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5000 Thai Phrases: Learn the Thai Language for FREE…

Last week I reviewed FunEasyLearn’s 6000 Thai Words App. As the 5000 Thai Phrases app is similar (and to stop you from having to bounce between the two reviews) I’ve duplicated parts of the post.

Earlier I mentioned that the 6000 Thai Words app is “a seriously addictive smartphone app!” and the same is true for this one as well. When playing with FunEasyLearn’s apps, Albert Einstein’s advice to his son comes to mind:

“That is the way to learn the most, that when you are doing something with such enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes”.

Motivation really is as simple as that. Find a language learning method you love and you won’t need to force-feed vocabulary and phrases – studying should come naturally!

And now, on to the review…

Tutorial from FunEasyLearn…

Here’s the quick tutorial from the gang at FunEasyLearn:

Our apps help you to learn most common words and phrases. These words and phrases are useful when travelling, meeting new people, developing life-long friendships or simply in any daily conversation.

Easy Steps to Use our App:

  1. When you run the app you can find three rows: Topic, Subtopic and Game.
  2. Just choose the Topic you want to learn first (for example Topic: Shopping).
  3. Then choose Subtopic (for example Subtopic: supermarket).
  4. After this choose the game you want to play (we recommend to start with Vocabulary game).
  5. Tap “Play” button and that’s it!

Besides the fact that you learn many useful words and phrases, these games help you to improve your writing, reading and pronunciation.

Tips for you:

  1. Spin Categories – allows the app to choose a random topic, subtopic and game for you.
  2. Review Manager – helps you to review your wrong answers, right answers, or even all the phrases.
  3. Favourite words or phrases – permits you to choose your difficult words/phrases, set as favourite and revise them later. After you selected your favorite words/phrases just go to Main Menu, choose Review words/phrases and tap Review Words/Favorite Phrases button.

TIP: When going to the next level (say, from beginner to intermediate), to see the new vocabulary, under ‘Level’ in xxx, make sure ‘Learn words from previous level’ is turned off.

Walk-through of the Beginner level: 500 Words…

As in the previous review of the sister app, 6000 Thai Words, I’ve mapped out the Beginner Level for you. Intermediate, Advanced and Expert aren’t out yet – I’ll announce them when they arrive.


Across the top of the main screen there are three icons: 1) Manage App, 2) Search Phrase, and 3) to the far right, a Flower.

Manage App (circle icon):

  1. Level: Select level (Beginner 500 phrases, Intermediate 1000 phrases, Advanced 1500 phrases, Expert 2000 phrases), turn on/off learn words from previous levels. Unlike in the Vocab app, there is no way to turn on/off Thai script and transliteration.
  2. Statistics: Scores, overall stats, current streak, streak targets, levels completed, words reviewed, your skills, learned word target.
  3. Store: This is where you can get more levels by paying to get rid of ads. The Intermediate, Advanced and Expert levels are coming soon (I’ll be sure to let you know).
  4. Restore purchases: Just as it says.
  5. Support: FAQs and making contact (plus reporting any mistakes you find).
  6. Settings: Native language, sounds, reset tutorials (the animated walk through), one word a day notification (haven’t figured it out yet), review word notification (haven’t figured it out yet).
  7. App: Rate the app, more language apps, about this app. Icons across the bottom go to Facebook, twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

Search Phrase (search bar):


When you click on the phrase search bar the vocabulary for the Topic you are studying appears (you can see Basic Phrases and Saying hello & goodbye highlighted to the right).

There are two ways to scroll up and down the phrase lists: 1) via the phrase list on the left, or the Topic and SubTopic list on the right. To select a different topic scroll to the left or right then click on a Topic. To select a SubTopic scroll down and click on each graphic. Either way, the phrase list switches to that lesson. At the end of each Subtopic are totals of the phrases found in other levels.

In the left column each phrase first shows the English and the Thai script. To the right is a Favourites star. Below that are four bars that denote which level the word comes from (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert).

Click inside a box and it expands while saying the phrase using a real Thai voice (not machine generated). The transliteration now appears below the Thai. I just noticed they are using Google Translate for their transliteration. Ouch. But, all the better to get people interested in learning how to read Thai script!

At the bottom of the expanded box are three icons: 1) audio (repeats the phrase), 2) book (takes you to the phrase’s dedicated Phrase page – clicking the left arrow takes you back), and 3) the Favourites star again.

Flowers (flower icon): As you play the game, you earn flowers that you can then redeem inside the app. Flowers are what makes the app free. For now there aren’t any levels after beginner but there will be.

The main guts of the app…


The app operates around three main nav sections: 1) Topic, 2) Subtopic, and 3) Games.

In the graphic to the right the selected Topic is Basic Phrases, the Subtopic is Saying hello & goodbye, and the Game is Vocabulary.

To work the app you slide each nav section to the left or right to line up different choices. When working your way through a section, reaching the end automatically moves you to the next one.

Tip 1: Unless you freewheel it, the beginning of the app starts with Basic Phrases and each section automatically leads you into the next, and the next, and the next, until you make it to the end of the course. But that’s only if you follow a set route.

Tip 2: Also important to know is that clicking on a Topic/Subtopic/Game running down the middle either selects or deselects that item. You need to have one icon from each section selected (Topic/Subtopic/Game) before the bottom arrow allows you to play a game. If three are not selected and you double click on the arrow, it will select for you.

So now, on to the guts of the app…

Below is the route to take if you plan on working from the beginning of the app to the very end.

1) Topic (top nav slider): Basic phrases, Making friends, Conversation, Travel, Plane, Car, Other transport, Hotel, Places to stay, Bar and Cafe, Restaurant, Food, Shopping, Health, Work, Services, Education, Leisure time, Communications, Reference, Review phrases,

2) Subtopic (middle nav slider): Same as the app above, the middle nav swings around so I decided to create a map of the subjects here.

Subtopic – Basic phrases: Saying hello and goodbye, Well-wishing, Languages, Thanks, Apologising, Common questions, Expressing feelings, Instructions, Emergencies, More expressions, Congratulations, Basic phrases Review Favourites, Basic phrases Review Wrong, Review Basic Phrases >> Introductions…

Subtopic – Making friends: Introductions, Ages & birthdays, Nationality, Place of residence, Family, Preferences, Dislikes, Describing people, Dating, Romance, Making friends Review Favourite, Making friends Review Wrong, Review Making friends >> Starting a conversation…

Subtopic – Conversation: Starting a conversation, Ending a conversation, Making an invitation, Accepting an invitation, Declining an invitation, Agreeing and disagreeing, Asking for information, Giving your opinion, Asking for help & advice, Permission, Suggestion, Conversation Review Favourite, Conversation Review Wrong, Review Conversation >> Asking directions…

Subtopic – Travel: Asking directions, Giving directions, Tickets, On tour, Signs, Travel Review Favourite, Travel Review Wrong, Review travel >> Airport…

Subtopic – Plane: Airport, Checking in, On the plane, Passport control, Airport signs, Plane Review Favourite, Plane Review Wrong, Review Plane >> Driving…

Subtopic – Car: Driving, Car hire, Problems, Road signs, Car Review Favourite, Car Review Wrong, Review Car >> Train…

Subtopic – Other transport: Train, Bus, Taxi, Bicycle and motorbike, Ship, Signs, Other transport Review Favourite, Other transport Review Wrong, Review Other transport >> Making a booking…

Subtopic – Hotel: Making a booking, Room, Checking in, During your stay, Checking out, Problems, Signs, Hotel Review Favourite, Hotel Review Wrong, Review Hotel >> At home…

Subtopic – Places to stay: At home, Renting, Going camping, Hostel, House, Estate agent, Places to stay Review Favourite, Places to stay Review Wrong, Review Places to stay >> Ordering drinks…

Subtopic – Bar and Cafe: Ordering drinks, Drinks, Ordering snacks, Bar & cafe Review Favourite, Bar and cafe Review Wrong, Review Bar and cafe >> Where to eat…

Subtopic – Restaurant: Where to eat, Booking a table, Ordering a meal, During the meal, Complaining, Paying, Fast food, Restaurant Review Favourite, Restaurant Review Wrong, Review Restaurant >> Breakfast…

Subtopic – Food: Breakfast, Soup, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Staples, Fruit, Dessert, Herbs and spices, Food Review Favourite, Food Review Wrong, Review Food >> Department store…

Subtopic – Shopping: Department store, Shopping for clothes, Finding the right size, Buying goods, Supermarket, Payment & returns, Perfumery & cosmetics, Florist’s, Bookshop, Signs, Shopping Review Favourite, Shopping Review Wrong, Review Shopping >> Pharmacy…

Subtopic – Health: Pharmacy, Symptoms, Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Human body, Health Review Favourite, Health Review Wrong, Review Health >> Professions…

Subtopic – Work: Professions, Employee, Alternatives, Workplace, Interview, CV, Work Review Favourite, Work Review Wrong, Review Work >> Bank…

Subtopic – Services: Bank, Cash machine, Hairdresser’s, Repair, Other services, Police, Agriculture, Services Review Favourite, Services Review Wrong, Review Services >> School…

Subtopic – Education: University, Student, Exams, Library, Conference, Science, Education Review Favourite, Education Review Wrong, Review Education >> Cinema…

Subtopic – Leisure time: Cinema, Film, Theatre, Museum & gallery, Nightclub, Concert, Music, Sport, Holidays, Woods, Leisure time Review Favourite, Leisure time Review Wrong, Review Leisure time >> Phone…

Subtopic – Communications: Phone, Talking on the phone, Making the connection, Problems, Internet, Radio & TV, Newspapers, Post office, Communications Review Favourite, Communications Review Wrong, Review Communications >> Telling the time…

Subtopic – Reference: Telling the time, Time expressions, Calendar, Numbers, Colours, Weather, Writing letters, Reference Review Favourite, Reference Review Wrong, Review Reference >> Review all wrong answers…

Subtopic – Review Phrases: Review All Wrong Answers, Review All Phrases, Review All Right Answers, Review All Favourite Phrases >> Saying hello and goodbye…

3) Games (bottom slider nav): Vocabulary, Choose Phrase, Listen and Choose, Match Phrases, Translate & Listen, Complete Phrases, Listen & write, Find the Mistake, Translate Phrases, Fill in the Blank, Make Phrases.


Games – Vocabulary (dictionary icon): Here you study the information, record your voice to see how close you can get to the Thai (and OMG I love this! – the app converts your voice into Thai script!), create favourites, then move onto the next phrase in the series. This section introduces each phrase with a graphic, Thai script, transliteration, and audio recorded by real people.

Note: Although there are particles (polite and otherwise) used throughout the games there’s no explanation (that I came across) about the male/female polite particles. For instance, in the Vocabulary game the polite (ending) particles are female. Not a biggie but it’s worthwhile to take note of as you work through the app.


Games – Choose Phrase (two rectangles icon): This is a simple listening exercise where you match the English phrase to one of the two Thai phrases. Clicking on the right phrase gives you the audio and advances you to the next screen. Clicking the wrong phrase and the box turns red. You can’t advance until you make the correct selection.


Games – Listen and Choose (four squares icon): This is a listening exercise where you hear the phrase spoken in Thai and match it to one of the four English phrases. Get it right and the box turns light turquoise and you advance. Get it wrong and the box turns red with an X in the middle. There is a cheat icon on the bottom right that gives you Thai transliteration from Google Translate.


Games – Match Phrases (horizontal rectangle icon): This is a reading exercise. You match one of the four Thai phrases to its English translation. Get it right and the boxes turn light turquoise and disappear. Get it wrong and the boxes briefly flash light red then go back to white. Click on the ? in the middle of the two sections to cheat one set at a time.


Games – Translate & Listen (audio icon): This is a listening exercise. Your job is to match one of the three spoken Thai phrases with the single English phrase. The audio for each Thai phrase can be repeated and slowed down. Get it right and the circle turns light turquoise and you advance to the next screen. Get it wrong and a red circle replaces the green. There are not cheats (unless you call repeating the phrases cheating).


Games – Complete Phrases (vertical rectangle icon): This is a reading exercise (no audio). You are given four Thai written phrases that have been cut in half. Your job is to put the halves back together by selecting the boxes. When you get it right the phrase joins and turns light turquoise then disappears. Get it wrong and the boxes flash light red then go back to white. Same as with Match Phrases, you click on the ? in the middle of the two sections to cheat one set at a time.


Games – Listen & write (sound and pencil icon): This is a listening, reading, spelling exercise. Your job is to fill in the missing letters in the Thai phrase. You first hear the phrase spoken in Thai then select what’s missing from the white boxes below. If your spelling is poor (like mine is) you are just going to love the challenge! You can repeat the audio at the same speed or slower. Get it right and it changes to light turquoise and goes onto the next section. Get it wrong and the box flashes light red then goes back to white. The cheat is a ? on the bottom right of the screen.


Games – Find the Mistake (multi-boxes icon): This is a reading exercise. You are presented with several boxes filled with Thai script and one English phrase. The challenge is to choose which one of the boxes with Thai is incorrect. Select the incorrect box and you are given a range of boxes to choose the correct replacement from. Pick the right replacement and it changes to light turquoise and goes onto the next section. Pick the wrong replacement and the box flashes light red then goes back to white. As usual, you can cheat by clicking on the ? symbol.


Games – Translate Phrases (box, circles, arrow icon): This is another reading exercise. You are faced with a blank box to fill in (scary). The English sentence you need to translate is underneath, and underneath that are boxes of Thai words to select, one by one. Same as before, click the wrong box and it briefly flashes red. Click the right box and it goes light green then advances to the next screen. The ? cheat gives you the correct words one by one.


Games – Fill in the Blanks (sardine can icon): This is a reading, listening, spelling exercise where you fill in blanks by clicking on the correct boxes. Select the wrong box and it briefly flashes red. Select the right box and it goes light green and then you go on to the next screen. The ? cheat gives you the correct letter one by one.


Games – Make Phrases (pencil in papers icon): This is a reading/writing exercise where you find out why you were supposed to be paying attention to the graphics all along. At the top there’s a large graphic depicting a scene. The challenge is to create a phrase matching the graphic by clicking on different words. After you get it right, the phrase is spoken. The ? cheat gives you the correct words one by one. Ditto on the flashing red for wrong and green for right.


Basic navigation inside each game: When you start playing a game, across the top there’s an arrow on the left that takes you back to the home screen. There’s also a round icon on the right that tells your game progress, game score, and what Topic and Subtopic you are in (see the graphic to the right). Depending on the game, across the bottom the icons change.


Game Wheel: You only get the screen that has all of the game icons (shown above) when you’ve completed a game. The circular icon with the arrow on the end replaces the icon of the game you just completed – click to repeat the game. The home icon takes you back to the main screen. The centre icon takes you to the next game on the list. And I just noticed that you can flip the wheel to make it spin. So fun!

Learn 6000 Thai Words on iOS, Android and Windows 10…

This app has it all. Listening, reading, writing, spelling, and taking a stab at translating.

As I mentioned before, this app is brilliant for those who can read Thai or are learning how to read Thai and want improve their spelling using Thai script. It’s fun. It’s addictive. What more could you ask for? Ok, besides Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert levels – but all three are on the way.

Here’s the Thai phrase app on iTunes and Google Play:

iOS: 5000 Phrases – Learn Thai Language for Free
Android: 5000 Phrases – Learn Thai Language for Free

And here’s the Thai vocabulary app:

iOS: 6000 Words – Learn Thai Language for Free
Android: 6000 Words – Learn Thai Language for Free
Windows 10 (mobile, tablet, PC): 6000 Words – Learn Thai Language for Free

NOTE: You can report mistakes from inside the app (Manage App >> support >> contact us) or send them to [email protected]

FunEasyLearn around and about:

Twitter: @FunEasyLearn
Facebook: Fun Easy Learn
YouTube: Fun Easy Learn
Website: FunEasyLearn

If I find anything new I’ll add it to this review. And if you find anything please let me know either by leaving comments below or via my contact form.

16 thoughts on “Review: 5000 Thai Phrases – Seriously Addictive iOS + Android Apps”

  1. The search function is very good. You can find them easily by using it. They are both under basic phrases, one in languages, one in well-wishing.

  2. Scott, let me go look at them – I’ll also send them to a Thai friend but it won’t be right away as it’s dinner time.

    Putting them here… ขอให้โชคดีนะ and คุณพูดช้าๆ กว่านี้หน่อยได้ไหม.

  3. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the two sound files I mentioned. Maybe I’m being too critical but they sound way off to me.

  4. Scott, I came across one just this week that was out of context and I was convinced it was wrong. Instead, I was. And it was in an app as well – so they do work (sometimes 🙂

  5. I asked my teacher and she said that jai yen yen is much more common, but some people do say jai yen jai yen. I’ve never heard it before. I guess I did learn something new from the app. 🙂

  6. Hi Scott, thanks for checking it out. I too use it for spelling (the rest I’m not as interested in).

    I’ve heard both ” jai yen, jai yen” and “jai yen yen” from Thais. And to confirm further, I asked a Thai friend who’s here with me at the moment.

    As I’m in a meeting I’ll check the others later. Again, thanks!

  7. The voice sounds like a real person but the rhythm is way off on some of them. It almost sounds like each word was recorded but then the phrases are read by selecting each word individually. Some of them are fine, some sound a bit off but are ok and some are comically bad. ขอให้โชคดีนะ and คุณพูดช้าๆ กว่านี้หน่อยได้ไหม for example. ใจเย็นๆ is read as jai yen, jai yen which I can’t imagine a Thai saying. I love the 6000 word app since it makes me work on my spelling which is really poor. In this app you only have to fill in a few letters to pass the typing section so it’s of much less value. I was excited to download this app after I learned about it from your review but I was pretty disappointed by it. Hopefully the more advanced levels will be better.

  8. Matthew, I’ve gotten used to the (sometimes overly) formal phrases used in Thai courses. But in real life, wouldn’t it depend on what type of friends you are trying to make (age, profession, level, etc)? I do know that sometimes not being formal enough (to whatever degree is deemed enough) would push some Thais away.

  9. Do you think คุณอาศัยอยู่กับใคร is a good translation of ‘Who do you live with?’ It seems far too formal. I would just say คุณอยู่กับใคร. Bear in mind this is in the category ‘making friends’. I think it would be hard to make friends if you’re that formal.

  10. I gave it a bit more time and it’s better than the first impression. I thought the ‘I’m hungry’ phrase sounded off. I’m used to hearing a clearer rising tone.

  11. Mathew, they are by real people (not machine) and they are fine. As you must know, I have all audio checked by Thais.

    For the record, which phrase were you having a problem with?

  12. Are the sound files computer generated? They’re comically bad and don’t sound anything like the way Thai people speak.


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