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Guest writers are one of the strengths of WLT. I mean, I’ve certainly made no bones about my Thai skills, so to fill in any gaps, a wonderful group of Thai learners/teachers are pitching in. Thanks all!

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NOTE: The current most prolific guest writers have their own sections located in the top nav of the site. They are Sean Harley, Andrew Biggs, Hugh Leong, Yuki Tachaya, Andrej, Luke Cassady Dorion, and Tod Daniels.

If you would like to share your Thai learning/teaching experiences on WLT as well, check out the details at Write for Us!

Arthit Juyaso: Thai-Time…

Arthit Juyaso: Thai-Time

Arthit (Bingo-Lingo) is the Principal of Duke Language school in Bangkok and the author of the successful Learn to Read Thai Ten Days course.

Thai Time: Relearn Thai Tense the Thai Way (part 1)
Thai Time: Relearn Thai Tense the Thai Way (part 2)
Thai Time: Thai Sentence Expansion Drills
Thai Time: Using Pronouns Like a Pro (Part 1: How to Say ‘I’ in Thai)
Thai Time: Using Pronouns Like a Pro (Part 2: What Should I Call ‘You’)
Thai Time: Using Pronouns Like a Pro (Part 3: To ‘He/She’ or Not to ‘He/She’, That is the Question)

Wannaporn Muangkham: 65 Useful Thai Phrases You Won’t Find in a Travel Phrasebook…

65 Useful Thai Phrases You Won’t Find in a Travel Phrasebook

Wannaporn (Porn) shares her genuine passion for the many quirks of the Thai language on WLT and her Facebook group, Learn Thai with พร.

65 Useful Thai Phrases
: Part One
65 Useful Thai Phrases: Part Two

65 Useful Thai Phrases: Part Three

65 Useful Thai Phrases: Part Four

65 Useful Thai Phrases: Part Five
Useful Thai Phrases You Won’t Find in a Travel Phrasebook: Parts One-Four

Priaw: Thai Teacher Interviews…

Thai Teacher Interview series

Future legal eagle passionate about learning languages (first love English), pet lover, music aficionado and movie buff. Proof that ‘sour’ rocks!

Interviewing Thai Teacher: Yuki Tachaya
Interviewing Thai Teacher: Kannaphat Saelee (Jan)
Interviewing Thai Teacher: Waan Waan
Interviewing Thai Teacher: Kruu Cherry
Interviewing Thai Teacher: Jang
Interviewing Thai Teacher: Aoy

Benjawan Poomsan Becker…

Benjawan Poomsan Becker

Benjawan is the absolute Queen of Thai language learning products. To see just how much, read my interview here: Interview: Benjawan Poomsan Becker

Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: How it Started
Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: Mistakes and Misinterpretations
Teaser: The Interpreter’s Journal: Studying Foreign Languages
Interview: Benjawan on VOA

Justin Travis Mair: Speak Your Language…

Justin Travis Mair

Justin brings us the wonderful method Speak Your Own Language, which has caught the eye of the language learning community. Be sure to catch his interview: Successful Thai Language Learner: Justin Travis Mair.

Learn Thai by Speaking Your Language
More Learn Thai by Speaking Your Language
Learn Thai by Reading Your Language
Review: Language Learning Log

Kris Willems…

Thai Style

Kris Willems is an unassuming, passionate student of the Thai language.

Finding the Tone of a Thai Syllable
Creating Thai Anki Flashcard Decks with Audio and Pictures
Speed Learning and Longdo Dictionary Chrome Extensions
Using Praat for Pitch Analysis of the Thai Language

Kru Jiab: Thai Style…

Thai Style

Kruu Jiab (Learn Thai Style) is a Thai language teacher, an author and translator. She is known for her detailed and clear explanations that leave no questions unanswered. Jiab believes in self improvement, thinking outside the box and contemplates her students needs. She has written nine books on learning Thai language and trained over 800 Thai language teachers.

Thai Style: The Rhythm of Thai Language
Thai Style: Feeling Like a Thai: Be Happy
Thai Style: Feeling Like a Thai: Don’t be Sad

Other guest writers…

Here you go, single and double posts from guest writers.

Jo and Jay: Overview: Learn Thai Podcast
Luca Lampariello: Luca on Active Learning vs Passive Learning
Paul Garrigan: How Mindfulness Can Help You Learn Thai
Sua noy: Khmer Influence in Thai
Chris Pirazzi: How Thai Language iPad Apps are Designed
Mark Hollow: Review: A Guide to Thai Grammar Books
Christopher Stern: Accounts of Thai Language Acquisition
Philip Lyons: Review: Using Anki 2 to Study the Thai Language
Mike Arnstein: Self Study Thai: In-depth Study of VOA News Articles
Nils Bastedo: Learning Styles and Language Learning
Michel Boismard: Unlikely but True Origins of the Thai Script
Ryan Hickey: Memorize Thai Tones With Five Simple Rules
Maarten Tummers: Test Your Might: Online Thai Language Proficiency Tests
Fredrik Almstedt: Fortune-telling Numerals of Thailand and Cambodia
Ann Norman: Translating Thai Song Lyrics: How I Do It, and You Can Too!
Alex Martin: Approach Learning Thai by First Understanding its Diversity
Luke Bruder Bauer: How I Learn Foreign Languages

Marc Belley: Finding Thai Language Partners