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Alphabet Cartoon

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The Thai Alphabet Cartoon translated on YouTube…mostly…

This morning, while deep in the throes of compiling a HUMONGOUS post (coming soon), I noticed that some of my English translations are visible on the Thai Alphabet Cartoon so I thought I’d take a breather and share.

So there’s Thai humour and there’s Thai humour…

A bit of background… After falling in love with the graphics on the Thai Alphabet Cartoon, Thai friends at my side, I jumped into translating the cartoon (talk about running before one can crawl!)

All innocent like, I was surprised to receive the very vocal objections from some of the Thais advising me. The older generation was insulted by some (but not all) of the jokes, whereas the younger generation Thais thought the cartoon was hilarious.

Not sure what to do, I talked to designer Pairach Pansakoon (the creator of the cartoon), who agreed on a compromise: the jokes having the firmest objections could be left out.

My Thai teacher was delighted to assist.

Due to my misadventure into Thai humour, I posted a notice on each post…


Warning: This cartoon includes words you will hear around Thailand, but not all are used in everyday social settings. Some words are considered impolite under certain circumstances, but polite with close friends. If you are sensitive, please skip the cartoon.

And for those finding WLT by googling Thai Alphabet Cartoon I also felt obligated to put a blurb on my site: เนื้อหาไม่เหมาะสมสำหรับเด็ก.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’ll have to do for now…

I’d LOVE to hear what others think of the Thai Alphabet Cartoon, so if you are lurking, please come out and play.

WLT’s Thai Alphabet Cartoon series…

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part One)
Characters making an appearance: ข.ไข่ (eggs), ฃ.ฃวด (bottle), ค.ควาย (buffalo) and a ก.ไก่ (chicken).

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part Two)
Characters making an appearance: ค.ควาย (buffalo), ค.คน (serious person), ระฆัง (bell), ง.งู (snake) and ก.ไก่ (chicken).

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part Three)
Characters making an appearance: ฉ.ฉิ่ง (cymbal), ช.ช้าง (elephant), ซ.โซ่ (chain), ฌ.เฌอ (trees), ญ.หญิง (Thai headdress), ฏ.ปฏัก (spear), ฐ.ฐาน (platform), มณ.โฑ (Ms. Montho), ญ.หญิง (a pretty girl)… and of course, the star of the show, พ่อ ก.ไก่ (Father Chicken).

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part Four)
Characters making an appearance: ญ.หญิง (pretty girl), ฒ.ผู้ เฒ่า (old man), ณ.เณร (novice), ด.เด็ก (boy), ต.เต่า (turtle), ถุง (bag), ท.ทหาร (soldier) and the obligatory ก.ไก่ (chicken).

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part Five)
Characters making an appearance: ภ.สำเภา (boat), ม.ม้า (horse), ย.ยักษ์ (giant) and good ‘ole ก.ไก่ (chicken).

Thai Alphabet Cartoon (Part Six)
Characters making an appearance: ม.ม้า (horse), ย.ยักษ์ (giant), ศ.ศา ลา (pavilion), ษ.ฤๅษี (hermit), ส.เสือ (tiger), แหวน (ring), จุฬา (kite), อ.อ่าง (basin), ฮ.นกฮูก (owl) and… ก.ไก่ (chicken).

Note: Due to the small size of the embedded YouTube videos in Thai Alphabet Cartoon series, the English subtitles are not visible, but they are when viewing the larger version shown in this post above (425 x 344) and at YouTube.

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