Please Vote: Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2011

Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2011

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Please take the time to vote…

Bloggers work hard at offering their readers the best materials they can. But how can we tell if what we are doing is worth the effort? Sure, there are stats, RSS subscriptions, blog comments, and the odd kudos email. But…

Getting top dollar for ads is another way to judge if a blog has value. For various reasons I’ve chosen to offer donations to the wonderful SET Foundation instead – and btw, Peter Robinson sends his thanks!

Being listed on blog ranking sites for your target subject is yet another way to see where your blog places in the world. For WLT, Alltop’s Linguistics is a decent place to be seen.

Please VOTEAnd as WLT is a part of the growing learning languages community… drum roll… getting a place on Lexiophiles Top 100 Language Learning Blogs list is a must. Not to win (although I’m sure that feels good too), but to be listed somewhere amongst the top 100 is an accomplishment. Because face it, learning Thai can’t compete with the zillions of those learning French, Japanese, Chinese, or English even.

Each year Lexiophiles collects the top language blogs and puts them to a vote. Half of the final tally comes from external votes (from readers such as yourself) and half comes from the people at Lexiophiles. And each year, in preparation, language bloggers take their sites to the next level.


During this past year I added Thai Language Schools in Bangkok (by guest writer Tod Daniels), Luke with Farang Pok Pok (by guest writer Luke Cassady-Dorion), Getting by With Learning Thai (by yours truly), and the always tardy but ever useful Look Who’s Talking About Learning Thai. Oh! And there’s the lengthly Learn Thai via Skype series, and (in progress) the HouseTalk series, and the (ongoing) Learn Thai on Your iPhone series. And in regards to ongoing, avid guest writer Hugh Leong, while not a new addition to WLT, continues to write his fabulous posts about Thai Language Thai Culture.

In appreciation, a HUGE thanks from me goes to WLT’s guest writers, those leaving comments, and everyone following along whether they comment or not – but hey, stop by even if it’s just to say hello sometimes, ok? – your continued support means a lot to me!

Anyway… as of today (in Thailand anyway) there are only six more days left of voting. That’s it. In six days it’ll all be over.

So if you are reading this on WLT’s RSS feed via browsers or email, or if you are just stopping by, please let me know what you think of WLT by voting.

Pssssssssst… Women Learning Thai is all the way down in the W’s… ta…

10 thoughts on “Please Vote: Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2011”

  1. Thank you for your support Tod 🙂 I have a wonderful group of designers who, while they don’t speak Thai exactly, like what I’m up to so they’ve voted too.

    And the kudos go back to you as well. You are researching and writing about a subject that no one else has addressed – Thai language schools in Bangkok. Before your series I had students emailing me for advice and as I don’t study in a classroom setting I could only point them to the schools and a few forum posts. Your series helps a lot of people.

  2. Cat,
    I voted for you (of course!), and emailed all my friends/family in the US to vote too. Granted they may not be interested in “all-thingz-thai” or really any thingz thai. To them, I’m just the wayward; friend, son, brother, father or uncle who lives in Thailand (most of them confuse Thailand with Taiwan anyway).

    You’ve got one incredible resource compiled here for learners of the Thai language. Keep up the great work!

    And as always, I owe you a BIG thanx for graciously giving me space to write my Thai language school reviews!

  3. Catherine I registered my vote yesterday and having just had another look at the poll Lingia Trek is still well clear of the field but WLT looks a certainty to make the top 100.

    Keep up the good work because when it comes to Thai language resources WLT is the very ripe banana at the top of the tree.

    Good luck.

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog you have done remarkable work for women learning thai . i think its best language on the net.

  5. Thanks Talen 🙂 WLT is indeed a labour of love so I hope it shows. When I first started writing I thought I’d run out of subjects but I now know that it’s not going to happen. I’ll run out of steam first.

    Hmmm… and in my humble opinion I’ve written the only phallic type post doable (all in good clean fun too). Well. Ok. Except for that one (but I’m waiting for you to pen it, yeah).

  6. Cat, you have done a remarkable job with Women Learning Thai. The blog has grown by leaps and bounds and continues to be, I believe, the best Thai language resource on the net. Win or not you will always be #1 in book…and I have a big book.

    You really do need to write more phallic type posts in my humble opinion though 😛


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