Thai YouTube Cartoon: Little Leader Geo

Little Leader Geo

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Learn Thai with YouTube…

YouTube is great place to find Thai language videos, but if you want to see a complete series you often need to do a fair bit of digging. Yes, it’s a pain. Entire series are not always posted by the same YouTube member.

To help out I started a section with compiled movies, soaps and cartoons from YouTube. And if I slide, feel free to call me out.

Learn Thai with Little Leader Geô…

Little Leader Geô is a series of cartoons created by a Thai company, Imagine Group. In each episode, Geô learns a lesson in life.

The series is not translated into English, so it might be a project for me down the road. Or, if you are game, one of you can do the honours. And if you do, please let me know.

Little Leader Geô…

More Thai video resources…
To find Thai videos use ‘Thai’ in the search.

Advertisement Thai Video Transcripts (offline for now but I’m bugging him)
Created by Rikker of Thai 101.

YouTube on WLT…

Thai Alphabet Cartoon series
This is where I took my very first stab at translating a Thai cartoon. And make no mistake, I had lots of help!

Thai Commercial on YouTube: Tissue Ad
My favourite Thai commercial ever.

And there’s even more stuff scattered around WLTs FREE Thai language learning resources.

7 thoughts on “Thai YouTube Cartoon: Little Leader Geo”

  1. John – Those that get the chance to speak two languages when growing up are way ahead of the rest of us. He is one lucky little boy!

    Yorkshire accent – I knew a Thai lass with a very thick Scottish accent. It was quite disarming. This was before I moved to Thailand so I’m sure if I heard it now, I’d be equally amazed.

    Talen – 4 years old to 54… when we start out learning a language we are equal. Ok, I do feel that they are winning 😉

    Alexa is bad. But overall is does give a hint if I’m doing better. I choose not to believe it if I’m doing worse!

  2. Awesome Cat…finally something I can sink my teeth into as I have the mind of a 54 year old 🙂

    Never go by anything Alexa says as it’s the absolute worst metric on the web.

  3. i am really proud of him speaking both languages and i think its very important to intergreat into both cultures its also very helpful to my wife to perfect her English even with a Yorkshire accent children are fantastic at picking things up very quickly maybe he will leave me behind but its fun seeing him mature into a young boy from a toddler

  4. John, learning Thai with a four year old has got to be the perfect way to go. Their vocabulary is limited, so right away you get the top ‘must know’ words.

    Finding those magic words is a project a number of us are working on, and you have them right at your fingertips. Nice!

  5. i would say your stats are correct the lucky few that live in Thailand that post via blogs are a life blood to many readers
    to immerse myself in the language is pretty easy as my 4 year old speaks issan Thai in one sentence and English in an other
    gets me confused sometimes but it makes me learn


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