Pick Up Thai Podcast’s Black Friday Sale is on Now!

Pickup Thai Podcast

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Just in time for Xmas…

Hey all. Here’s a quick post to let you know about Pick Up Thai Podcast’s Black Friday sale. This is the biggest discount offered so far – I hope you get a chance to take advantage of these wonderful courses (gawd, I love their stuff).

As it’s so close to Xmas, Sweet Green and/or Spicy Red would make an excellent present for the serious Thai student in your life. Or you. That’d work.

It starts on Black Friday and ends on November 30th, two Mondays from now.

Pickup Thai Podcast

What to check them out first? Then download free samples at Pickup Thai’s Podcast Store.


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2 thoughts on “Pick Up Thai Podcast’s Black Friday Sale is on Now!”

  1. I have all of their lessons released so far, and am expecting the last one, Spicy Red 35 when it arrives. I am sad to see the series end, but the 70 lessons they will have released will enough to keep me busy for quite a while. There are too few materials for intermediate-to-advanced learners of Thai and these might be the best I have found. Thank you Khun Yuki and Khun Miki for making them, and thank you Catherine for promoting them. 🙂


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