Thai Language Book: Download 12 FREE Manee Books Online

12 FREE Manee Books Online

12 FREE Manee books online

Written By: Catherine Wentworth

When you get over your fear of Thai script and start learning to read, the Manee books (sometimes spelt Maanii) are often recommended. Long discontinued, the Manee books were written back in the late ’70’s by รัชนี ศรีไพรวรรณ (Ratchanee Sripaiwan) with a team from the Thai Ministry of Education. And while Thais over 30 benefited directly from Manee, if the subject of learning to read Thai comes up most any Thai will fondly mention the books.

“SEAsite: Maanii lessons were designed and written to use as a reading primer for beginners of the Thai Language. The stories depict the lives of a young girl named Maanii, her parents, elder brother, relatives, friends, and their pets…

Because these lessons are “authentic” – written by Thais for educating Thai kids, the aim of the books is two-fold: to teach literacy in Thai and to inculcate traditional Thai cultural values, i.e., a Thai identity: obedience to elders, respect for authority, politeness in speech, dress and social behavior, and basic Buddhist teachings such as generosity and gratitude.

As time passes and Thailand evolves into a more inclusive, multi-cultural society, these traditional values will evolve and expand as well. As such, “Maanii” preserves a picture of the idealized past.”

You can download all 12 Manee books from Google Drive here: Thai Language Textbook 1978 Curriculum: Grades 1-6, books 1 & 2.

You can also use Manee lessons on iTunes: Pod Thai – Maanii I and Pod Thai – Maanii II.

However, you should note that some words on Manee books are already outdated. If learning new words is your goal, check out these free sources.

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