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So far WLT has summary posts for Thai language schools in Bangkok and Pattaya. If you are located in Chiang Mai and would like to write a guest post on the subject, please let me know.

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The schools linked on my site have decent reputations (no visa mills). If your school is not listed, please contact me.

Review: Thai Language Schools in Bangkok
Review: Thai Language Schools in Pattaya

For one-on-one (on the ground) studies, go to Thai Teachers. Thai Skype teachers can be found at Learn Thai via Skype: Locating Teachers and Schools.

NOTE: Before you get to the physical Thai schools located in Thailand, I want to mention Thai Style Language Co. Ltd. Although Thai Style operates via the internet, they support around 900 local trained Thai teachers who travel to you for private classes in person (Thailand as well as the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia & Skype).


If you are shopping for a school, be sure to catch each new installment of Tod Daniels’ series, Reviewing Thai Language Schools in Bangkok.

AAA: Advance Alliance Academy Thai Language Center –>> Tod’s Review
AUA Language Center –>> Tod’s Review
Baan Aksorn Thai Language School –>> Tod’s Review
Baan Phaasaa Thai (Thai Language House) –>> Tod’s Review
Berlitz Bangkok
Bunditwit Thai Language School
Duke Language School –>> Tod’s Review
Everyday Thai Language School
Jentana & Associates –>> Tod’s Review
Language Express –>> Tod’s Review
Modulo Language School
My Thai Language School –>> Tod’s Review
Nisa Thai Language School
Phasorn Thai Language School
Piammitr Language School
PTPI: Preparatory Intensive Thai Language Program
Pro Language Thai Course –>> Tod’s Review
Rak Thai Language School –>> Tod’s Review
Sala Silom Thai Language
Smile Language School
Sumaa Language and Culture Institute –>> Tod’s Review
Thai Language House –>> Tod’s Reveiw
Thai Language Hut –>> Tod’s Review
Thai Language Solutions
Thailish Language School
Thai Language Station –>> Tod’s Review
Thai Studies Center, Chula –>> Philip’s Review
The Knowledge Tod’s Review
TLS and CTLS Language School
TLS Thai Language Station Bangkok Tod’s Review
Union Language School –>> Tod’s Review
UTL Unity Thai Language School –>> Tod’s Review

Below is a location map for the Bangkok Thai schools reviewed so far. If you have a school you’d like Tod to review, please contact us.

Blue: reviewed school
Pink: coming review

Chiang Mai…

Araya Language School
AUA Chiang Mai
Easy Study Thai (has short, month long courses)
Effective Thai
Payap University International College
Pro Language Thai Course
TSL (Thai as a Second Language)

Hua Hin…

Thai Language Center, Hua Hin

Koh Lanta…

Lanta International Language School

Koh Samui…

Mind Your Language School

Minburi (Bangkok)…

Kasem Bundit University Romklao campus


Easy ABC: Language and Culinary School
Pattaya School of Languages and Computers
Pro Language Thai Course
TLS and CTLS Language School

Talen (AKA Tim Bull): Review: Thai Language Schools in Pattaya


Kathu Language School
Patong Language School

Sri Racha…

Success Language Center