Win an iPhone App: Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary

Three-Way Thai–English English–Thai iPhone Dictionary

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iPhone App: Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary…

Last year I reviewed the Three-Way Talking Thai Software Dictionary by Chris Pirazzi and Benjawan Poomsan Becker. I ended the post with:

Ah, before I go… coming next from Chris and Benjawan is an iPhone version of the Three-Way Talking Thai Dictionary. And you can better bet that I’ll be reviewing that too.

This post isn’t the review. The review to the Three-Way Talking Thai Dictionary iPhone app will come later, after my household gets over the flu/cold/whatever is. But just be assured that this dictionary is megga hot. And to show you how hot, head over to Richard Barrow’s review:

Richard Barrow: If you are only going to buy one dictionary app for the iPhone, then I strongly urge that you buy Talking Thai-English-Thai Dictionary. I downloaded it today and I have already deleted all of the other dictionaries that I have collected. This iPhone app, which also works beautifully on the iPad, has everything that I would ever need from a dictionary.

Chris and Benjawan gave me four apps to give away, which is fabulous. But, if the response in the comments deserve more, then I have permission to give away even more. Up to you.

To be included in the draw, the rules are simple:

  • You need to leave comment(s) below.
  • The comment(s) need to add to the conversation.

Each relevant comment gets counted, so go ahead and leave as many as you like.


The draw will run from now to Sunday the 9th, 8am BKK time. And just like in previous giveaways (Complete Thai and the software version of the Thai-English English-Thai Dictionary), two bloggers have agreed to help out.

On Sunday, I will number the reasonable comments and email the total to Snap (Chiang Mai Thai). Snap will put the numbers into a bowl, stir them around, select four (or more), and then announce the winning numbers in the comments below. Lani Cox {the missing teacher} will match the winning numbers with the names and post them here as well. Thanks you two!

Good luck everyone. It’s truly a fabulous app to win!

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