WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway: Duke Language School

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway

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WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway…

Welcome to the week TWO of WLT’s seven weeks of Thai language giveaways. If you haven’t already, be sure to read Vote THAI and WIN! | SEVEN Weeks of FREE Thai Giveaways to find out about the prizes.

Did you notice the Language Learning Love Button to your right? It’s for clicking and voting – thanks in advance 🙂

Journey One Group Lessons – Survival: Practical Thai for everyday life…

There are TWO winners of Duke’s 60 hour Journey One group lessons with course books. Exciting stuff, the winners go straight through to the end of the course.

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway Duke’s Journey One Survival lessons, created by Principal Arthit Juyaso (Bingo-Lingo), are chock-full of words and phrases that you need to know. To get you started off right, the lessons have been crafted around needed phrases, sentence patterns and structures.

Arthit Juyaso: One of the main points of the course is to recycle previously seen vocabulary as much as possible (it’s my love for spaced repetition).

Duke’s Survival lessons are for basic beginners. These lessons are taught at Duke Language School in Bangkok so you will need to be in Bangkok to collect your prize.


Stu Jay Raj (stujay.com): I searched for months to find Thai language schools in Bangkok that I would feel comfortable affiliating with and being able to recommend to my students of the Thai language regardless of where their level was at. They must be linguistically accurate, dynamic and have a teaching system that really engages their students.

All roads led to Duke. Their team has all the right ingredients of tech savvy, linguistically qualified experienced teachers that really know their stuff.

Duke’s Journey One Breakdown:

WLTs Thai Language Giveaway The essential tools you need to survive in this country and go about your business independently.

764 unique words | 584 essential words

  • Understanding the sound system and the numbers of the Thai language.
  • Introducing yourself, greeting and saying goodbye.
  • Getting a taxi and giving simple directions.
  • Buying street food.
  • Asking for directions inside a building.
  • Using public transportation and talking about locations.
  • Ordering food and solving difficult situations at a restaurant.
  • Buying clothes and describing colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Telling time and making appointments.
  • etting a haircut and expressing degrees.
  • Buying things and using services at convenience stores.
  • Buying medicines and describing symptoms.
  • Solving communication breakdowns.
  • Talking about personal life.
  • Starting and holding a casual chit-chat in Thai.

For more, read Tod’s Review: Duke Thai Language School.

Important to note: 1) you need to be in Bangkok to take the course, and 2) you do not have to take it right away.

Duke Language School
10/63, Trendy Building, 3rd floor
Sukhumvit Soi 13, Wattana
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 8-2444-1595

Facebook: Duke Language BKK
Twitter: @DukeLanguageBKK

Rules for WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

The rules are simple:

  • To be included in the draw, leave comments below.
  • Comment(s) need to add to the conversation (it really does matter).
  • Each relevant comment gets counted, so please do leave as many as you like!
  • You do have to live in Bangkok to enter the contest for Duke’s course.
  • If you don’t collect your prize within a week of the announcement, it will be given away to the next person in line.

And remember, even if you’ve won in past giveaways, you can win in this one too.

The draw will run from this moment until the 5th of June, 6pm Thai time. I’ll then announce the winners in the comments below as well as create a dedicated post. Good luck!

Again, my thanks goes to Duke Language School for gifting these wonderful materials!

WLTs 2016 Thai Language Giveaway…

Here are the posts so far in WLT’s Thai Language Giveaway.

After this there’s still FIVE more weeks of prizes to be given out to celebrate WLT turning eight. Good luck everyone!

10 thoughts on “WLT’s 2016 Thai Language Giveaway: Duke Language School”

  1. Thank you everyone for your nice words about our school! The raffle is under way and we should be able to give you the result soon 🙂

  2. Hello, I’m in Bangkok since almost one year, and after a few months of over confidence self teaching thai, I guess I gave up when I realized I was able to move around and not starve to death in Bangna.
    I realize I must need some structure to really make progress.I think I can qualified as newbie 🙂
    Duke Language School seems very interesting, thanks for the giveaway, and I’ll gladly enter the draw.
    The winner will definitely be in good hands.

  3. Awesome giveaway, I wish I was living in Bangkok so I could enter. Subscribed to your email feed, hope to receive awesome posts.

  4. Like Alex, I already have some basic Thai under my belt so if there are more deserving newbies out thete then get them hooked. I did pop in to Duke’s while in the building at the UK VFS offices a couple of weeks ago and got to take a quick assessment and having seen the setup and books it looks pretty good. Also bumped into Todd again in there who also rated the school highly. So if no newbies apply then I am more than happy to sit through a refresher basic course (as I am sure there is still content in there that would be new to me or I am getting wrong tonally when speaking, (or, as Cat is usually kind enough to allow an odd cheeky comment/request, if it were possible, negotiate an upgrade to a “reading” ot a “level 3” course?). ^_^

  5. I was determined to visit the Duke Language School after reading a book that was written by Mr Arthit Juyaso, “Read Thai in 10 Days”. The was an “throat” , “ear” and “brain”, opener for me and impressed me enough to visit the School.
    Since then I have tried a couple of times to attend their courses, but it has not yet come together. Can’t wait to learn from the Best! 🙂

  6. Hello, I will not enter in the draw too, as I can’t manage to come from Chiang Mai to Bangkok to assist to the class during, I guess, one month. And also, I already speak, write and read basic to low intermediate thai.
    But if one day I can stay long enough, I will come to have class at your school, as I need some real “brain reformating session”, something like a Thai Language Rehab. It seems that your school is a good place to go for that.
    Thank you to give away courses like that.

  7. That’s one interesting giveaway. Would love to enter the draw, although I already do speak some basic thai, so if someone is in more need then me go ahead and pick him/her.

  8. I don’t want to be included in the draw, but i think it’s pretty awesome you give away free courses. In my personal opnion not any study method works better than simply taking lessons with a real teacher. It’s so much more valuable than a book, online course or whatever else.


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