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Study Thai Online

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Study Thai Online…

I am a long-time user of Skype and for many years used Skype-out credit to call friends and relations back in the UK. On the Skype website one day I came across a case study for, a UK-based company providing online language lessons using Skype. Some further searching revealed that many schools, companies and even individuals are offering language tuition over the net. However, I couldn’t find anybody offering Thai.

Owning a language school and employing around 15 Thai teachers, I saw an opportunity and knew I had all the necessary resources in place already. The difficulties, I believed, would be in two areas; 1. making it work technically, and 2. marketing the product.

With no experience or idea of how others were providing the service, I decided to find my own route. Any kind of proprietary software could be ruled out as too complicated and expensive. What I needed was some form of on-line meeting room. Searching the net turned up many good solutions, and after much testing one was settled on (no, I’m not going to tell you which one – sign up for a class!).

The meeting room is an ideal solution because it doesn’t require us or the students to install any software. We simply send the student a web link and they use a browser to login with the user-name we provide. Both parties are then in the same ‘virtual space’ and can see and manipulate everything on the screen, just like a shared whiteboard. Our on-line coordinator prepares each student’s workspace by uploading the necessary study materials in advance, and keeps these updated as the student progresses. Students can access their virtual classroom whenever they wish to review and practice, and can even download all the materials to print at home.

Study Thai Online


The entire system needs to be robust and reliable, so we brought about some serious changes to the operating systems we use in our school. We ditched Microsoft Windows and installed LinuxMint on all school PC’s from the manager on down. This is a free, open-source operating system based on Ubuntu which provides virus-free, bug-free, reliable use every day. Since switching we have never had a PC hang or crash!

Being an internet-based service, we knew we couldn’t rely on a single ISP (internet service provider). Internet in Thailand is too unpredictable for commercial use, so we had a second ADSL line installed and connected our 2 ISP’s through a load balancer. This clever little device takes care of managing the two lines and using them both to the fullest extent possible.

Being a busy school with many students returning year after year for Thai classes, we have a long email list of students that live in Europe, America and Australia. We contacted a number of them to offer free online classes, and I’m pleased to say they all agreed and enjoyed the new challenge. This gave us an opportunity to test the system live, train the teachers and iron out any weaknesses.

After three months or trialling and adjusting, we went live with the website, bought some GoogleAds, and promoted the new service amongst students new and old. Uptake was slow but steady, and after a year we now have enough students on a daily basis to employ a number of full-time on-line teachers.

With the classroom being one-on-one, the teachers’ methods had to be adapted to this new medium. The materials we provide in the virtual classroom are presented just like the pages of a book, with each lesson spread over two or three pages. All materials are produced by us and continually updated. The student is guided through an explanation, then given examples of usage before making their own examples, and finally incorporating the newly learned materials into existing vocabulary. We can handle students just looking for conversational Thai and also those that want to learn to read.

Mostly, our teachers have found it easy to adapt, but some don’t like viewing a screen for so long or the feeling of remoteness from the student. Student acceptance has been good – so far we have only had one refund request from an elderly student who appeared to be technically overloaded. Quality of audio and video can’t be guaranteed, even though we have good high-speed connections. Sometimes the student’s connection isn’t great and there’s nothing we can do about that.

Although it started out as something far removed from our normal school activities, teaching Thai on-line has now reached the point in our school where it is just another thing we do. Everybody takes it for granted and the whole system works smoothly. We are pleased to have found even more students for our Thai teachers and proud to be the first school to embrace this technology for distance-learning of the Thai language.

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WLT: Successful Thai Language Learner: Ian Fereday

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Study Thai Online via Skype”

  1. Hi Talen! Where are you looking for schools? If you are in Phuket, I hope you will consider studying with us at Patong Language School. If you’d like to try our online classes before committing, just visit the website and sign up for a free trial – I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

  2. Ian, the system sounds really good. Right now I am researching schools to begin my Thai language learning properly but I want to supplement the 2 classes a week with something just like you offer. So, I will definitely keep you in mind once I get settled.

  3. Hi Paul! We have taught students at all levels without problems. Beginners are easiest of course, as they have no expectations. Intermediate and advanced students will have studied before and have lots of questions when changing teachers and methods, but we manage well. All our classes are tailored to students – we have a wide range of materials available and will produce new if needed for specific vocabulary. We have been surprised by the number of students enrolling with us that live in Thailand – some in Phuket just 15 minutes from our school!. Clearly not everyone has the time to get to a language school, so only study offers a useful option.

  4. It sounds good Ian. I wonder if you have used the system to teach more advanced students or is it mainly focused on the beginner. Can you tailor fit courses to individuals? I think these new technologies are great for those of us who want to improve our Thai without having to travel. Do you have many people based in Thailand using the course or is it mostly people abroad?


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