Keep Moving (เดินต่อไป): The Thai Flood Set to Music

Music of the Thai Flood 2011

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The Thai flood set to music: เดินต่อไป….

For those of you who top up your language studies by listening to music, here’s a sobering Thai flood song, เดินต่อไป /dern dtòr-bpai/ (Keep Moving).

Written by: Mike Agana Sawatsewi, Sutthiphong Sombatjinda and Jaree Thanapura
Produced and arranged by: Jaree Thanapura and Michael Sawatsewi
Mixed by: Jeremiah P. Lipatapanlop

Thai flood photography by: Stephen Thomas, Bree Korkanok, Hedda Joy Tady-Tan, Jeremiah P. Lipatapanlop, Komol Boonpienpol, Leena Chanvirach, Ming Chartmeteekul, Pradon Sirakovit, Saran Singchoovong, Jill Brockelman, Pattricia Lipatapanlop, Mhong Puttharuk Putthiprechapong, Aoffy Vimolkiatkhajorn.

First up is the video with Thai subtitles, followed by an English version. The Thai-English lyrics come at the end.

เดินต่อไป /dern dtòr-bpai/ with Thai subtitles….

เดินต่อไป /dern dtòr-bpai/ with English subtitles….

เดินต่อไป /dern dtòr-bpai/ lyrics…

เดินต่อไป /dern dtòr-bpai/ (acoustic/ballad version)
KEEP MOVING (acoustic/ballad version)



mêua wan-prûng-née dern kâo-maa
As tomorrow looms closer

maa gàp bpan-hăa têe táa taai
With its hardships and challenges

sên-taang chee-wít mâi ngâai-daai
Navigating life’s road won’t be easy

mâi-koie mee krai àat kâat-dao
With so much that no one could have foreseen


man àat-jà lóm man àat-jà páe
Though you might fall and feel defeat

ถ้าหากไม่ท้อทุกอย่าง ก็แค่พิสูจน์ตัวเรา
tâa-hàak mâi tór túk-yàang gôr-kâe pí-sòot dtua-rao
Don’t lose hope–in strife, we only prove ourselves

jang-wà chee-wít têe man râyng-ráo
The beat of life, moving us along

bòk hâi rao kâo-jai dtràap-dai-têe
Helps us understand and keeps reminding us that


sĭang playng yang dang yòo
When the music’s playing

jong róo wâa táo rao dtông dtên bpai
Remember to keep your feet moving

mêua hŭa jai yang dtên yòo
As long as your heart’s still beating

jong kít chee-wít dtông dern dtòr-bpai
Know that life needs to keep on moving


mâi koie bpai năi gôr mâi róo
Never going anywhere, you never see

mâi-mee bprà-dtoo hâi kâo-bpai
If there lies a door for you to enter

pìt tòok yàang-nói dâai jam-wái
Whether wrong or right, at least you learn

mâi-yòo têe krai yòo-têe rao
That it isn’t up to anyone else, but you



ไป… ไปเถอะไป …
bpai… bpai tùh bpai …
Go… go on and keep on moving

man jà jer a-rai
Whatever it is you face

man jà ráai jà dee kâe năi dtông bpai
Whether good or bad, you need to keep on

rao jà-bpen
“What will become of us?”

rao jà tam dâai măi
“Will we make it through this?”

kon têe róo kon-nèung-tâo-nán keu rao…
The only one who can answer is you…


dern dtòr-bpai…
Keep on moving

เดิน… ต่อ… ไป…
dern… dtòr… bpai…
Keep… on… going…

A special thanks goes to Mike Sawatsewi for sending over the English and Thai lyrics.

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5 thoughts on “Keep Moving (เดินต่อไป): The Thai Flood Set to Music”

  1. A very good song which must stir the emotions of Thais immensely. The translated words into English are very moving or Keep Moving as the song is called. There are some fantastic photos too.

  2. Either to the flood charities or the fund to buy blankets and jackets for those freezing in the north (yup, it’s that time again). And if not quick enough, donations are needed to save farmers from the coming drought. Around and around it goes… so please warn good ‘ole Bob so he’ll be plenty prepared!

  3. Catherine, hopefully someone can answer the good question with a positive charitable response. I’m sure a small percentage of profits will be heading to one of the good cause flood charities. If not, then it must be time for Bob Geldof to board a flight to Bangkok.

  4. Martyn, I’m with you on the high marks. I posted it on my FB and a designer friend from the US loved it so much she asked to share it around.

    Good question about the flood charities…

  5. Catherine – A very good song which must stir the emotions of Thais immensely. The translated words into English are very moving or Keep Moving as the song is called. There are some fantastic photos too.

    I’m no X Factor judge but I’ll give it a whopping nine marks out of ten and say it will be a big hit, if it isn’t already so.

    Are the proceeds from the record sales going to flood charities?


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