Thai Cat Cartoons Compilation: Episodes One to Twenty

Thai Cat Cartoon Compilation

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Last year when the Thai Cat Cartoon series launched I thought it’d be a great idea to create study files.

Sean thought I was totally bonkers but I slogged on anyway. In the end, Sean was right. Well, we both were. Having study files is a great idea but I ran out of steam. Plus, I have a megga project coming up.

Ah. The guilt. Yes. I’m bowing out.

To partially make it up to everyone, I’ve created a compilation pdf from the first twenty episodes. Accompanying it is a spreadsheet with the vocabulary.

Download: Thai Cat Cartoons Episodes One to Twenty: Conversations
Download: Thai Cat Cartoons Episodes One to Twenty: Vocabulary



Sean has not read my version of the Thai Cat Cartoons (the vocabulary translations). When it comes to Thai he’s a bit of a perfectionist and crunched for time so it’s for the best. If you aren’t too sure about the vocabulary sections then please do grab a dictionary and/or a Thai to find out for yourself. That’s how I do it. Sometimes I’m wrong and sometimes right, but I always learn something extra.

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