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WLT is Thai blog of the month at Thailand Voice…

Thai Blog of the Month Paknam Web hosts a massive amount of Thai learning resources, so it is no stranger to me. Just cruise through my post, Learn Thai on the Paknam Web Network, to see what I mean.

And Thailand Voice just happens to be a part of the Paknam Network: We are on the Internet every day looking for quality articles and blogs about Thailand. We will post extracts from new stories twice a day.

Each month Richard Barrow (the driving force behind PWN) selects a blog with for a ‘Thai Blog of the Month’ award. Wise Kwai was the first recipient of the award. In his gracious post, he explains how Thailand Voice works:

Generated by the Thai Blog Search engine (site no longer online), Thailand Voice presents the various posts in clean and clear excerpts with thumbnail images and links to the full posts on their respective host websites. It’s beautiful the way it works. Subscribe to the RSS feed and reading about Thailand is a snap.

That was April. And now May is my turn:

The ‘Thailand Voice Award’ for “Blog of the Month” goes to Catherine Wentworth’s Women Learning Thai… and some men too 😉 for her contribution to learners of the Thai language by providing them with numerous resources and moral support over the past few years.

Thanks Richard 🙂


Ah, while I have you here… Richard’s latest blog is Using an iPhone in Thailand (site no longer online). I have an iPhone series in the wings (written, just waiting), so you will be hearing more about Richard’s new venture then.

And now a few more words…

May has turned into a promotional month for WLT. I didn’t plan it, it just happened. First, there is the award from Thailand Voice. And coming next is the run up to Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Blogs for 2010.

Last year WLT was included in Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Blogs for 2009. WLT placed in the top 100, but only just: Final Results: Top 100 Language Blogs 2009. As I was involved last year, WLT was automatically included for 2010. The voting starts on May 12th, so I’ll give you a nudge IF I make it to the final round.

And there is just one more thing… I’ve been advised to create a Facebook account for WLT. You can see it at Women Learning Thai… and some men too 😉. It’s handy as blog posts suck into FB, then automatically appear on my twitter account. Following directions, I’ve also added a FB Friends banner to my sidebar (now slowing making its way further up). If you’d like to do whatever it is FB friends do, please join WLT too.

12 thoughts on “Thailand Voice: Women Learn Thai is Blog of the Month”

  1. Rick, I’ve had an account for keeping in touch with the design industry for years, only the FB page for WLT is a new addition. I was going great guns with adding resources on FB, and then this fiasco with the Red Shirts in Bangkok hit. It’s difficult to concentrate when one is in a war zone, with the action only ten minutes away.

    I get a lot out of both the language learner series and the interviews too. Some of the tips hit it right on. And each one energises me to keep plugging away at it.

    Thanks for the vote. Some of the blogs are pulling away from the pack, and it’s been exciting to watch.

  2. Hearty congratulations, Catherine. Fantastic resource, as I’ve said on my blog not a few times! And Facebook, too! Don’t know where you find time unless you squeeze 25 hours out of what I thought was a 24-hour day.

    I’ve had some time to read my fave blogs just recently and just read some of your previous Language Learners’ series posts. I get a lot out of those posts, especially when the interviewee puts some thought and honesty into their responses. In a word, tones rule!

    As I said in another comment, I voted in the Top 100 language blogs poll. Chok dee!
    .-= SiamRick´s last blog ..Canada downgrades travel warning on Thailand =-.

  3. Hi Talen and Martyn. And ta! While I have put a lot of work into WLT, huge kudos go to the generous guest writers: Rikker, Hugh, Tina, Amy, Tony, Lani, Daniel, and Andrej. Thanks all 🙂

  4. Well done Catherine and a well worthy winner too. You put the work in and so now you’ve got a little reward. Best wishes from a HOT HOT HOT Udon Thani. Speech please.

  5. Hi Jon, thanks 🙂 the FB page is coming in handy. I’m always finding resources, with no time to write about each and every one. With FB I can shoot off the links to bring them to people’s attention. It has the added benefit of auto-posting on twitter too. I’m taking a twitter break so FB will make sure I’m not gone from twitter 100%

  6. Cat,

    Congrats on the award. Richly deserved, you’ve got a great thing going over here.

    Interesting to see the FB page, looks good not just posting the blogs on there verbatum – like so many do – but adding extra value too. Hope you can find the time to keep it up (doubtless you will). See you over there, I’m in.


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