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World Cup Fever in Thai

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World Cup & Football Thai…

Are you following the World Cup on Thai TV? Do you understand what is being said, or are you watching with the sound turned off? For those who are confused and befuddled, or just want to participate verbally, Jo and Jay from Learn Thai Podcast have generously created two fun-filled videos of Thai words and phrases to help.

Learn Thai football slang and Thai language phrases that you can scream while watching your favorite sports team. 100% slang and all the country names are just examples! Have fun!

This is my favourite so far:

ฝรั่งเศส หมู แพ ชัวร์

fà-ràng-sàyt · mŏo · pae · chua
(France · pig · lose · sure)
France will lose.

Instant Thai Phrase Lesson: Football II…


The World Cup at my house…

I have to confess that I haven’t watched much World Cup this year. While I’m (sometimes) awake at the godawful time it’s on in Thailand – 1.30am, correct? – watching footie is not something I’m driven to do in the wee hours. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good game (but on my time).

Nevertheless, the games have touched my Thai life in two places. Just not in a healthy way.

Due to the drinking of 50 cans of Coke, a Thai friend is flying to South Africa for the World Cup finals next month. All excited about the win, she had a zillion questions about the country. And being a gal, it was all ‘what to wear’ and ‘what to see’ and ‘what to eat’ (I’m surprised she’s still hungry ;-). Tagged on was ‘what to avoid’, as apparently it can be dangerous out there.

Also due to the World Cup games, my แม่ บ้าน /mâe bâan/ (mother + house = housekeeper) started eating larger orders of McDonalds. That’s right. My fabulous แม่ บ้าน gets McDonalds once a week (long story, and one I will get to in a later post).

McDonalds in Thailand is giving away free World Cup 2010 Coca-Cola Glasses with XL meal orders, so my แม่ บ้าน is busy eating and drinking her way to a full set. She has four so far, and I guess the idea is to have several of each colour. Wish her luck… and a good diet plan for afters.

And where am I during this World Cup Coca-Cola feast? Pretty much out of it, as I don’t drink Coke unless it’s heavily laced with rum or some such. Which means never. How about you? Are you watching the games? Collecting Coke glasses? Drinking lots of rum? All of the above?

More LTP on WLT…

And before I go, here’s a HUGE thanks to Jo and Jay for creating the two free World Cup videos. Ta you two 🙂

13 thoughts on “Learn Thai Podcast: World Cup & Football Thai”

  1. Bakunin, nice to know that there is a variety. When I get into a taxi I am first asked where from, and then the Beckham chatter starts up. I’ll add Messi to the conversation next time I’m out 🙂

  2. Cat, the Thais I spoke to supported an enormous variety of teams. Argentina was mentioned most often, but I met also supporters of Spain, Japan, South Korea, Brazil, England and even North Korea! It seemed just random 🙂

    You’re probably right about their reverence to Beckham, and I would add Messi, judging from the number of Messi jerseys I’ve spotted.

    I actually would have assumed they would be cheering mainly for South Korea and Japan, given how crazy Thais are for mangas, soaps and boy bands from these two countries. But my insight into the Thai mentality is obviously limited 🙂

  3. If the Red shirt protests wouldn’t have ended by now the world cup would have definitely put an end to it. The Thai’s love their football and it shows.

    Being American I’m still catching up on the whole football thing but there is nothing like being in Thailand during the world cup…

  4. Bakunin, Who were the Thai rootiing for? I imagine it was for the Brits as they are huge Beckham fans (there are Beckham shrines dotted around Thailand – hilarious). And ditto on water companies sponsoring sports events 😀

  5. I’ve been watching most of the games at Thai places this week (before I flew back to Europe yesterday), and it’s been good fun even though Thais didn’t exactly rally behind the German or Swiss teams. I got 100% Thai commentary, but the vuvzelas made it very difficult to follow. No coke glasses for me, but one Chang jug too many the other day. I wish, mineral water companies would sponsor such events… 🙂

  6. Martyn, I hear you. I’m with Jay for Germany but we also do not play like we should do…
    Cat, once in a while I just need some junk food too. And if its just once in a while it’s guilt free. That’s a funny project your housekeeper started there! But here in Germany having a BBQ is really big and it’s true sausages! Sausages they always eat sausages those Germans! (Jay will kill me for saying this hehe).

    I wish everyone and their team much success and little drama. After yesterday I could see how much football can move people. We had people jumping up and down and walking around because they couldn’t sit anymore. What a sport!
    .-= jo´s last blog ..Instant Thai Phrase Lesson: Football II PDFs (txt) =-.

  7. Catherine with your World Cup themed post I just couldn’t resist slipping in the link. There’s not a mŏo amongst them for chua.

  8. Thanks Ashley. Corrected. The symbols dropped off when I cut and pasted from the pdf, but I was too focused on adding back the ones on both ends and forgot the pig.

    Martyn, While England didn’t win over the US, the scores last night with Germany and Serbia are favourable to the cause. And wasn’t that ‘USA Wins 1-1’ on the front page of a New York paper a total hoot?

    These days McD’s burgers and fries make me feel unwell, so I pass. But their spicy chicken wings aren’t too shabby in a pinch.

  9. Catherine I’m here in England squirming over the World Cup performances of our overpaid football stars. We haven’t managed to beat Algeria or the USA so far. I doubt some of the players know where are next opponents Slovenia come from. Some probably think it’s a cocktail. They are so distanced from the real world.

    ฝรั่งเศส หมู แพ ชัวร์
    fà-ràng-sàyt · mŏo · pae · chua
    (France · pig · lose · sure)
    France will lose.

    Last night that one came true. Could you re-edit and put Slovenia in.

    I’m not a coke or big mac fan, likewise my coke would have to be drowned in Jack. One big mac on a holiday is enough for me and the french fries are bloody awful. The french aren’t having a good time in this post are they.

    Best wishes and keep on practising your free kicks.


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