Amazing Thailand: ThailandOnly SongkranThailand?

Amazing Thailand: ThailandOnly SongkranThailand

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ThailandOnly SongkranThailand?…

I don’t know what to think about the Songkran marketing push from TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand): Amazing Thailand: #ThailandOnly #SongkranThailand.

Google+ CommunityThailandOnly SongkranThailand
Official Community from Tourism Authority of Thailand ร่วมแชร์ภาพสงกรานต์ทั่วไทย ด้วย #SongkranThailand #ThailandOnly Official Community from Tourism Authority of Thailand Share Songkran Festival of Thailand to the world with #SongkranThailand #ThailandOnly

After Thailand’s embarrassing pissyfit over Singapore’s Songkran celebration (see Is Thailand Suing Singapore for Stealing Songkran?), turns out Singapore’s Songkran won’t even have water (a crucial ingredient).

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So why underline Thailand’s paranoia with the in-your-face marketing slogan, #ThailandOnly #SongkranThailand?

Just like when my elder brother fell for a snipe hunting gag at an important dinner (twice in one night), I’m painfully embarrassed for Thailand.

Amazing Thailand indeed.

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