Greg and Tony Say Adieu to Bangkok Podcast

Greg and Tony say adieu to Bangkok Podcast

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Saying adieu to Bangkok Podcast…

Yup. A shocker-roonie. The wonderful Thai language resource Bangkok Podcast is closing its doors (for now). But even though Bangkok Podcast will not be updated in the near future, it will continue to be available for students of Thai. And that’s a good thing from my end, because I haven’t had the time to listen to the many fabulous interviews.

I could be wrong but I don’t believe Bangkok Podcast was originally set up to be a Thai learning resource. But with all the wonderful interviews dealing with learning Thai, it turned out that way. In the very beginning Greg and Tony were able to rope in Rikker (Thai 101) to jump-start the Thai Language Series, paving the way for others to follow.

Curious, and wanting to give a proper send-off, I contacted Greg and Tony for a Bangkok Podcast wrap.

Greg on Bangkok Podcast…

Greg from Bangkok Podcast

The podcast has been a great experience. I’m proud of it, and happy that Tony and I started it up. When we began, we didn’t have much info on exactly what we were doing – we just kind of did it and figured it out as we went. There were some problems here and there, mostly with sound or equipment issues, but with the help of some very nice friends we managed to get things sorted out more or less.

The biggest thing I took away from the show was the amount of interesting, cool people we met. Not just the guests, but at parties and events that we held as well.

We were lucky to have an amazing run of guests on the show too. Business owners, celebrities, journalists, ambassadors, politicians, and monks were all kind enough to come on the show and talk about their life. I think both Tony and I can say that we genuinely enjoyed talking to every one of them; they all had interesting things to say and a great story to tell.

It’s a bit sad that we’re closing down, but with Tony moving away and me becoming busier and busier as I approach my wedding, we just don’t have the resources to keep it going. I don’t think many people understand the amount of work it takes to put a podcast together (why would they?). Between planning, traveling, recording, editing, and posting, I’d say each episode takes about 8 hours to assemble, give or take. That’s a lot of work in a week, especially when you’re not getting paid (this was another problem – despite our large local and international audience, attracting sponsors was difficult, as a large percentage of people in Thailand have no idea what a podcast is).

At any rate, I don’t regret the time at all – it was a great experience and (usually) very fun to put together. We will keep the site around for now – who knows, we may even find time to do a few special episodes in the future.

Greg Jorgensen |


Tony on Bangkok Podcast…

Tony from Bangkok Podcast

For the Thai language guests we first started off with our good friend Rikker who delved into various aspects of the language, from learning style to history, etc. With our other guests we always tried to pick someone who could bring something new to the show, perhaps they learned Thai in a unique way.

The one thing I noticed from all of our Thai language guests is that they all genuinely seemed to enjoy learning the language. For them it never seemed that they were forcing themselves to study but rather sought out opportunities to learn the language wherever they could.

All of them agreed that learning to read and write is the first critical step in becoming fluent. As soon as you can start to read the Thai around the city your comprehension will move much faster. Working at it everyday all of our guests indicated that they become conversational within about a 2 year time frame.

It was my hope with the language series to provide the motivation and knowledge to learn Thai to anyone who is studying now.

Tony Joh |

And now we say Adeiu…

Tony from Bangkok Podcast

As Gregg mentioned, they had a great time meeting actual people at their Bangkok Podcast parties. I can see Tony stopping by on the odd occasion so this might not be the last BP party, but it’s certainly the the first farewell – and you are all invited.

Bangkok Podcast Farewell Dinner
Time: 10 September · 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Basilico Pizzeria, Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand

PS: I won’t attend but those who do will have an interesting time. Guaranteed.

EDIT: Just in case you missed it, here’s the excellent Thai Language Series at Bangkok Podcast.

9 thoughts on “Greg and Tony Say Adieu to Bangkok Podcast”

  1. Kaewmala, I also enjoyed your interview! Very engaging and interesting look at Thai women.

    I had known about this podcast production somewhere in the back of my mind, but never explored it, but once I read your post, Cat, I went to their site and downloaded a few episodes. I was blown away.

    I mean the pacing, humor, and interesting guests are so interesting! I’ve since been voraciously downloading episode after episode, learning what Bangkok has been like since I moved away six years ago and only visited in 2008.

    Greg and Tony have contributed an outstanding piece of work. Their guests are fascinating – and I’ve been especially enjoying the Thai Language series. The interviews have prompted me to get back to learning Thai over the next seven months. (My latest blog post is all about that).

  2. Sad indeed that Bangkok Podcast will come to an end. But Tony and Greg move on to new things–a new city and a married life! Some new things! They need all the energy they can get. 🙂 I enjoyed the interview with the duo earlier this year. They are such fun and their interviews are often very enjoyable. As you said, Cat, there are plenty existing podcasts to sift through, though there won’t be new ones.

  3. It really will be a shame, before I made the move to Thailand I managed to listen to every show It gave some great advice and put me in contact with Brett who has been teaching me to read and write Thai. It was a great Thai language resource with many interesting stories.

    Great podcast will look forward to further adventures from Greg and Tony

  4. Tokyo is a great city. Tony, enjoy your time there! Just don’t hold a door open for someone or you’ll be stuck there forever! ^_^

    I’m sorry to see the podcast go, but I wish you both the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  5. Thanks Talen. Bangkok Podcast was one of the stars of our group so it’s sad to see them step back. There are new bloggers coming in, some who will be on the “Who’s Talking Thai” post (as soon as I find the time!)

    I have noticed your lack of commenting around the Thai blogging community but I chalked it down to your recent upheaval. But I know that even guys who can get all their stuff in the back of a Chevy take time to settle into new digs 🙂

  6. Cat, a very nice send off from you to Bangkok podcast. It seems like there has been a few sites disappearing from the Thailand blog landscape in the past year but I guess there has been a small influx as well.

    On a side note I have been remiss in my commenting duties and I apologize for that and hope to rectify that soon…on the bright side I have a lot of good Thai language reading to catch up on 🙂

  7. Hi Tony, I”m interested in seeing how expat life differs in Japan. As we’ve discussed before, I was there years ago. And while I can remember details they are from a toddler’s view (learning Japanese nursery rhymes, eating tomatoes as if apples, being cared for by my Japanese nanny, such as that). Your experiences will be markedly different – but be sure to munch on a tomato for me 🙂

    Ah. And with Skype, podcasting from afar just might be possible so I’m looking forward to hearing how you two work it out.

    Good luck! I’m sure you are excited about your new venture.

  8. Hey Catherine thanks for the send off. If people are interested they can follow my new life in Japan on my Tokyo-Podcast. I will also be sending Greg updates from Japan so we will try and put together a few special shows of Bangkok Podcast from Japan.


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