Thai Cat Cartoons Compilation: Episodes One to Twenty

Thai Cat Cartoon Compilation

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Last year when the Thai Cat Cartoon series launched I thought it’d be a great idea to create study files.

Sean thought I was totally bonkers but I slogged on anyway. In the end, Sean was right. Well, we both were. Having study files is a great idea but I ran out of steam. Plus, I have a megga project coming up.

Ah. The guilt. Yes. I’m bowing out.

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To partially make it up to everyone, I’ve created a compilation pdf from the first twenty episodes. Accompanying it is a spreadsheet with the vocabulary.

Download: Thai Cat Cartoons Episodes One to Twenty: Conversations
Download: Thai Cat Cartoons Episodes One to Twenty: Vocabulary


Sean has not read my version of the Thai Cat Cartoons (the vocabulary translations). When it comes to Thai he’s a bit of a perfectionist and crunched for time so it’s for the best. If you aren’t too sure about the vocabulary sections then please do grab a dictionary and/or a Thai to find out for yourself. That’s how I do it. Sometimes I’m wrong and sometimes right, but I always learn something extra.

  1. You are welcome Bernard. Creating files like this does help immensely (and it’s best that each student produces their own) but wow does it take time. If I get the chance I’ll pick it up again. But, without my dear Khun Pairoa nearby to check my work, I don’t see that happening. We at first thought we could handle the project via iPhone (she’s in Bangkok and I’m in Chiang mai) but it took four times as long. For the Cat Cartoons, due to the subject matter, there needs to be one-on-one discussion.

  2. Thank you Sean. I absolutely love the Thai Cat Cartoon project and the way you’ve gone about it. Pretty much each episode has an ‘ah ha’ that pushes me forward. I too was surprised when I compiled the vocab list for the 20 cartoons – what wonderful vocabulary for anyone studying Thai (and a fun way to learn to boot).

  3. Thank you Catherine for this project, so a lot of job.
    I did get most of the video files and the complementary files you wrote.
    I try as much as possible to get something from the audio/vidéo only. It is why I move on very slowly (I have years of listing practice only with this files).
    Understanding by listening is still very, very difficult for me and, even if I don’t want to, I open regularly the text files. Immediately, reading helps me so much to understand – but, I know, I know… it is the lazy way for me (create them was a hard one for you). But I’ m a bit old now so be lazy, I may.

  4. Cat

    I can never thank you enough for getting me on board this amazing Cat Cartoons journey. I think that along the way, we have both discovered that there’s a lot more to the Cat Cartoons than meets the eye. There’s a wealth of Thai language stuff in there. You are always thinking about your readers and I know you have a soft spot for the beginners (probably because you still consider yourself as one although in actual fact you have left that stage eons ago), which is why you decided to undertake the herculean and mammoth task of creating the vocabulary lists for the Cat Cartoons. I give you an A++ for all the time and effort (read blood, sweat and tears) you have poured into making them. The sheer amount of content in the lists for just 20 episodes (each just one minute plus in length), is testament to all the work that you have done.

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