New Facebook Group: Farang Can Learn Thai

Farang Can Learn Thai

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Farang really can learn Thai…

Farang Can Learn Thai is an exciting Facebook group created in November of last year by language enthusiast Richard Jensen. Two months later (almost to the day), membership is already at 1766. I put the group’s popularity down to Richard’s kind nature guiding the generous spirit of its members.

Too often it has been said that farang (foreigners) either can’t or won’t learn the Thai language. This group has been created to help those who wish to learn Thai. It exists in order that we may help each other by sharing ideas, posting videos or web sites that will aid us in the quest to master the Thai language.

Everyone is encouraged to share experiences related to Thai language learning and anything about Thailand you feel will be beneficial to all. Please feel free to add files by clicking on the Files tab at the top. Invite anyone, farang or Thai. let’s have some fun and learn Thai.

Farang Can Learn Thai is a relaxed, social group. Scanning through the members there’s a good balance of Thais, Asians, and Westerners amongst the mix.

Questions about the Thai language get asked. Thais, Thai teachers, and the more advanced Thai students take turns to answer. And (my passion) learning Thai resources appear round the clock. Richard especially keeps finding great stuff I never knew existed!

Due to the international membership, moderators from different time zones keep watch for spam, so please don’t join the group to sell sunglasses or other unnecessary doodads (your posts will be deleted and you’ll be banned).

Thai teachers, bloggers, developers, and more…

As the word about the Farang Can Learn Thai Facebook group got out, many from the learning Thai community stopped by to share their knowledge.


In alphabetical order, here’s a list (along with their details):

Ann Norman 100 Carabao Songs in English

Benjawan Becker
Site: Paiboon Publishing
Blog: Benjawan Poomsan Becker
Facebook: Paiboon Publishing
YouTube: paiboonpublishing

WLT: Interview: Benjawan Poomsan Becker
WLT: Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: How it Started
WLT: Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: Mistakes and Misinterpretations
WLT: Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: Studying Foreign Languages

Jan Badertscher Thai Learning Resources

Josh Sager
Blog: Let’s Talk Thai
Twitter: @letsTalkThai

Mia Rongsaiw
Site: Learn 2 Speak Thai
Facebook: Learn2speakThai
YouTube: learn2speakthai
Podcast: Thai Girl Talk Podcast
Twitter: @learn2speakthai

WLT: Questions… Questions… Lani and Mia from Thai Girl Talk

Blog: Learn Thai with Mod
Facebook: Learn Thai with Mod
YouTube: ThaiwithMod
Twitter: @ThaiwithMod

WLT: Learn Thai With Mod

Parisa Koknoi
Blog: Speak Thai with Noi Naa
Facebook: Speak Thai with Noinaa
YouTube: SpeakThaiWithNoiNaa

Ryan Zander
Site: Nagaraja Rivers
Blog: Nagaraja Rivers
Facebook: Nagaraja Rivers
iTunes: Ryan Zander

WLT: Successful Thai Language Learner: Ryan Zander

Stuart Cox
Twitter: @stuartcox (Learning Thai Daily)

Stuart G Towns
Site: Its4Thai
Twitter: @ITS4Thai and @sgtowns

WLT: ITS4Thai DRAW + iPhone and iPad Review

Stu Jay Raj
Site: Jcademy Cracking Thai Fundamentals
Blog: Language and Mind Mastery
Facebook: by Stuart Jay Raj
YouTube: Stuart Jay Raj
Twitter: @jcademy and @stu_jay

WLT: Stuart (Stu) Jay Raj: Interview Part One
WLT: Stuart (Stu) Jay Raj: Interview Part Two

Yuki Tachaya
Site: Pick up Thai
Facebook: Pick up Thai by Yuki Tachaya
YouTube: Yuki Tachaya
Twitter: @PickupThai

WLT: PickUpThai: Colloquial Thai Terms and Expressions
WLT: PickUpThai: Colloquial Thai Compound Words

Steve Kaufmann from Linqq is in lurk-mode for now.

Please join us to talk about the Thai language at Farang Can Learn Thai. You are sure to be warmly welcomed if you do.

8 thoughts on “New Facebook Group: Farang Can Learn Thai”

  1. Great post Catherine and I’m happy to be part of the group. I didn’t know this was your site too.. Amazing. I’ll look deeper when I have time

  2. Mia, I’m so glad that you joined the group! It’s fantastic to have a place to go to share and compare learning Thai materials. Good things are happening due to the group, for sure.

  3. Richard Jensen contacted me to join the group on December 7th, at that time there were probably less than 200 members. As today, January 30th the group have 1,781 members. Well done Richard Jensen!!!
    This is by far one of the most wonderful online Thai language communities.

    Thank you Cat for encouraging me to join the group. Now, I must admit that I’m addicted to the group. See you there!

    Thai People Can say R and L, really

  4. And a huge thanks to you Richard for creating such a wonderful group for learning Thai, discussing Thai, and meeting likeminded people. I know of several new Thai learning projects being hashed out, plus students connecting with Thai teachers, etc. And all because of your group. Thanks!

  5. Great job Catherine of spreading the word. I really appreciate all your hard work and the members will surely second that. Expecting a membership increase now 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Richard ริชาร์รด


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