Thai Lyrics Translated: I Won’t Stand For This (หนูไม่ยอม)

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เพลง หนูไม่ยอม
Song: I won’t stand for this
ศิลปิน ฝน ธนสุนทร
Artist: Fon ThanaSunthon

หนูไม่ยอม หนูไม่ยอม หนูไม่ยอม
I won’t stand for this. I won’t stand for this. I won’t stand for this.

มีโจรแปลกปลอม ย่องมาตอนหนูหลับ
A strange thief snuck in while I was fast asleep.

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พอลืมตาแหมจิตใจหนูหายวับ เพราะหนูเผลอหลับ
I awoke with a start as I had fallen asleep without knowing it.

The thief snuck in and he touched me, kissed me, held me in his arms.

หนูไม่ยอม หนูไม่ยอม รีบคว้าปืน
I resisted. I resisted. I quickly reached for my gun.

Then I got up to (try to) shoot (him), hoping that it would make him stop.

Just as I was about to shoot (him) though.

The thief ran up to me and held me in his arms again.

He ‘sniff-kiss’-ed my cheek with a loud ‘Sniff’!

Then he jumped down and out from the back of my house.

(Police) Lieutenant, Sir! I wish to make a police report.

On the 13th…

…at about midnight…

…a thief whose name I do not know…

ผิวดำแดงร่างใหญ่ ๆ
…with swarthy skin and a rather big body…

…broke in while I was fast asleep.

เขาจับ เขาจูบ เขากอด เฮ้อ
He touched me, he kissed me, he held me in his arms. Sigh!

Then, he ran away!

หนูไม่ยอม หนูไม่ยอม
I won’t stand for this! I won’t stand for this!

That’s why I’m making this report.

(Police) Lieutenant, you must track him down…

…and arrest him at all costs.

Drag him here and lock him up to appease me

Then let him kiss me again.

This time I won’t pursue the matter legally.

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