Learn2SpeakThai: Learn Thai with Manee

Learn2SpeakThai: Maanee books

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Learn Thai with Manee…

Manee books (also spelt Maanee and Maanii) are beloved by many Thais, as well as those passionate about Thai learning materials. Like me.

Thai Skype teacher Mia, from Learn2SpeakThai, also shares the Manee passion. Aiming to offer free Manee lessons on her site, she waded through Thai bureaucracy to get official permission (good on her!) You can read all about her trials at My quest for Maanee books copyright.

Mia has my total sympathy because I too attempted to go the same route for a different set of expired Thai school books, but failed. Perhaps when I get more time I’ll give it another try.

After getting the all clear from the Thai Ministry of Education, Mia then started working through the Manee books. So far she’s recorded books one, two, and three, with book four coming soon: Learn Thai with Maanee Books. It will take Mia awhile to get through all 12 books, but after speaking to her about the project I can assure you it’s an absolute labour of love.

Also exciting is an interview Mia did with the esteemed author of the Maanee series, Kruu Ratchanii Sripaiwan. It’s a sweet interview so please do stop by: Meet the Author of Maanee(Maanii) books and VDO interview with kruu Ratchanii Sripaiwan…the author of Maanee books.


If you are interested you can download all 12 Manee Books for free. If you have any problems downloading, contact me.

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