The Red Shirts in Bangkok: The Faces of Day Two

Red Shirts 2010

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Day two of the Red Shirts in Bangkok…

Well. Well. I’ve had a huge splash of visitors in the past several hours. Welcome to WLT everyone.

To those coming in new, I am not a journalist. Or even a proper photographer. I’m just an expat in Bangkok who happens to have a camera. Or three.

And while I do have opinions about what is happening in Thailand, I have not studied Thai history or politics to the extent that you would listen intently to what I have to say.

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What I have done is take photos of the Red Shirts gathering in Bangkok. Hundreds of photos. And a few videos.

Obviously, I cannot post all here so I’ve selected a few photos. And one video.

And here they are… the faces of day two…

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Red Shirts 2010

Apologies, time got away from me (it’s now past midnight) so the write-up will have to come later. If ever.

  1. Talen, Rick, and Kaewmala – thanks for the support! It was a grand time out there. And hot, hot, hot. I was soaking wet coming home. There is shade around, but I was not always in it.

    Kaewmala – I’m going to put a video up soon. If you feel that it’s a bit too too (you know), please tell me and I’ll take it down. As with the other, I’m going to go with my gut on what I leave out. Anyone can see worse on the BBC… but…

  2. One can hardly accuse you of being “chicken” going out in the back of a pick-up truck taking all those wonderful pictures, Cat. The important thing is that you do what you think is right and what you are comfortable with. Better safe than sorry is always wise.

    And as for red or yellow, I wish we Thais were a little less obsessed with colors and more with principles of equality and justice.
    .-= kaewmala´s last blog ..From “Wet Bottom” to Masculine Guile =-.

  3. Fantastic pictures. What more can I say. Can’t wait till you fill in some words, Catherine.
    .-= SiamRick´s last blog ..Canadian boys need to toughen up =-.

  4. Excellent photos Cat. You really have captured the people in a great light…as people not a threatening force.

    Keep up the great work but please be careful out there.

  5. My pleasure 🙂 I saw quite a lot of back and forth between the police, army and Red Shirts. No frowns or negative gestures – mostly smiles. It was more of a party atmosphere (I like).

    I do have a number of videos that I’m not quite sure about posting. In the video above, he’s quite explicit on what he wants Abhisit to do… I’m of the better safe than sorry camp so I stopped the video where you find it. So am I chicken? Or being practical?

    ‘From whichever way you look the reds really have had the short end of the stick.’

    Last year I had more Thai friends who were in the Yellow camp. This year, while they still don’t like Thaksin, they believe that nothing concrete has been done to help the country people.

    So last year they were yellow, but this year they are more orange than red or yellow.

  6. Keep them coming, Cat! Thanks so much for going out and do all the dirty (but great) work :-), and I can be a couch observer and enjoy these wonderful images. You did a great job with capturing the faces and the voices. Though I am neither red or yellow, I thank you for showing that the reds are also human – no less than anyone else. And if Bangkokians, esp. the yellow, can appreciate the humanity of “the adversary” there’s hope for peaceful resolutions.

    But as you said — as very typical of Thai politics — it’s the “invisible” third, fourth, fifth hand, the murky elements that are the main worries.

    IMO, what Thai people need is not so much “we should love each other because we are all Thais” but to listen with a more open heart the real grievances the lie underneath the manifest discontent and dissension. From whichever way you look the reds really have had the short end of the stick.
    .-= kaewmala´s last blog ..Three Days of Abandonment, the Lady’s Heart Changes – Or the Man’s? =-.

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