Cheapest Travel Vaccinations in Bangkok: Step-By-Step With Photos 

Cheapest Travel Vaccinations in Bangkok Step-By-Step With Photos 

As expats in tropical Thailand, we should keep up to date with our vaccines to prevent common diseases especially foodborne ones like hepatitis and typhoid. And as worldly travelers, we have to know the risks of the destinations we are jet-setting off to, and be prepared to protect ourselves. 

All countries have different risks, but rabies, yellow fever, malaria, and tetanus are common risks which are easily preventable. Talk to your doctor about which vaccines you need before you travel. Some shots, like yellow fever, last a lifetime!

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Phoebe has traveled throughout Asia for twenty years and spent more than ten years in China. She is an accomplished writer, artist, and photographer. She is now based in Thailand where she spends her time painting, writing, designing, hanging out with fish, and taking photos of stuff.