Hugh Launches eBooks in Thailand

eBooks in Thailand

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Hugh’s Retired Life in Thailand…

Hugh is an industrious individual. No doubt. Besides gardening (yes, I’m envious, very) he’s always working on new and intriguing projects. Although retired, he authors books for the Thai professional market (impressed? I am). And as you all know, he also writes the instructive Thai Language Thai Culture for WLT. But that’s not all.

I have been writing about retiring in Thailand for the last four years. First, I started writing a monthly column for the Chiang Mai City Life magazine, and later developed a website, Retire 2 Thailand, where I lead prospective retirees to lots and lots of information about Thailand and how to retire here. Later, I started this blog.

Not done yet, from the material Hugh compiled about retiring to Thailand, he put together an ebook Retired Life in Thailand. During the process, Hugh started thinking about friends in the same boat as himself. Friends with something to say. Writer friends with something to say. And, ta da! eBooks in Thailand was born.

I realized that I know lots of people who write about their experiences in Thailand. And I set up eBooks in Thailand as Thailand’s eBook outlet for books about Thailand written by people who live or have lived here and know the country intimatately.

Hugh’s eBooks in Thailand…

For Thai language lovers, Hugh also has a talking ebook: Reading Thai Newspapers.

This book is meant to be used by the individual as a teach-yourself tool to help practice some of the skills one needs to acquire in order to read a Thai newspaper or magazine article. Reading Thai Newspapers has 13 lessons with line-by-line translations, a glossary of “newspaper” vocabulary, and all articles are accompanied by a recording of the article (innovatively embedded into the eBook itself), read by a Thai News Reader. This makes our book a Talking Textbook, something no paper textbook could be.

And at US$6.95 (225 Thai Baht), Reading Thai Newspapers is a great deal.

Be sure to check out the other ebooks on offer:


Guaranteed, more will be added. Many more.

11 thoughts on “Hugh Launches eBooks in Thailand”

  1. Catherine and Hugh – Thanks for updating me on Mr Rin, I clearly missed the coming soon reference. Night shifts do that to me. Thanks.

  2. Martyn,

    The link to “Mr. Rin” is not working because I just received the book and am building the web page. (There is a note that says “Coming Soon” on the page.) I went to play golf this morning just to proove that I am still retired so this all took a back seat. Immigration this afternoon, which is always fun. But I now have everything I need from Mr. Whiting, the author or “Mr. Rin”, and will have the page up and running by this evening. I’ve had 3 books come in in the last few days so my retired lifestyle is getting threatened with work. BTW, I have read parts of “Mr. Rin” and find it very interesting. It’s really two stories. One about Mr. Whiting’s experience in marrying into a northeastern family, and two, a cultural and social history of that family and the people of the northeast. I am looking forward to reading some more. I will drop you an email when it is up.

    Thanks to all for the good wishes.
    .-= Hugh Leong´s last blog ..eBooks in Thailand – Launch =-.

  3. Hi Martyn, I’ve sent your request to Hugh so he’s sure to get it fixed asap. It’s morning now and he’s most likely having a grand time in his garden, but soon after that he’s sure to get on the computer.

  4. Catherine I quite often follow the links you provide and on this post I clicked on a couple. First, Retire2Thailand and then eBooks in Thailand. I’m very interested in eBooks.

    Hugh’s site (eBooks) contains a list of eBooks one of which is Looking For Mr Rin by Lawrence Whiting (Thai Life in Phana). I am very interested in possibly buying it but all the links: Sample Text, About the Author and Buy Now are not working. All the links to the other books work, just not this one. Do you think you could let Hugh know.

    Hugh is obviously a very talented man who puts a lot of time and energy into his projects. The moral is hard work brings its rewards, a lot like learning Thai.

  5. Hi Lawrence, You are welcome (both Hugh’s and L-lingo’s products are great). More resources posts are on the way as people keep coming up with new ways to present Thai lessons.

    I’m now off to read your Isan Dancing post…

  6. Catherine, thanks very much for this. An e-books outlet is just what I’ve been looking for. And incidentally, I have been using (but not often enough) the L-lingo course since reading about it on your site. So many thanks for that, too. You really do provide a useful as well as interesting source of information.
    .-= Lawrence´s last blog ..Isan Dancing in Phana =-.

  7. Cat, with the wealth of information that Hugh possesses everyone is sure to find something useful and at a good price. The fact that he has also set this up for other Thailand e-book authors to use should draw a nice amount of information together in one spot. I wish Hugh all the luck in this endeavor.


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