WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway: Learn Thai Podcast

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

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WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

We’ve now reached week SIX of WLT’s seven weeks of Thai language giveaways. Whew! If you need a refresher of what’s going on read Vote THAI and WIN! | SEVEN Weeks of FREE Thai Giveaways.

Jo and Jay: Learn Thai Podcast…

Jo and Jay are giving away THREE full subscriptions to learn to speak, read, write Thai via Learn Thai Podcast’s massive Thai course that has over 800 video, audio and text lessons. Included is a vocabulary trainer, a forum, and a way to track the lessons you’ve learned.

I previously covered LTP in Review: Learn Thai Podcast Relaunches, so here’s an outline from my review.

  • Visuals: Online lessons, downloadable YouTube videos in many formats.
  • Sound: Individual sound bites in online lessons, YouTube videos and mp3 files to download.
  • Thai script: Script included with all lessons, complete Alphabet course, transliteration.
  • Thai only: Lessons without English translations.
  • Conversations: Movies and sound files of actual Thais talking.
  • Testing: Reviews after each lesson, vocabulary trainer for individual words.
  • Extras: Printable notes to download.

And for absolute beginners there’s also the Top 300 Thai Words course. Pssst … the first couple of lessons are free.

Mezzie Learns has the best review ever of LTP so if you have time for more, here you go: Learn Thai Podcast Features and Why I Chose Learn Thai Podcast over ThaiPod101.


Rules for WLTs Thai Language Giveaway…

The rules are simple:

  • To be included in the draw, leave comments below.
  • Comment(s) need to add to the conversation (it really does matter).
  • Each relevant comment gets counted, so please leave as many as you like!
  • If you don’t collect your prize within a week of the announcement, it will be given away to the next person in line.

As with other giveaways, Jo and Jay will choose the winners for this giveaway. And carrying on as before, if you’ve won previously you can still enter this competition.

The draw will run from now until 3rd July (Sunday), 6pm Thai time. After the winners have been selected a comment will be put below and I’ll create a dedicated post.

Thank you Jo and Jay for sponsoring WLT’s eight year celebration! Good luck everyone!

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