How to Get Flight Deals

Once you know what visa type you need when traveling to Thailand, now it’s the time to find out the cheapest flight ticket flying to Thailand. Here’s the key point you should keep in mind.

  • Depart and return on a Tuesday. According to this article from HuffPost, you can save an average of $115 on flights to Thailand by arriving and leaving on a Tuesday.
  • Check out international airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, and China Eastern Airlines, which often offer flights for affordable prices.
  • Fly to Bangkok in late April, the beginning of May, and late September, as these are the low tourist seasons. Avoid the crowds and high prices of the busy season, which is from November to March.
  • Depart from airports with a higher volume of flights to Asia. For example, in the USA, LAX and JFK have more flights to Asia than all other cities in the USA. So you may find a cheaper flight by heading there first, then flying to Bangkok.
  • Be flexible with your dates and even flexible enough to depart from a different airport can allow you to find great savings.

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