Trash Hero Kids of Thailand: Say NO to Plastic Bags

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How to say NO in Thai to plastic bags…

Now, who watched that video without a smile on their face? No one, I’m betting!

Here are two more possibilities for saying NO to plastic bags: ไม่ใส่ถุง ครับ/ค่ะ /mâi sài tŭng kráp/kâ/ Or ไม่เอาถุง ครับ/ค่ะ /mâi ao tŭng kráp/kâ/

Thailand has an awful problem with plastic bags polluting the countryside and waterways and those at Trash Hero Ao Nang are certainly doing their bit.

If you can’t physically help out, get the attention of 7/11 (also known as Thailand’s Trashy Problem Child) via this online petition: You love Thailand: Demand 7/11 to stop polluting it.

Stay tuned for Episode Two, “Say NO to straws!”


3 thoughts on “Trash Hero Kids of Thailand: Say NO to Plastic Bags”

  1. @dodger have you been to Thailand? Did you know nearly 10 million plastic bags are used every minute? and for about 12 minutes before being discarded. In the Ocean where there is 8 million metric tons of plastic debris it can last up to 450 years and has been found in 25% of sampled fish in California and Indonesia. By 2050, its estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Its a big deal! Thailand needs to ban all plastic bags in Bangkok.

  2. Plastic bags are a real problem in not just Thailand but the region. Most are unnecessary (who needs a bag with a pepsi or coke) and if they don’t float down the rivers, they take up space in landfill.

  3. You are confusing “plastic bags” with “trash” and “pollution”.

    “Plastics bags” are light, strong, waterproof, convenient and cheap.
    “Trash” is what thoughtless people do with their rubbish, creating “pollution”.

    Try teaching these Thai kids to not confuse plastics bags with banana leaves. They can throw their banana leaves on the ground when they have finished eating the contents.
    They should not throw their plastic bags on the ground.

    Simple, eh?


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