Winners: Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone App

Winners: Talking Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary iPhone App

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The Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary iPhone App…

On forums, blogs, and here in the comments, those with a copy of the newly released Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone App are remarking that it’s the best iPhone app dictionary on the market. And it is. And now with this draw, six more Thai learners will get the experience.

During the draw Chris Pirazzi took the time to answer questions and respond to suggestions. The conversation is quite interesting so be sure to check it out: Win an iPhone App: Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary.

Chris: Thanks for all the useful comments! It’s always good to hear how people are using the software and what features everyone is looking for.

And thanks Chris, for stopping by!

The iPhone dictionary app winners are…

In alphabetical order, the winners are: AjarnPasa, Ben, David, Karl Chambers, Talen, and Ulla. Congrats all! If you message me via the contact form, I’ll get the talking iPhone dictionary codes to you. Note: the apps need to be downloaded before four weeks are up (I’m told it’s an Apple thing).

Winners: Talking Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary iPhone App


Thanks to helping hands…

It’s important to keep these giveaways honest, so I depend on friends to help out. As mentioned in the draw announcement, Snap (Chiangmai Thai) agreed to select the winning numbers and take photos (above), and Lani {the missing teacher} kindly verified the winners.

As a thank you for their help, here’s a bit about Snap and Lani, who both blog about their expat experiences in Chiangmai:

Snap: Chiangmai Thai
Bio: Snap arrived in Thailand October 2010 with her husband Stray, after closing down her blackboard art business and saying goodbye to an office job. While he’s preparing to teach English, she’s studying Thai. And if you are planning on moving to Thailand to study as well, Snap’s sometime hairy experiences will ease the way.

Lani: {the missing teacher}
Bio: Lani Valapone Cox is a first generation American currently living in Chiang Mai where she is subsisting on poetry, music and wicked awesome food. Notable jobs of sunsets past include: archaeologist, pizza maker and Waldorf teacher.

Lani’s guest posts: Lani, a Thai Learning Thai: Part 1 and Lani, a Thai Learning Thai: Part 2.

Buying a Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary iPhone App…

Talking Thai–English–Thai DictionaryTalking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary - Paiboon Publishing and Word in the Hand
Apologies if you didn’t win this fabulous iPhone app. If you are looking to purchase a copy of the app you can do so direct from iTunes or stop by Word in the Hand. If you prefer a hardcopy version of the dictionary instead, then Paiboon Publishing is the place to be.

Btw: Creating a dictionary is a lengthly process. If you are interested in what it takes (I am), then check out Chris’ excellent post: Backstage View into the Process of Creating a Thai Dictionary.

Once again, a warm thanks goes to Chris Pirazzi and Benjawan Poomsan Becker for gifting us with yet another wonderful product, Snap and Lani for making sure the draw was fair and square, and everyone for leaving comments in the post. Ta!

8 thoughts on “Winners: Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary iPhone App”

  1. This will have an adverse effect on perfecting my knowledge of the Thai language and transliteration, thank you so much.

  2. Hi Cat,

    They give you the option of using either their default Kedmanee keyboard or the Apple keyboard, and the shift key is sticky on the former and not the latter, so I think it must be the app coding.

    But I do like using a keyboard that is laid out like the real thing! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to the lucky six! If the iPhone App is anything like Chris and Benjawan’s other Learn Thai products, you’re onto a winner.

  4. Hi Keith, thanks for dropping by with your overview of the app. Chris and Benjawan do have a winner! Question: Wouldn’t the stickiness of the caps be in the iPhone and not the app? Just asking as I don’t know about app coding.

    Thanks megga Talen. I forgot to mention the bit on using iTunes app store codes and it can be confusing for those coming across them the first time. Or even when iTunes changes the placement.

  5. Cat, many thanks to you for the contest and to Chris and Benjawan for putting out such a great product and standing behind it.

    For everyone’s benefit who won the app or ever gets a free iTunes app store code.

    1. Power up your PC or Mac
    2. Open iTunes
    3. Goto iTunes store home (Click the home icon once you get to iTunes store)
    4. Click “Redeem” under “Quick links” (located in the upper right hand corner of the screen)
    5. Key in the redeem code and click the Redeem button

    Enjoy your app free app 🙂

  6. Although it is fairly expensive, this dictionary has quickly become my favorite Thai-English iPhone dictionary, and I have about 7 of them.

    Some of the hilights:

    – it’s fast (continually updating the results as you type)

    – you can hear the Thai words

    – it has a real Thai keyboard layout, pronunciation info is customizable (I like the phonetic Thai option)

    – includes classifiers for nouns (often missing from other dictionaries)

    – icons denote usage (formal, colloquial, rude, etc.)

    – the Thai vocabulary seems much expanded from the print version. And I’ve always liked Benjawan’s translations.

    – the interface is really well done

    I’d love to see example sentences in the definitions, but that would almost be a second dictionary.

    One tiny quibble is that the Thai keyboard caps key is “sticky.” It’s more like a caps lock key rather than a shift key, and I rarely find myself typing more than one upper tier character at a time.


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