Working in Thailand Series: How to be a Techie in Thailand

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The following post is a chapter from our book, Working in Thailand: How to Ditch the Desk, Board the Flight, and Land the Job, written by Patrick Taylor and Karsten Aichholz.

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The Techies

Unless otherwise noted, all quotes by Gary and Markus, techies.

On Sunday 2nd October 2011, followers of Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s Twitter account awoke to find she had been posting some shockingly candid messages.

This country is a business! We work for our allies, not for the Thai people. We work for those who support us, not those who differ with us.”

Another stated:

Where are the opportunities for the poor? We use them, give them hope for votes so our own group can benefit.”

After at least eight postings in a similar vein, the unusually frank prime minister signed off with:

If she can't even protect her own Twitter account, how can she protect the country? Think about it.”

Needless to say, it quickly became apparent that her account had been hacked.

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