UPDATE aakanee.com: Thai and Khmer Picture Supported Learning

Introducing aakanee.com

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Last October Andrej announced his new site, aakanee.com in the post Introducing aakanee.com: Thai and Khmer Picture Supported Learning.

As Andrej is halfway through with the project, I thought I’d remind everyone of the wonderful materials he’s creating.

Andrej: All in all there will be around 50 topics of which 25 have been published.

The recordings and transcripts can be used to work on listening comprehension and to expand one’s vocabulary. They can also be shadowed or partially transcribed if the learner likes these techniques. In addition to that, the illustrations can be used with tutors/native speakers to talk about the topic, support role play (by imagining dialogues for the people involved) etc.; using the pictures in tutoring sessions gives some structure and probably quite a bit of challenge as well.

Introducing aakanee.com

This is the completed list so far:

Alms Round
Breaking a Bowl
Chili Fish Dip
Coffee and Soft Drink
Cold Season
Cutting one’s Finger
Food Poisoning
Fried Rice
Getting Up
Going to Bed
Going to the ATM
Going to the Movies
Grilled Fish
Having a Cold
Loi Krathong
Motorcycle Taxi
Noodle Soup
Rainy Season
Shopping for a T-Shirt
Thai New Year
Tuk Tuk


Introducing aakanee.com

Here’s the list of upcoming topics:

Taking an Airplane
Night Train
Hot Pot
Doing the Dishes
Personal Hygiene
Post Office
Going to School
Mobile Phone
Going to the Doctor
Taking a Taxi
Going to the Dentist
Taking an Overland Bus
Making merit

It a top quality Thai resource – and did I mention FREE – so I hope everyone takes advantage however they can.

Here’s the explanation post again: Introducing aakanee.com: Thai and Khmer Picture Supported Learning

Thai: Thai Illustrations
Khmer: Khmer Illustrations
Guest posts on WLT: Andrej

Introducing aakanee.com

2 thoughts on “UPDATE aakanee.com: Thai and Khmer Picture Supported Learning”

  1. Thank very much to Andrej (and his “thai voice”) and Catherine for that series that is really good, quite challenging but help me to get more from other thai people when they sepal to me just just chat in public place. I usually listen and listen until I can get a really good idea of what the peskier is saying. Thank I turn to the thai script only reading to get all the detail I could not get at listening, and also find sometimes (well, many times) that I didn’t understand right and went to a wrong way. Anyway it is really a very good exercise with nothing especially prepared for foreigners learning thai as it is in formal learning books. It is pure thai speaking a,d reading. Difficult for me but still enjoyable. Thanks again.
    I will of course continue to read/listen the future episodes even if I’ m farๆ in this race behind Andrej. I will take me months (perhaps years) to get everything from these tapes and texts (as I re-listen and re-read regularly same pages, trying to not forget to much of what I learnt). Thanks again.


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