Please Help STOP the Grand Palace SCAMS

STOP the Grand Palace SCAMS

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Please help STOP the Grand Palace SCAMS…

The Grand Palace complex in Bangkok is stunning. For most tourists to Thailand, it’s a must on their list of places to see in this country. But because of the scams, too many go home without experiencing the inspiring beauty of the glorious Thai buildings decked out in gold.

The tourist police, Thai police and the palace guards sit by and do nothing. Even the Thais walking by ignore the unaware tourists getting scammed by their thousands. And from what I’ve seen personally, only expats intervene.

The scams have been going on for years. Long-time friends scrimped and saved to come to Thailand for a once in a lifetime trip to the country. Sadly, I didn’t go to the Grand Palace that day and they were scammed. Instead of experiencing all that gold and glitter, they came home with a new set of clothes. What a tradeoff. And what a crying shame.

Even today they laugh about their “truly Thai experience – the Thai scam” but are unable to share memories of the actual palace. Is this how Thais want Thailand to be remembered?

I’ve asked Thai friends and they are embarrassed about the scams but feel powerless to stop the practice. Finally fed up, Richard Barrow decided to ask for our help.


Richard Barrow in Thailand: This scam has been going on for so long. I want to see this one closed down and will be working towards making this happen. With or without the help of the Tourist Police.

Please help spread the message by sharing this post. These guys are scammers – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is NEVER closed and the Grand Palace is very rarely closed all day.

Here’s the link to retweet: Richard Barrow ‏@RichardBarrow Please RT & help share on Facebook: Don’t Fall for the “Grand Palace is Shut” scam

And here’s his blog post: Don’t Fall for the “Grand Palace is Closed” Scam.

If you are Thai, expat, tourist, whatever, please help stop the Grand Palace scams. It’s as simple as RT’ing Richard’s tweet, forwarding Richard’s post, even writing a post of your own.

UPDATE: Richard Barrow just launched Bangkok Scams. He’s also Tweeting Scams Live in Bangkok.

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