Thai Teachers Teaching Thai Twisted English

Thai Teachers Teaching Thai Twisted English

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Thai Teachers teaching Thai twisted English…

There’s a hilarious video about Thais teaching English to Thais being shared around Facebook. I got it from Maarten Tummers (isn’t he talented?) who got it from Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style). I don’t know where Kruu Jiab got it from, but it was created by the new (to me) comedians at WorkPointOfficial.

This Thai way of teaching English to Thais is oh so common in Thailand. I too have been on a weird receiving end of discussions about what’s right or not as far as English pronunciation goes (tedious). But when it comes to grammar, I’ve been known to bow out because my Thai friends are sometimes better informed about English grammar than I am. I do know what sounds right (but it sometimes isn’t).

Expats with kids in the Thai school system will recognise this scenario. Teachers in Thailand demand respect no matter what. And from what I’ve read, expat parents are having to advise their kids to ignore incorrect teaching the best they can. It’s either that, or receive bad grades from teachers who know best. Difficult.


3 thoughts on “Thai Teachers Teaching Thai Twisted English”

  1. That video would almost be funny, if it wasn’t true in so many regardz.

    That mindless “goose morning teacher” mantra, the teacher asking “who’s the teacher?” to the student trying to correct her and the horrifically mangled pronunciation. Most thaiz in school learn english from thai teachers who have at best a rudimentary grasp of the english language.

    Now in the same breath I will say; if native english speakers sat down with an average thai (who got thru high school) and took an english grammar only test, the thaiz would leave us in the dust! I’ve never met people who know more english grammar rules, yet don’t/won’t speak english..

    I was at a language school which teaches english and thai. Some thai uni students came out of an english class while I was sitting reading. One student approached me and asked, “Mr Tod, can you give me an example of a present continuous tense sentence?” I looked at her and said, I have no f’ing idea what that is.” She looked back and asked, “Was that the example?”

    I think it’s great thaiz can make a parody of their abysmal english teaching practices, NOW if they’d just do something about it. . . .

  2. Very funny and very true. Been there. But the students in the video were pretty good.

    When I came to Chiang Mai as a Peace Corps volunteer (1969) I was the first foreign English teacher in the history of the Chiang Mai government school system, and maybe the first native speaker of English any of my students had ever heard. When I entered my first classroom the head student said “Sa-tan up” and then all 55 students said in unison, “Goose morning teacher”. This was something they had been taught and had been saying for years. So you know what my first lesson consisted of. And Yes, they all finally got it right. I wish good luck to all Thai students of english. They need it and deserve better.


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