New Thai Course at the Andrew Biggs Academy: Sap Khao Ngai Nid Deow

Sap Khao

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Although the Andrew Biggs Academy mostly focuses on teaching English, Andrew’s new course can be used by both Thais learning English and those learning Thai: ทราบข่าวง่ายนิดเดียว /sâap kàao ngâai nít dieow/.

“Sap Khao” is a service for Thai learners of English as a second language … but it is also an excellent tool for anybody interested in learning Thai.

Andrew Biggs, who is fluent in both Thai and English, explains the headlines of the day. This is a perfect opportunity for non-Thais to learn new Thai words and phrases.

Every day, Monday to Friday (9am), you receive a 10-minute video in the morning explaining the day’s news. You can watch it as many times as you like, and at any time you like for a period of 90 days. And at 1,599 Baht per year, it works out to the cheapest Thai lesson you are ever going to have!

To acquire the course you first sign up at Sap Khao.
See you there!

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9 thoughts on “New Thai Course at the Andrew Biggs Academy: Sap Khao Ngai Nid Deow”

  1. Curious to know how many others studying Thai have signed up to this and how useful they are finding it? Anyone here done so and willing to add additional feedback to follow Karla’s?

  2. Matthew, I enjoy both Andrew and Adam because they are entertaining and add to what’s on offer for students of Thai. Plus, I’m not a fan of Thai TV (except for their amazing commercials that beat out most of what you can find in English). There are decent Thai movies around but who has the time everyday to watch a full show? If I’m in the mood, Andrew and Adam’s short videos fit the bill.

  3. Karla, I agree that a transcript most likely isn’t going to happen (the price doesn’t justify it). But those at a certain level could improve their Thai by creating their own transcripts. To improve my listening skills I’ve done similar with several courses. It’s what Sean is doing with the Cat Cartoons (he’s honing his translation skills).

  4. I just viewed my first lesson, and I found it useful and interesting. It would be nice if there was a written transcript, but for this low price, that is probably not going to happen. I have always wanted to study the news, but it is not very appealing to study stale news. Sure it would be great if this type of video could be done for farang studying Thai, but there it is a much smaller pool of potential customers if you are trying to make a profit. I think for the price it’s worthwhile.

  5. That says a lot about the lack of any decent study material for intermediate students (I count myself as one of them). I didn’t see any value in Adam Bradshaw’s videos either. He typically takes an American English expression like ‘That guy sure does shoot from the hip’ and then explains it in Thai without offering an equivalent Thai idiom (probably because there isn’t one). So how does that help us? It doesn’t give us a new idiom or new words or a grammar lesson. At best it gives us a bit of listening practice but you can get that by watching TV or listening to the radio.

  6. Matthew, I have a strong feeling that you’ll be surprised to find out that the top two westerners teaching English to Thais – Andrew Biggs and Adam Bradshaw – are popular amongst westerners studying the Thai language (especially students at an intermediate level).

  7. This course is clearly for Thai people learning English. No offence but some lovable bald farang talking to Thai people about the content of English newspapers isn’t going to be at all helpful to people learning Thai. If you want my 1599 baht you’re going to have to produce a 10 minute video where you help me understand the stories in Thai newspapers.


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