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Thai language learning resources…

I absolutely love research. And with the ease of the Internet, I’m the resource queen.

In this section you’ll find lists of dictionaries, books, blogs and websites. All focused on speaking Thai in Thailand, living in Thailand, getting around in Thailand, eating in Thailand.

If you are looking a good way to learn Thai online, check out ThaiPod101. Although their courses are not free, they are cheap, effective, and can quickly teach you conversational Thai. All ExpatDen readers get a 25% discount using this link.

Anything and everything Thailand really. Well to a point (there be no Soi Cowboy here).

For ease of use, the best of the best will be categorised under Resources. Easy enough.

In my way of thinking, one can never have too many resources. With this in mind, please feel free to contact me if you have more of what I need.

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