Free Downloads: Thai Cat Cartoons

Thai Cat Cartoons

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Thai kitty cartoons…

It’s already September, which means I totally forgot to post cartoons for the month of August. Apologies, as the Thai YouTube Cartoon: Little Leader Geo series was grand.

A huge thanks goes to Simon for alerting me about the first-class cartoon series at, รู้รักภาษาไทย.

There are 180 cartoons, all for free. Amazing, yes?

And if anyone knows how to get into contact with them, please drop me a line. I put in a request to post the Thai-English transcripts on WLT, but my email bounced back.

UPDATE: Here is yet another site that has been taken offline. So sad. This is why I download Thai materials asap! But thankfully they are online at Royal Canin’s YouTube channel.


14 thoughts on “Free Downloads: Thai Cat Cartoons”

  1. How frustrating. Sometimes when I use FireFox, I have problems downloading.

    If you do email (and get through) please let me know. I’d seriously like to put the transcripts online for conversation.

  2. Yes, I’ve tried the others and they’re all the same. I wonder if I should try e-mailing them, too.

  3. Okay, so I went to the “download” section and registered as a member, but when I download a video explorer shows the .zip file as being empty. I wonder what on earth the problem is…

  4. Hello,

    This looks like a great resource and I really want to watch the videos, but I can’t seem to get them to come up for some reason. The video on the main page plays just fine, but when I try to open one of the older videos a blank page comes up and nothing happens. I’m wondering if anyone has any idea why?

  5. Martyn, ‘Starting at just past the nappy stage seems the logical way forward’ – every year there is an event in BKK that sells tons of products for children (I’m not 100% awake or I’d share the name here). Rikker turned me on to it when I was first curious about Sesame Street in Thai. I no longer have any little ones, but a friend of mine does so when she went she grabbed me a handful of the CDs. I pick them up today so I don’t have a clue at the moment, but if they turn out ok, I’ll certainly let you know.

    Did you know that there are sites online where you can order? They are mostly in Thai, but this is where Google Translate comes into its own. GT might be terrible for long stretches of copy, but it is brilliant for online ordering.

  6. Catherine, Amy P got it right with her play on cool for cats, I love the post header. I checked out one of the YouTube cartoons and you are convincing me more and more that children’s books and videos are the way to go for me. Reading your excellent posts has convinced me already to buy a couple of toddler reading books on my forthcoming trip but I may now have to send young Wilai off to find me a few cartoon Dvd’s as well. Starting at just past the nappy stage seems the logical way forward. As I have commented in the past I do know a lot of Thai words and can make out the snippets of a lot of conversation but I haven’t got the basics of putting it all together, cartoons will be a big big help. I have got Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible movie series on Dvd but as much as I try the dialogue is way to quick, the cartoon I have just viewed was at a much more easy conversational speed. Best wishes.

  7. This is really cool, Cat! I’ll take a look at them and of course, I think that my son Aidan will benefit from them as well.

  8. Talen, I do the same. And even though I have Thai TV here, there are chunks of blinking awful so I depend on YouTube as well.

    These cartoons are especially good because the Thai is quite clear and they are not very long. I was planning on asking the gal who does my typing for me to type out the transcripts, and I asked Rikker for help too… but I do need to get a response from the Royal Institute before anything official happens.

  9. Excellent find Cat and Simon. I love Thai cartoons because they work great as another tool in the bag of learning Thai.

    If I’m a little tired of going through the motions of one of the many programs I’ve been using I can kick back and watch these cartoons and pick out words and phrases in a more mindless way. The best part is hearing the spoken language when I am way far away at the moment.


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