How to Apply for a Thai Passport for Your Children in Thailand

How to Apply for a Thai Passport for Your Children in Thailand

Whenever expats have children in Thailand, one of their first priorities is getting their newest familial additions a birth certificate, social security number (or similar), and passport from their home country.

But for expat children who have at least one Thai parent, they can also get a Thai passport.

Sure, a Thai passport isn’t the strongest in the world. But it does make it easier to leave and enter Thailand when traveling.

For instance, at Thai airports your children will be able to use the Thai citizen lines, which are almost always shorter than tourist lines. And because you’re accompanying them, you’ll be able to use these lines as well, whether you have a Thai passport or not.

That said, this guide will show you who qualifies for a Thai passport, how to apply for one, and how much it costs.

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Key Takeaways

  • If your child has at least one parent who is a Thai national or holds permanent residency in Thailand, he qualifies for a Thai passport.
  • You can apply for your child’s Thai passport in most major cities throughout Thailand.
  • The entire Thai passport process takes under an hour.
  • Your child’s Thai passports will be mailed to you within three days.
  • A Thai passport for your child costs THB1,000.

Does Your Child Qualify for a Thai Passport?

If your son or daughter has at least one parent who is a Thai national or holds permanent residency in Thailand, he or she can apply for a Thai passport.

Keep in mind that both parents must be present when applying for your children’s Thai passport. This is true whether you’re applying for:

  • Your child’s first Thai passport
  • A new Thai passport to replace an expired one
  • A lost or stolen passport

If both parents can’t be there for any reason (one parent is deceased or overseas), you have to provide supporting documents.


Before you go the office, gather the following documents. Unlike when applying for a Thai visa, you only need the original and one copy of each.

  • Child’s Thai birth certificate or
  • Child’s non-Thai birth certificate officially translated into Thai*
  • Child’s national Thai ID card, if over 7 years old
  • Mother’s passport
  • Father’s passport
  • Blue book, or house registration book showing your children’s names

*Visit any Thai government-recognized Thai translator and have the birth certificate translated. Then take the birth certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have it stamped.

Thai passport walk-in form
You can get a Thai passport form when you walk into the office.

If you don’t want to make an appointment online, you can walk in to any Thai passport office and start the process. We usually go to the Thai passport office at Thanya Park on Srinakarin Road, as there is rarely a line. If you walk in, you have to fill out the form below.

Where to Apply for a Thai Passport

The Department of Consular Affairs has a list of every Thai passport branch in the country. Find the one closest to you or check out some of the popular places below.


Bangkok has many Thai passport offices, but here are a few of the popular ones:

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai has one Thai passport office:


Pattaya has one Thai passport office:

Fill out the Forms

Before you get a queue number, fill out the form below. You can find this form at the entrance of most Thai passport offices. Although the form is in Thai, you have to fill out most of your child’s details in English.

These are the biometric details that will appear on your son or daughter’s Thai passport.

Get a Queue Number

With your documents in hand and forms filled out, go to the window to get a queue number. The officer will check your documents and have both parents sign consent forms.

Thai passport queue window
Queues for applying for Thai passports are never long.

Once done, take your queue number and look on the TV screen. Your number will be assigned to a desk number.

Go to the Officer’s Desk

Once at the desk, this is where you spend most of your time. The passport officer first checks your son or daughter’s height and documents. Assuming you have everything you need, the officer then enters everything into the system.

Thai passport officer desks
This is where your child’s biometrics will be entered into the Thai system.

After that, your child has to scan his or her fingerprints, thumbprints, and eyes. Then the officer takes your child’s photo. Your son or daughter then signs the passport electronically. The mother and father have to sign as well.

Pay the Thai Passport Cost

Each Thai passport is THB1,000. There is an option for a 10-year passport, which costs THB1,500. However, this is only available to your children if they’re over 20 years old.

Pay for Postage

Once you pay for the Thai passport, you have to go to the line on the left-hand side and pay for postage. The cost is THB40. Your child’s Thai passport should arrive in three to five days.

Thai passport paying window
On the right is where you pay for your child’s Thai passport; on the left is where you pay for postage to have the passport mailed to you.

If you want to pick up your child’s Thai passport, you don’t have to pay for postage.

How Long Does the Entire Process Take?

If you show up when the office opens and get one of the first queue numbers, it should take no more than an hour to apply for your child’s Thai passport. Keep in mind you still have to wait to have the Thai passport made and mailed to you. This takes about three days.

You can get a Thai passport made the same day for emergency situations. To do this, you have to go to the Department of Consular Affairs head office (Google Maps link) on Chaeng Watthana Road at 8:30 AM and complete the process before noontime.

For a five-year passport, it costs THB3,000. For a 10-year Thai passport, you’ll pay THB5,000.

Do You Need to Make an Appointment?

You can make an online appointment to apply for your children’s Thai passport. However, you don’t usually have to do this if you go to local Thai passport branch because lines are fairly short. If you plan on going to the main branch on Chaeng Watthana Road, you should make an appointment.

Go to the Department of Consular Affairs website to start the process.

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