Gourmet Holiday Hampers in Thailand

Holiday Hampers in Thailand

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Ho ho ho… where’s the snow?…

Christmas in Thailand can be quite odd (but it is a nice odd). From November to December (and June even) it is quite possible find overheated Santas wandering around downtown Bangkok, reindeer fighting with elephants for sidewalk space, and Christmas carols blasting from tuk tuks.

The Thais go out for Xmas in a big way. In some shops in Bangkok, the decorations are exactly like in the west. In fact, I went around taking photos of the decorations, but as they could have been taken anywhere in London or New York, I’ll pass on posting.

An area where the Thais add their own twist is with gourmet holiday hampers. And on a trip to Paragon, I picked up a catalogue of fun.

Blissful Hampers
Pure Love • Pure Bliss • Pure Happiness

It’s once again time of the year and the mood for celebration is in the air. To help facilitate your gift selection, Home Fresh Mart and Gourmet Market have prepared a wondrous array of wonderful gift hampers for you to choose from to best suit individual receivers.

Holiday Hampers When I was growing up, each year we’d receive holiday hampers from across the water. In jest, my parents called them care packages.

The baskets were filled with pâtes, hams, cheeses, olives, spreads, spicy mustards, crackers, biscuits, chocolates, and hard Xmas candies. Savouring the foreign flavours was a culinary education (one we three fought over each year).


In Thailand, along with the bog-standard hampers, you can get baskets filled with washing up liquids and cleaners, Hormel products (cans of spam and corned beef), and even baskets filled with tooth paste and mouth wash.

But no alcohol (I am told that it is a new western thing).

The Thai ruling against alcohol in gift hampers came out this year:

Penalties for alcohol in gift baskets. Director for the Thai Health Promotion’s Centre for Alcohol Studies, Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, said yesterday the National Committee for Alcohol Consumption Control gave a warning on October 8 that alcohol was banned from New Year gift baskets.

Sigh. I wonder how long it will be before Thailand’s Thainess disappears; all this mirroring of the west can’t be good.

Some western rules make sense – seat belts in back seats for one – but ruling against alcohol in holiday hampers?

Anyway, if you have a hankering for a Gourmet Holiday Hamper, contact the numbers below to get a catalogue of your own.

Emporium: 0-2363-3035
Paragon: 0-2690-1225

Note: For baskets over 12,000 baht, free delivery is available in Bangkok. If you spend 200,000 baht and over, you get 31% off your purchase. But if you can’t afford to pay up front, you can always arrange for six month installments.

6 thoughts on “Gourmet Holiday Hampers in Thailand”

  1. Martyn, 200,000 baht is quite amazing to contemplate, yes? But as Paragon is the mall where one can purchase a retro-fitted Lambergini (or some such), spending 200,000 baht on holiday baskets doesn’t seem too unbelievable. It is not within my budget but must be within someones…

    Btw – my new-found love for this British holiday is St. Helier’s Pear Cider. It is absolutely to die for so if you have not tried it, please give it a shot. Think bottled liquid pears, but with a bang.

  2. Hampers in Thailand, I like the sound of that, very Christmas like…. If you spend 200,000 baht and over, you get 31% off your purchase…..mmm…You could buy a decent size piece of land in Wilai’s village with that kind of baht.

    I think if like me you’re travelling to Thailand for Christmas then take a little bit of England with you (presents & a little food) and enjoy the festive period to a degree….but I also think you have to fit in with the culture and in the villages Christmas is something only on the TV. I’ll celebrate on Christmas Day but before and after there are too many Thai things I want to do and see and that’s not bah humbug because I really do enjoy Christmas time…..200,000 baht, my travellers cheques won’t even cover that.

  3. My second visit here was with a Thai student, who tipped me off about how the lights around restaurants work.

    If small white lights, then the restaurant has a focus on food. If small coloured lights, the place has a focus on entertainment with potluck on whether the food is good or not.

    Using this method, I’ve been able to find some pretty decent places to eat all through Thailand. When I venture away, the food is not as good (and sometimes leaves me with a lingering ache 😉

    I’ve never been to New York. Don’t laugh, but I’m not a city gal, I love the country. So you can imagine my surprise when I fell in love with Bangkok (I was only here for awhile – on my way to Chiangmai).

    Here’s a toast to not working so much during the holidays… and finding Santa’s helpers wherever you are…

  4. At least I won’t need to miss out on Christmas lights once in Thailand. Any time of year they can be found strung outside bars and restaurants all over Bangkok. The displays here are nice to see during the holidays though.

    Seems Golf and I are working too much this year, normally we will take a trip to New York over the holidays to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center, but we didn’t make it this year and it doesn’t look like we are going to either.

    Ahhh…I’ll have to pass on Santa’s helpers though…it’s a shame, but I don’t think Golf would approve. Talen, you can certainly have my share though 😀

  5. Talen,

    My holiday wishes for you next Christmas is a Santa’s helper all your own. With bells on 🙂

    I know that I fussed at having to leave Thailand this Christmas. But now that I am waiting for snow, I’d rather be here. I love snow this time of year.

    The UK does not do Christmas same as the US. Hardly any houses have Xmas lights outside. There are no dusty, overstuffed Santas with reindeer on rooftops. Nothing like that.

    But as I have not ventured out shopping, I don’t know if they’ve gone ott on the carols. We’ll see. Often times I go many Christmases without shopping. The way I figure it, if ‘ole Saint Nic had meant us to go shopping on the high street, he wouldn’t have given us amazon.com…

  6. I wish nothing more to be in Thailand for this Christmas holiday…a little bit of Christmas joy like the Thai’s supply is a wonderful thing compared to the full out assault that you get in the west.

    Besides when Santa’s little helpers are Thai girls it just makes my Christmas that much more joyful 🙂


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