir’s is open.

Me: Thank you. I’ll order from Mrs. Balbir’s.

Me: No. It is still showing closed on your website.

Me: Your website will not let me order from Mrs. Balbir’s.

OnlinePeople: Pls wait 3 minutes.

OnlinePeople: We are updating now.

Me: Ok, I’m going to order from Mrs. Balbir’s… please hold on…

Me: I’m hungry… 😀

OnlinePeople: Ok.

OnlinePeople: We are waiting for your new order from internet.

OnlinePeople: We will inform you when we have your order.

OnlinePeople: Is it ok?

Me: Yes, I ordered.

OnlinePeople: We have your order already.

Me: You have it?

Me: I didn’t get an email alert so you might want to fix that.

OnlinePeople: Yes.

OnlinePeople: You will receive an e-mail confirmation when we finish the order.

Me: Ok.

OnlinePeople: Your order will be there around 1 – 1.25 minutes from now.

OnlinePeople: Because today there is quite a traffic jam.

Me: Ok… mai bpen rai.

Me: No email alert yet.

OnlinePeople: Thank you very much for choosing us.

OnlinePeople: Now it’s processing.

OnlinePeople: Not finished.

OnlinePeople: Our staff are calling the restaurant to order.

OnlinePeople: Did you receive an e-mail confirmation?

Me: No.

OnlinePeople: Ok, never mind.

OnlinePeople: We apologize for your inconvenience.

OnlinePeople: You order is on the way.

Me: Thank you.

OnlinePeople: We will check the system for the problem.

Me: Ok, I understand.

Me: Good luck.

Me: India Hut just arrived.

Me: And Mrs. Balbir’s is here too.

Mai bpen rai…

4 thoughts on “Bangkok Delivers Indian…”

  1. Well Amy, that’s what I thought too. But I LOVE Mrs. Balbir’s so I was right back there this Sat.

    And get this. If you want to have a healthier Indian meal (less oil), at Mrs. Balbir’s you just say as much and they will make it so.

    I’m not sure how much more oil they can cut, as when I took the bags out of the fridge the following morning and compared, the Mrs was almost nil while the Hut was topped up quite thick.

  2. Oh my! Now how did I predict that both restaurants would arrive with your orders! You’ve probably eaten enough Indian food to stave off cravings for a VEEERY long time…

  3. I sure did get double the food. I was eating Indian until Tuesday!

    They were really sweet once they realised something had gone wrong. Said that I only had to pay for the one.

    But, it was no problem at my end so I declined the offer. Besides, I knew I’d enjoy doing the Balbir’s vrs India Hut taste test for real.

    And guess who won 😉

  4. That was hilarious! Hey, at least you got double the food; it could have been one of those ‘double or nothing’ chances, right?


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